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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2623

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2623

Forcibly Breaking Huang Xiaolong’s Comprehension

“Five…five minutes!”

A myriad of expressions were displayed on everyone’s faces.

He used thirteen minutes to comprehend the first dao law, but only five minutes to comprehend the second!


According to common sense, comprehending the second dao law would take more time than the first! While Yuan Qianxing had used slightly less than eight minutes to comprehend the first dao law, he had taken twelve minutes to comprehend the second! As for Huang Xiaolong, he took five short minutes to comprehend his second grand dao law!

Only five minutes!

“Impossible! There’s no way! This has to be fake!” One of the disciples from the Myriad Origin Race cried out.

“That’s right, it must be a facade!”

Soon after, the disciples of the Myriad Origin Race started to voice their complaints.

Long Shengtian, Yin Zhangguo, Feng Jiu, and the others were bewildered. The situation was too d*mn strange! If Huang Xiaolong had taken fifteen minutes to comprehend the second grand dao law, no one would have found it weird! However, he had taken only five short minutes, and it was something no one could comprehend!

Yuan Qianxing couldn’t believe what he saw.

Eight more minutes passed and the sky lit up as the third pillar of light pierced into the skies.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Eight minutes for the third dao law?! He only took eight minutes?!” Someone from the Golden Buddha Race exclaimed in shock.

Eight minutes!

Everyone looked around with a frightful expression.

Can it be that the time he took to comprehend the second dao law wasn’t a lie?!

Chan Wuwo and Yao Ji saw the panic in each other’s eyes. They weren’t the only ones. The experts from the Myriad Origin Race and the others felt panic setting in in their hearts as well.

Doesn’t that mean that Huang Xiaolong…?

Yuan Qianxing’s heart sank.

“It must be some sort of fluke.” Yuan Wangfeng said, “Even if Huang Xiaolong took five and eight minutes to comprehend the second and third dao laws, respectively, he won’t be able to comprehend the rest so quickly! It only gets harder as he progresses, and he might not even get to the eight thousandth grand dao law in five years!”

“Grand Hall Master is right. I spent an entire year comprehending the eight thousandth dao law…” Chan Wuwo added, “There were some who tried to comprehend the six thousandth dao law their entire life, and they failed to leave the Dao Gate!”

After all, one would only be able to leave after comprehending the six thousandth grand dao law! They would gain the qualifications to be a Mansion Master Candidate after that, but there were many who were stuck!

“It’s still too early to say anything. Heh, he might just stop at the six thousandth one!” Yao Ji sneered.

Twelve minutes passed and another strange light flooded the space in front of them.

The fourth dao law!

Sixteen minutes later, it was the fifth dao law!


By the next day, Huang Xiaolong had comprehended a total of forty-two grand dao laws!

Initially, Chan Wuwo and the others were praying hard that Huang Xiaolong’s speed was nothing more than a fluke. However, the members of the various races fell silent at the end of the first day. None of them could think of anything else to say.

Yuan Qianxing and the others wore a gloomy expression.

In contrast, Long Shengtian and Yin Zhangguo had brilliant smiles plastered on their faces.

When Yuan Qianxing had entered the Dao Gate, he was only able to comprehend thirty-four dao laws after his first day.

Huang Xiaolong had comprehended a total of eight more dao laws than Yuan Qianxing, and if he managed to keep up, the speed at which he surpassed Yuan Qianxing would be terrifying to behold!

“It’s only the first day,” Zi Yutong spoke. After all, no one knew if Huang Xiaolong could keep it up for the entire duration.

Despite her comment, she sounded a little weak. The confidence she had at the start had already vaporized to nothingness.

In the blink of an eye, one month passed.

As the days passed, the expression on the faces of Yuan Qianxing, Chan Wuwo, and the others sank further and further.

Six hundred and sixty-three!

That was the number of dao laws that Huang Xiaolong had managed to comprehend in the first month.

One month!

In just one month!

“Yuan Qianxing had only comprehended five hundred and ten dao laws in his first month… Right?” Long Shengtian smiled at Yin Zhangguo.

Yin Zhangguo replied respectfully, “Deputy Mansion Master’s memory serves you well. To be exact, Yuan Qianxing managed to comprehend five hundred and twelve dao laws!”

Five hundred and twelve!

Yuan Qianxing had always been proud of his record, but now that Yin Zhangguo brought it up, he felt that it was ear-piercing and heart-wrenching.

Yuan Qianxing opened his mouth, but the words failed to emerge.

One year passed in a blink of an eye.

“Four thousand six hundred and eighteenth!” one of the disciples exclaimed in shock.

Four thousand six hundred and eighteen!

That was the number of dao laws that Huang Xiaolong had comprehended in a year.

One year!

Everyone held their breath as they looked at the strange light filling the skies above them and they failed to hide their astonishment.

Even Chan Wuwo, Yao Ji, and the others, weren’t able to hide the shock in their hearts. After all, Yuan Qianxing had only managed to comprehend three thousand dao laws in his first year. On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong had comprehended four thousand six hundred and eighteen grand dao laws! That was a whopping one thousand six hundred and eighteen more than him!

“Wouldn’t this mean that he would only need five years to comprehend all ten thousand dao laws? He might even do it in four years!” Feitian Longpeng felt his throat going dry.

Now, there was no longer any doubt that Huang Xiaolong would be able to comprehend eight thousand or even nine thousand dao laws. Instead, it was about how long Huang Xiaolong would take to comprehend all ten thousand dao laws.

“Young master, if this continues, wouldn’t Huang Xiaolong…?” Yuan Wangfeng hesitated before continuing, “What should we do? Shall we try to interrupt his comprehension?”

Yuan Qianxing’s eyes flickered unsteadily. That was one of the solutions. The restrictions might have been laid down by the Mansion Master, but he would be able to break through all of them in several days. If he managed to enter the Dao Gate, he would be able to stop Huang Xiaolong’s comprehension.

No longer able to control himself, Yuan Qianxing shot up into the skies, and he punched the entrance of the Dao Gate.

“Return All to Origin, Heaven and Earth Chaos Shatterer!”

Both of his fists shot out, and origin energy started to fluctuate. Their target was the sturdy entrance of the Dao Gate.

Nobody had expected Yuan Qianxing to attack the Dao Gate, and tons of people stared at him in fright, and even Yuan Wangfeng couldn’t believe that Yuan Qianxing would act so recklessly.

Yuan Qianxing hollered, “The Deputy Mansion Master colluded with Huang Xiaolong to cheat the system! There is no way anyone can comprehend four thousand six hundred and eighteen dao laws in a year! All disciples of the Otherworldly Mansion, attack the Dao Gate right now! Huang Xiaolong is not worthy of your attention!”

The disciples from the Myriad Origin Race jumped at the chance.

The faces of Yin Zhangguo and several others changed. They were furious when they saw Yuan Qianxing’s disgusting behavior.

“Deputy Mansion Master, we…!” Yin Zhangguo looked at Long Shentian anxiously.

Staring at Yuan Qianxing, who was frantically attacking the entrance of the Dao Gate with a cold gaze, Long Shengtian remained silent. A smirk slowly formed on his face.