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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2632

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2632

Son of Creation

“He’s probably experiencing some sort of transformation!” One of the Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm experts from the Flying Heaven Race exclaimed in shock.

“Young Master Huang Xiaolong’s strength is already so frightening… If he levels up once again, wouldn’t that mean that his combat strength will be…” everyone was astonished.

Wouldn’t that mean that he would be comparable to a Primal Ancestor?!

No matter what, it was a fact that they couldn’t believe easily. After all, Yuan Qianxing’s ability to fight Primal Ancestors when he was only at the Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm had caused shockwaves through the Alien Lands. Likewise, Huang Xiaolong was only a Third Heaven True Saint, but he had managed to reach the same level of power!


“He’s not just experiencing any sort of ordinary transformation!” Suddenly, Feitian Longpeng’s expression changed drastically, and he screamed in excitement.

As someone who possessed a complete dao saint godhead ranked in the top ten ranks, he could experience the transformation in Huang Xiaolong’s body clearly.

He is most definitely not undergoing an ordinary transformation!

In fact…

“What do you mean?”

Experts of the Flying Heaven Race were dumbfounded when they heard what their young patriarch said.

They couldn’t see the need to be so worked up when the person involved wasn’t even Feitian Longpeng himself.

“Young Patriarch, what do you mean?” The elder, who had once said that it was an ordinary transformation, spoke up all of a sudden.

Even at his level, he had no idea what was going on.

However, what else could it be?!

Feitian Longpeng took a deep breath and stared at the rays of light emerging from Huang Xiaolong’s body. His pupils trembled a little, and a look of reverence formed on his face. “His complete dao saint godhead! His godhead is experiencing an evolution!”

“Godhead evolving?” Everyone from the Flying Heaven Race was shocked. Evidently, they didn’t think that it was possible! After all, there were too many different godheads in the world and everyone had their secrets. Likewise, there were even several variant godheads that had the ability to split themself up!

Whatever the case, there was only one outcome if a godhead experienced a transformation. When it was complete, the individual would experience a heaven-shaking change in terms of their strength when it was complete!

Dong Ming, an elder of the Flying Heaven Race, gasped in shock, “Young Patriarch, do you really think that Huang Xiaolong’s godhead is turning into a variant godhead? Wouldn’t that mean that Young Master Huang Xiaolong’s strength would take a huge leap forward?”

Ordinarily, only when a godhead turned into a variant godhead would such a change occur.

From what had happened in the past, there were several experts who had become two times stronger after the transformation!

“Young Master Huang Xiaolong has three complete dao saint godheads! Are all of them turning into variant godheads at the same time?” Another elder from the Flying Race said in shock, “If that really happens, won’t his strength increase by an even larger amount?!”

Everyone from the Flying Heaven Race stared at the elder in shock.

If Huang Xiaolong’s strength could double, he would truly turn into a frightening force.

From the battle earlier, they could already see that Huang Xiaolong’s combat prowess was terrifyingly strong. Their brains failed to process what would happen if it doubled!

“Primal Ancestor! Huang Xiaolong’s strength is definitely comparable to an early-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor!” Someone else exclaimed in shock.

In the Alien Lands, Huang Xiaolong would be the second person whose strength would be comparable to the Primal Ancestor Realm when he was only in the True Saint Realm! Of course, Yuan Qianxing was the first.

Previously, they weren’t sure that Huang Xiaolong had the ability to match up to a First Resurrection Primal Ancestor. Now, they could be completely certain!

Feitian Longpeng laughed bitterly. Variant godhead? He wasn’t talking about a variant godhead…

Since everyone from the Flying Heaven Race was inclined to believe so, Feitian Longpeng didn’t bother explaining any further. He was afraid they would faint from fright if he did.

As rays of light continued to emerge from Huang Xiaolong’s body, the entire region around him was lit up.

Mythical figures appeared from the void, and majestic figures were formed from the power contained in the heavens and earth. There were even several incomprehensible runes among them.

“What is this? It looks like an auspicious sign!” one of the elders muttered in shock.

“No! This… This… It’s the legendary heavenly eulogy!” the same elder screamed in fright.

“What? Heavenly eulogy?! This… This can’t be real, right? The heavenly eulogy is rumored to only happen when the Son of Creation is born! If that’s true, wouldn’t that mean that Huang Xiaolong…?” Another elder, who spoke, didn’t dare to complete his sentence.

“Son of Creation.” All the experts from the Flying Heaven Race stared at each other with their eyes widened.

“There’s no way… Isn’t the God of Creation just a myth?!”

Feitian Longpeng didn’t say anything as he continued to look at Huang Xiaolong.

In the past, Feitian Longpeng had tried his best to estimate Huang Xiaolong’s abilities, and he had felt that Huang Xiaolong would definitely be able to suppress Yuan Qianxing as long as they reached the same level of cultivation. According to him, Huang Xiaolong would have a sixty percent chance to defeat Yuan Qianxing in twenty years’ time!

Now… It seemed as though the chances of Huang Xiaolong winning had far surpassed sixty percent!

Son of Creation?!

Is he really the Son of Creation? Feitian Longpeng murmured in his heart.

There were always myths and rumors about the Son of Creation and the God of Creation, but everyone had thought that it was an absurd concept. However, there was no other way to explain the heavenly eulogy happening in front of their eyes!

None of them had seen what a heavenly eulogy looked like, but even so, they managed to recognize it when it was happening in front of them.

Just as everyone was amazed by Huang Xiaolong’s splendor, a roar rang through the skies.

“Huang Xiaolong, how dare you?! How dare you injure the experts of my Golden Buddha Race?! You shall leave your life behind today!”

A terrifying might engulfed the world as a horrifying pressure descended from the skies.

The expressions of those from the Flying Heaven Race changed drastically.

“Chan Yuli is here!”

“ We have to leave right now!”

As the experts of the Flying Heaven Race wanted to make their escape, they realized that the space around them was sealed. The aura from Chan Yuli was like a mountain pressing down on them as they found it hard to even move!

That was a Primal Ancestor’s ability to control the space around him!

“Use the Heavenly Escaping Talisman! Quick!” One of the elders screamed.

“There’s only one Heavenly Escaping Talisman!”

“Send the Young Patriarch away!”

A snort left Chan Yuli’s lips when he noticed what they were trying to do. “Still thinking of escaping? There’s no way I’m going to allow that to happen!” A huge palm print formed in the skies as it shot at those from the Flying Heaven Race.

As an attack was unleashed by Chan Yuli himself, the experts of the Flying Heaven Race knew that all of them would die if they faced it head-on.

Shock overwhelmed those present as they looked at the giant palm crashing down on them with a helpless look on their faces. Just as they thought that their lives were forfeit, a figure appeared in front of them.

Staring at the palm print descending from the skies, Huang Xiaolong snorted before sending out a punch of his own. Waves of light surrounded his fist, and it contained the power to shatter the heavens and destroy the earth!