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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2629

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2629

Unexpected Hiding Spot

Huang Xiaolong soared through the air and charged in the direction of the Flying Heaven Race.

His original plan was to stabilize his position in the Otherworldly Mansion in order to stop the resistance. However, it seemed as though going to the Flying Heaven Race would be the more important matter.

As for the obstructions that would wait for him back in the mansion, he planned to deal with them when he returned.

A light flashed through Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. Everyone who wants to go against me, would be killed!

The treasury of the Flying Heaven Race was going to be an important factor as it would impact the result of the battle between Huang Xiaolong and Yuan Qianxing. No matter who tried to stop him, Huang Xiaolong made up his mind to kill everyone in his path.

Retrieving the Cangqiong Dao Palace, he soared through the skies towards the Flying Heaven Race.

The Cangqiong Dao Palace was fast, but it was still going to take him a year to arrive at the headquarters of the Flying Heaven Race. In the meantime, he continued to train himself.

It didn’t take long for him to leave the Otherworldly Mansion.


Huang Xiaolong knew that he would have to pass through the Golden Buddha Race before he could arrive at the Flying Heaven Race.

In a particular holy land in the Golden Buddha Race, waves of destructive energy swept through the air, and it was clear that a battle between True Saints was in progress. From the looks of it, the battle was between several high-level True Saints.

Balls of light smashed into each other, and the resulting explosion lit up the skies.

As the shockwaves started to spread even further, the holy land was ripped apart by the destructive force.

Mountain ranges started to collapse one after another, and the earth split to form bottomless ravines. The entire holy land seemed like it would collapse on itself as soon as another move was made.

After the explosion died down, the figures who were fighting started to become visible.

The two groups faced off once more.

Shockingly, Feitian Longpeng was in one of the groups, while the other consisted of Chan Wuwo and the experts of the Golden Buddha Race.

At a glance, the members of the Golden Buddha Race greatly outnumbered the members of the Flying Heaven Race.

“Chan Wuwo, what are you trying to do?!” Feitian Longpeng glared furiously at Chan Wuwo.

Chan Wuwo smiled calmly, “My old friend, there’s nothing to worry about! I saw you passing through my Golden Buddha Race, and as the young patriarch of my race, I’m obliged to host your entire group back in my palace. Why don’t we all head back for a chat?”

“Chat?! It seems like I don’t have a choice but to agree after your warm welcome…” Feitian Longpeng mocked sarcastically, while eyeing the experts of Golden Buddha Race surrounding Chan Wuwo.

Chan Wuwo chuckled upon hearing that, “Feitian Longpeng, you’re the young patriarch of your Flying Heaven Race, and your status is something I cannot ignore! Feitian Longpeng, you had better follow me back to the palace in case something happens to all of you.”

A sneer left Feitian Longpeng’s lips. “What if I refuse?”

Chan Wuwo narrowed his eyes and seethed, “Then you cannot blame me for what’s coming next.”

Chan Yuli, the old patriarch of the Golden Buddha Race had known that Feitian Longpeng would be passing through the area, and he had passed down the order to capture him, leading to the current standoff. As the young patriarch of the Golden Buddha Race, Chan Wuwo had to accomplish the old ancestor’s order no matter what!

“Young Patriarch, we’ll hold them back. You should leave,” an expert from the Flying Heaven Race whispered in Feitian Longpeng’s ears.

Beside Chan Wuwo, Zi Yutong snorted in amusement, “Do you really think Feitian Longpeng will be able to leave the region now that we’re here? No one will be leaving unless your Patriarch personally appears.”

Unfortunately, the Flying Heaven Race was too far away. Even if their patriarch flew over at the greatest speed he could muster, he wouldn’t make it in time.

“Feitian Longpeng, I’ll give you one minute to decide. You had better make the right decision. Our old ancestor’s order is to bring you back alive. If you force us to make a move, those beside you might end up in a very sorry state,” Chan Wuwo threatened.

The experts of the Flying Heaven Race felt anger seething in their hearts when they heard what he said.

“Chan Wuwo, how dare you!? Aren’t you afraid of our Flying Heaven Army?! We’ll destroy your entire region if you dare to capture our Young Patriarch!” a high-level True Saint from the Flying Heaven Race exclaimed in rage.

Chan Wuwo shrugged his shoulders arrogantly, “You’re right! We are not afraid of the Flying Heaven Race.”

In the past, the Flying Heaven Race was deemed to be even stronger than the current Myriad Origin Race, but ever since the first patriarch of the Flying Heaven Race had disappeared, the influence of the Flying Heaven Race had started to weaken. Now, they ranked far behind the Golden Buddha Race.

Feitian Longpeng and the experts from the Flying Heaven Race felt the blood draining from their faces.

Both Chan Yuli, the old ancestor of the Golden Buddha Race, and the patriarch of the Flying Heaven Race were First Resurrection Primal Ancestors. However, they had to consider the strength of the races as a whole, and Feitian Longpeng had to admit that the current Flying Heaven Race was a lot weaker than the Golden Buddha Race.

Feitian Longpeng’s eyes flickered non-stop. He knew why Chan Wuwo had brought so many experts along to capture him. They were definitely trying to force the Flying Heaven Race to agree to something they had cooked up.

If he were to refuse, he could still have a chance to escape from Chan Wuwo. Of course, that would also mean that those who remained behind to stop the Golden Buddha Race would be killed.

They would definitely take back the holy souls of the True Saints, then killed, for refinement. After all, the holy souls of True Saints were extremely hard to come by. For all he knew, Chan Wuwo might have even be waiting for him to resist so they had an excuse to kill everyone present.

… Feitian Longpeng had no idea what to do.

Once Chan Wuwo caught sight of Feitian Longpeng’s reaction, he shot a glance at Zi Yutong and the others. As soon as Feitian Longpeng refused, they would take action.

At the same time, Chan Wuwo continued, “Feitian Longpeng, you should have already guessed the reason behind our appearance. As a matter of fact, your race will only benefit by joining our alliance! Brother Yuan Qianxing will definitely become the young master of the Otherworldly Mansion, and joining us now will allow your race to gain a greater share of resources.”

A sneer formed on Feitian Longpeng’s face, “Young Master of the Otherworldly Mansion? Do you actually think Yuan Qianxing has the ability to do so?”

Chan Wuwo’s expression sank instantly. “Feitian Longpeng, are you delusional? There’s no hope for Huang Xiaolong to defeat Yuan Qianxing! That coward knew it, and that’s the reason he escaped from the mansion before he even received news of the battle!”

“Escaped?” an aloof voice rang through the air, and everyone stared at each other in shock.

“Who?!” Chan Wuwo snapped his head around only to see Huang Xiaolong descending slowly from the skies.

“Huang Xiaolong!”

Chan Wuwo and Zi Yutong felt a trace of killing intent rising in their hearts.

When Feitian Longpeng saw Huang Xiaolong, a beacon of hope was lit in his heart. He quickly welcomed Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, who would have thought that you were actually hiding in my Golden Buddha Region…?” Chan Wuwo roared with laughter.

As they were pretty close to the headquarters of the Golden Buddha Race, he was sure that Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to do a thing to him.