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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2630

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2630


Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother taking offense. Instead, he looked a little bored when Chan Wuwo laughed at him.

Looking all around, Chan Wuwo continued to talk all the sh*t he liked in an attempt to detect any presence of an expert protecting Huang Xiaolong. When he failed to see the presence of Hei Luo, a smirk formed on his face as he boldly assumed that the corpse puppet was blown into bits by Yuan Qianxing.

In the past, Yuan Qianxing had hit Hei Luo so hard that the corpse puppet was sent flying with his body on the verge of collapse.

Chan Wuwo quickly assumed that Hei Luo was recuperating from his injuries from the battle that had taken place several years ago.

If a body of a True Saint was shattered, they would definitely need several decades in order to repair themselves. Not to mention a Primal Ancestor’s body, and Hei Luo was also a corpse puppet who didn’t possess a holy soul!

Well, he was right. Even though Hei Luo was able to refine a ton of holy herbs and pills, his injuries weren’t something he could fix in a short period of time. Of course, he would be as right as rain soon.

Huang Xiaolong muttered softly, “Even if I’m here alone today, killing everyone here is as easy as lifting my fingers…”

Chan Wuwo stared at Huang Xiaolong in stunned silence.

Zi Yutong laughed grimly, “Easier said than done! Huang Xiaolong, you are indeed very strong, but you’re just a Second Heaven True Saint Realm Expert! With so many experts of the Golden Buddha Race present, you’re asking for death if you dare to fight with us! Do you really think that our full force has already arrived?! Many more experts will be rushing over as soon as we are done talking!”

A cold light flashed through Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, and he appeared right in front of Zi Yutong before anyone could react. A punch shot towards her chest and caused it to explode into mushy bits.


The change shocked everyone present.

Even Chan Wuwo had no idea what to do as he looked at his lover’s chest that was now nothing but mangled flesh.

No one could move a muscle as they were too shocked by the events that had just transpired.

“You… How?!” Zi Yutong whimpered in disbelief as she couldn’t believe how strong Huang Xiaolong had gotten. As a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint, there were only a few people in the Otherworldly Mansion under the Primal Ancestor Realm who could take her on!

All of them were barely stronger than her, but Huang Xiaolong had managed to injure her with a single punch despite being a Second Heaven True Saint!

Huang Xiaolong stared at her impassively and sighed, “From the day you chose to betray the Purple Spider Race, you sealed your own fate.” As soon as the words left his lips, he devoured her dao physique as her body shrank in front of everyone’s eyes.

Chan Wuwo jumped in fright. “Huang Xiaolong, you better release Yutong! Release her right now! Otherwise!”

“So what if I don’t?” Huang Xiaolong tilted his head and stared icily at Chan Wuwo.

As the blood drained from his face, Chan Wuwo stuttered, “I… I… I…”

Well, he wanted to threaten Huang Xiaolong with a horrible death, but the scene right in front of him scared him too much to finish his threat.

“Wuwo, save me!” Zi Yutong pleaded faintly.

Chan Wuwo flushed with anger. As fear gripped his heart, he stammered, “Huang Xiaolong… What… What do you want in exchange for you to release her?!”

“I’ll release her after I kill you.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“You!” A roar left Chan Wuwo’s lips.

“What’s wrong? Are you unwilling to sacrifice your life for her?” Huang Xiaolong smirked.

By the time they were done talking, Zi Yutong’s physique had shriveled up and Huang Xiaolong captured her escaping holy soul. After tossing it into the Cangqiong Dao Palace, he decided to leave it for refinement in the future.

When he was done, he turned to look at Chan Wuwo.

Fear gripped Chan Wuwo’s heart, and he quickly retreated to the ranks of the Golden Buddha Race.

The members of the Golden Buddha Race weren’t stupid as they took several steps back in haste.

The members of the Golden Buddha Race weren’t the only ones on edge. Feitian Longpeng and the experts of the Flying Heaven Race felt their hearts pounding in fear as well.

“Huang Xiaolong, hold it right there! Our ancestor is on his way here right now! Once he arrives, you’ll…” Chan Wuwo exclaimed in anger.

Indeed, the ancestor of the Golden Buddha Race, Chan Yuli, as well as a large number of elders were rushing over as they spoke.

Before Huang Xiaolong had shown up, Chan Wuwo had felt a premonition welling up in his heart, and he had secretly sent a report back to Chan Yuli in case anything happened.

Before Chan Wuwo could complete his sentence, Huang Xiaolong sent a member of the Golden Buddha Race in front of him to death. With a single punch, golden rain filled the skies. As the golden rain fell on Chan Wuwo’s face, he stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

“So what about it?” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Huang Xiaolong knew that Chan Yuli was a mid-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor, but with his current strength, he was completely unafraid of Chan Yuli.

Those standing around Chan Wuwo were equally as afraid as the man, whose blood had splashed all over them, when Huang Xiaolong had killed him.

Huang Xiaolong started walking towards Chan Wuwo.

“Young Master… Young Master Huang Xiaolong… The ancestor of the Golden Buddha Race will be arriving soon! He’s a mid-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor, and he’s different from the expert you just killed. Should we take our leave?” Feitian Longpeng hesitated for a moment before trying to persuade Huang Xiaolong.

He knew that leaving would turn into a tall task if Chan Yuli arrived. A Primal Ancestor had the ability to lock down a certain portion of the space around them, and despite Huang Xiaolong’s strength, it would be hard for them to leave.

A nonchalant smile formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face. “Relax. It will all be over soon. We’ll leave after I deal with Chan Wuwo.” He knew that Feitian Longpeng was merely looking out for him when he gave the suggestion.

Currently, his three complete dao saint godheads were on the brink of breaking through. With the nourishment from those of the Golden Buddha Race, it was possible for them to transform again! Disposing of Chan Wuwo and the others wouldn’t take up much time, and leaving before Chan Yuli arrived would be a simple matter. Whatever the case, clashing with Chan Yuli wasn’t a smart thing to do.

Appearing before Chan Wuwo in an instant, Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly when he saw the look of panic on the man’s face. Chan Wuwo had managed to comprehend more than six thousand dao laws and become a Mansion Master Candidate, and that could only mean one thing. He was pretty talented. As such, he became the top target in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

‘Attack!” Chan Wuwo screamed in fear when he noticed that he was targeted by the monster that was Huang Xiaolong.

The experts of the Golden Buddha Race heard his command, and they charged towards Huang Xiaolong like their life depended on it.

Circulating the holy energy within his body, Huang Xiaolong shook off all the attacks before grabbing Chan Wuwo.

“Golden Buddha Dao Physique!” Chan Wuwo screamed in panic, and rays of golden light emerged from his body to form several golden figures. The defense of the Golden Buddha Dao Physique was pretty strong, and even if several peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saints attacked him in unison, they would be hard pressed to shatter his defense!

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