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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2146

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2146

Taking the Heavenly Saint Country

The Heavenly Saint Country’s experts crashed to the ground, shattering numerous mountains into pieces. The earth rumbled endlessly from consecutive impacts.

Huang Xiaolong recalled the Barbarian space’s lightning bead, letting it hover above his head.

As usual, the Barbarian space lightning bead emitted tiny ribbons of earth-colored lightning.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler, Lan Shifan, and other Heavenly Saint Country’s experts were still buried under the rubbles. There was no sign of any movement for a long time.

“He won?!” When everything calmed down, the little cow came to her senses and asked excitedly.


One person against an entire country!

Honestly, none of them had any confidence this was possible. After all, the opponent was the ruler of the top five heavenly countries in the Heavens Path, and Huang Xiaolong was a long way from advancing to the high-level Sovereign Realm!

But now, Huang Xiaolong’s strength had completely exceeded the little cow and the others’ estimation.

“I knew that kid wouldn’t lose!” The little cow’s face split into a wide grin. “He has never lost!”

The King of Grandmist was beaming as he spoke, “I seem to recall someone being less than confident moments ago?”

The little cow looked to the left and then to the right, asking innocently, “Who? Where? Really?”

Her actions brought laughter to the group.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong arrived above the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Lan Shifan’s location.

Huang Xiaolong waited.

A few moments later, the Heavenly Saint Ruler broke out from under the rubbles and flew into the air. The once glorious golden scarlet armor on him was now chipped and full of cracks. There was dirt on his face. He was in a very sorry state that he had never been in his lifetime. There was unspeakable fear in his eyes.

A dozen of breaths later, Marshal Lan Shifan finally broke out from the rubbles burying him. He was followed by Zhu Xinyi and other Heavenly Saint Country’s generals and experts.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler and everyone else were looking at Huang Xiaolong and the lightning bead above his head with terrified eyes.

“Saint, saint artifact?!” The Heavenly Saint Ruler exclaimed in a trembling voice.

Huang Xiaolong’s voice remained icy and indifferent, “That’s right, a saint artifact. I believe all of you know very well that if I hadn’t held back just now, all of you would have died.”

Huang Xiaolong had held back the lightning bead’s power during the attacks because he planned to loop the Heavenly Saint Country into his camp. Otherwise, that attack would have zapped the Heavenly Saint Ruler, Lan Shifan, and the others into reincarnation.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler opened his mouth, but no words would come. He was unable to refute.

Huang Xiaolong extended his arm out. Spiritual energy from the void gathered around his palm and condensed into glimmering spirit stones that rained to the ground. Every spirit stone stirred the surroundings’ energy.

“These… top, top-grade chaos spirit stones…?!” The Heavenly Saint Ruler, Marshal Lan Shifan, and the rest were shaking due to excitement. The sight took their breaths away.

“That’s right, top-grade chaos spirit stones.” Huang Xiaolong tempted, “Those below high-level Sovereign Realm, who are willing to submit to me, will receive one thousand top-grade chaos spirit stones each.”

“WHAT??!!” The Heavenly Saint Country’s experts were shaken by what they heard.

“Seventh Order Sovereign, ten thousand chaos spirit stones, Eighth Order Sovereign, twenty thousand chaos spirit stones, and Ninth Order Sovereign, thirty thousand chaos spirit stones!” Huang Xiaolong added.

Earlier, Huang Xiaolong had stated that if the Heavenly Saint Ruler submitted to him, he would give him ten thousand top-grade chaos spirit stones. At that time, the Heavenly Saint Ruler had thought that Huang Xiaolong was taunting him. He surely had not expected Huang Xiaolong to really take out any top-grade chaos spirit stones as top-grade chaos spirit stones had been exhausted many years ago. Ten thousand top-grade chaos spirit stones, that was simply ludicrous.

But now, the truth was right before their eyes!

Moreover, the Heavenly Saint Ruler was a Ninth Order Sovereign. Didn’t that mean that he could get thirty thousand top-grade chaos spirit stones?! Even the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s breathing could not help quickening at the thought of that.

Thirty thousand top-grade chaos spirit stones was a great temptation even to someone like him.

In the myriad worlds, the most precious divine pill at the moment was the Five Colored Divine Pill, but this kind of high-grade divine pill did not have much effect on him. The benefits were almost negligible for cultivators above the mid-level Sovereign Realms. Above high-grade divine pill like the Five Colored Divine Pill was the origin pill, and origin pill worked best for Sovereign Realm cultivations from mid-level and above.

However, nowadays, there was almost no flow of origin pills. Even the several prominent forces in the Heavens Path barely had a few origin pills in their hands. It was mainly because origin energy was simply too difficult to refine. Moreover, the success rate was too low.

However, it was a different story altogether when there were top-grade chaos spirit stones. Adding top-grade chaos spirit stones when refining origin pills could significantly increase the chances of success by at least fifty percent!

The despairing success rate of refining origin pills that was lower than ten percent could now be increased to a whopping fifty percent. That was an astounding leap.

While the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s and Marshal Lan Shifan’s minds raced with the wildest imaginations, Huang Xiaolong’s icy voice cut across their fantasies, “Of course, if you refuse to submit, you can choose to leave.”

“However, if you choose to leave, you will face the consequences.” Killing intent surged from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Faces in the Heavenly Saint Country’s group flickered with struggle and hesitation.

“I will continue to reward you with top-grade chaos spirit stones if you choose to submit to me and keep proving your merit.” Huang Xiaolong added.

“What?!” The Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others’ were wide-eyed with astonishment.

Many of the Heavenly Saint Country’s generals furtively exchanged a look amongst themselves. Obviously, many of them were tempted by Huang Xiaolong’s conditions. However, the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Marshal Lan Shifan had yet to utter a word. Hence, the rest did not take any action.

The Heavenly Saint Country’s experts’ gazes fell onto the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Marshal Lan Shifan.

The world fell into a heavy silence.

“Brother Tang Hao.” Moments later, the Heavenly Saint Country’s Marshal Lan Shifan finally spoke, inquiring about the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s opinion, “We…?”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler looked up to the sky and let out a long, heavy sigh, then faced Huang Xiaolong once again, “We can submit to you, but both sides are required to swear an oath to the heavens.”

An oath to the heavens was an oath made on the heavenly dao.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler went on to mention several conditions of the oath. For example, they would only listen to Huang Xiaolong’s orders and no one else. They would not accept orders from the likes of the King of Grandmist, the little cow, or any other people.

On top of that, they would not adhere to unreasonable orders and demands.

These conditions brought up by the Heavenly Saint Ruler were reasonable. Thus Huang Xiaolong agreed without much pondering. Hence, the two sides respectively swore their oaths on the spot.

“We greet the Lord!” After the oaths were made, the Heavenly Saint Ruler, Marshal Lan Shifan, and the rest exchanged a look, then stepped forward, bowing in salute to Huang Xiaolong.

The rest of Heavenly Saint Country’s experts stepped up and followed the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Lan Shifan in salute.

The little cow, King of Grandmist, Cang Mutian, King of Darkness, Flying Devil Python, and the others were delighted, seeing that Huang Xiaolong had conquered the Heavenly Saint Country’s experts.

The little cow winked mischievously at Huang Xiaolong, “Shall I call you Lord as well in the future?”

Huang Xiaolong kicked the little cow and chided good-naturedly, “Scram to the side, you old cow.”

Huang Xiaolong, too, was in a good mood after receiving the Heavenly Saint Country.

With the Heavenly Saint Country’s experts respectfully guiding the way, Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, King of Grandmist, and the rest headed to the Heavenly Saint Country.

On the way, Huang Xiaolong asked the Heavenly Saint Ruler about the Heavenly Terror Country.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler knew why Huang Xiaolong was inquiring about the Heavenly Terror Country, and he did not dare to dally. He informed Huang Xiaolong everything he knew about the Heavenly Terror Country in great detail.