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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1000

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1000

Get Him!

The pirates were really pissed!



Josh, who was already lying on the ground, quickly tilted to the side, avoiding the blow coming his way.

Very quickly, he kicked the pirate back, making him knock the other pirates behind.


The pirates quickly lost their footing in this slippery weather and fell onto puddles of water.

But Josh wasn’t done yet.

Other pirates were coming at him from the sides, while some tried to sneak from his back.

The Pirates weren’t allowed to harm, stab or brutally harm him yet.

So they were only left with the option of using their fists or something else that wouldn’t heavily injure him.

Dammit. They truly wished to slice him into pieces.

But who made him important?


“You son of a b**ch. Take this!” One of the pirates yelled before sending several brutal punches all at once.

As Pirates, they were more used to freestyle hand combats when compared to knights.

On their sh.i.p.s, they sometimes punched and fought each other for fun while gambling with booze and food.

It was exciting, thrilling and could make their bellies fuller with extra food and booze.

So why not?

That said, the pirates were fairly confident with their hand combat skills.

Too bad they were up against Josh.

Very swiftly, Josh put up a fight, dodging, rolling, sliding across the muddy floors and punching back when he could.

Those who he punched couldn’t help but see stars.

What the hell?

Why did it hurt so much?

What were this guy’s hands made of?


Some of them spat out blood and lost a few teeth just from Josh’s punches.

It was so damn painful that some dropped to their knees and held their mouths in agony.

How were they supposed to chew harder meat and food with their mouths so painful and swollen now?


If eyes could kill, Josh would’ve been dead by now.

One of the

Bam. Pah. Bam. Bam. Splash~


Looking at how much damage Josh was doing, Old Crow Face was genuinely impressed.

From how the assassin fought, one could see that he was really drained and barely held on.

Yet, he always managed to push them back.

Crow Face was more interested in knowing who could train such fine assassins.

This group of people could be a big threat to them.

So no matter what, they had to catch Josh alive.

Crow Face looked at another pirate, who was called Fast Arms.

Fast Arms nodded and made his way towards Josh.


Josh did a split, causing Fast Arms to punch the person behind Josh, sending the pot pirate flying.

Fast Arms, seeing that he missed, quickly sent his legs, intending to step on Josh.

But Josh suddenly sat up and opened his legs wide.


The attack fell between his legs, making Fast Arms grit his grit and angrily stump on the floor, hoping to crush Josh’s legs.

Josh dodged carefully, opening, closing and shifting his legs as if they were playing some game.

Of course, Josh dared not stay on the ground for long because more pirates were making their way over after he sent some flying, knocking the majority back like bowling balls.

With that, he swirled on the ground, Tekken Eddy-Style, using his hands to spin his legs around before standing up again.

Fast Arms tapped his knuckles together and looked at Josh as if saying: You’re dead meat.

Josh looked at him and decided that it was time to end this.

Even though he had been acting tired all this while, he still needed to make the grand ending of his performance seem like he had truly lost.

And so, if he was going to fall, he might as well choose a worthy enemy to do the Job.

Not just anyone would do.

He had been observing Old Crow secretly, and the moment the guy sent Fast Arms over, Josh knew that it was time to Fall.


Very quickly, he landed a weak punch, sending it towards Fast Arms’ face.

But this time, the guy caught his fist just before it landed.

Heh. Fast Arms was feeling mighty proud at this moment.

From Josh’s move, Fast Arms could tell that Josh would soon be out of energy.

Fast Arms caught Josh’s wrist when his punch was a few inches away, feeling mighty.

But suddenly, Josh opened his fisted palm and used his index finger and middle finger to Pierce Fast Arms’ eyes… shocking him silly.

“Ahhh… You bastard!” Fast Arm yelled with the authority of a man who wasn’t supposed to be crossed.


This bastard’s sneak attack momentarily blinded him.

The bastard picked his eyes out of nowhere!

He closed his eyes tightly, batting his lashes several times amidst the blindness.

But even at that, he was still holding onto Josh’s ‘weak’ body.

So he used his other hand to predict where Josh’s head would be and punched him hard.


Josh fell to the ground from the punch, with his face slightly red.

Meanwhile, Fast Arms’ lists felt like they would soon crack instead.

Fast Arms’ who was briefly blinded, began doubting if he had punched Josh or something else.

But, even with the pain, he dared not stop.

He quickly used his hands to wipe his eyes clear, regaining his part of his vision, before rapidly rushing towards the fallen Josh, kicking him silly.

His moves looked very brutal, winning a wave of cheers from the pirates around.

They calmly backed off, giving Fast Arms all the space he needed to teach the bastard a lesson.

“Yeah!!!!! This is the stuff I’m talking about. Show that bastard what happens when you cross pirates!”

“Get him Fast Arms!”

“Kick his Ass!”

Fast Arms smiled broadly while circling the ‘pained’ Josh before kicking him hard in the belly several times.

“Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.”

The sounds of Josh’s m.o.a.ns filled Fast Arms’ ears with ecstasy every time he kicked the bastard.

Heh. The bastard wasn’t so tough after all.

~Pah, Pah, Pah, Pah, Pah