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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1674

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1674

Shi Yinyu? Never Heard Of You

With the anticipation of the masses, the auction finally began.

As the skies gradually brightened, Huang Xiaolong and the four Great Commanders left the Heaven Dome Manor as they made their way towards the Dark Roc Family.

Since the distance between the two was pretty short, and Huang Xiaolong had no intentions of reserving a private room, all of them sauntered about the streets as they casually made their way to the Dark Roc Family.

As they walked over, they met with experts from various superpowers, who were charging through the streets in a hurry. There were even a few of them who were mounted on divine beasts as they flew through the streets.

It was too bad for them that Huang Xiaolong and the Tai Yue’s group was strolling on the streets. Before they could pass the five of them, anyone charging recklessly down the street would be sent flying by an invincible force field.

When they finally crawled up from wherever they landed, an expression of rage would always be seen on their faces. The angry look on their faces would fade in an instant the moment they recognized Tai Yue and Huang Xiaolong. After learning about their identities, everyone who was sent flying would without a doubt, hide themselves until Huang Xiaolong and the rest disappeared.

“Who’s that?! Even Ancestor Zou Hanping from the Mysterious Supreme Sect had to skirt around them…”

The Mysterious Supreme Sect was one of the top thirty superpowers in the Hell Asura World and their might couldn’t be underestimated.

“Don’t you know who they are?! Even if you can’t recognize them, haven’t you heard about the matter with the young master of the Howling Moon Wolf Race, Yi Qing, and the young master of the Black Ant Clan, Liao Chengkun?”

“It’s them?!?!”

All the experts exclaimed in surprise and sucked in a breath of cold air. They hastily made a huge detour around Huang Xiaolong’s group.

Seeing everyone that was running away like their life depended on it, Huang Xiaolong could only reveal a helpless sigh. He turned to Tai Yue and said, “Are we really so scary?”

The four of them revealed a serious expression as they nodded their heads in affirmation.

Huang Xiaolong felt the words stuck in his throat for a long time.

However, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was true.

The Howling Moon Wolf Race had strength comparable to the Massacring Gods Gate. No matter how little prestige they had compared to the second ranked superpower in the Hell Asura World, they could be considered a tyrant in their own right. Yet their young master, Yi Qing, was sent packing by him. It wasn’t even a fight. It could be said that it was a one sided beatdown.

It was understandable that all of them wanted to avoid Huang Xiaolong’s group at all cost.

Before long, a palace-like structure appeared in their sights and they knew that it was the location where the auction would be held. The palace was pretty big, and there was a humongous carving of an ancient divine beast hanging on the outer wall. It seemed to resemble a Kun Peng, Phoenix, and a Ferghana Horse at the same time. It was precisely the divine beast, the Dark Roc.

Rumors had it that there was a Dark Roc protecting the Dark Roc Family. It was said to be a divine beast born during the creation of the cultivation world, and no one knew of its true strength. The only thing everyone knew was that it possessed unfathomable might, and its prestige couldn’t be challenged.

After pausing for a second to look at the carving on the wall, Huang Xiaolong’s group made their way to the entrance of the palace.

Right before they arrived, a huge commotion broke out in the crowd and everyone on the neighboring street separated to form an orderly line. An empty road was formed and a young man in golden robes strode through the street, accompanied by countless experts. A massive insignia of a chaos blade hung on his robes, and the blood dripping from the blade seemed to dazzle the eyes of everyone who looked at it.

“Greetings to Young Sect Master Song!”

“I pay my respects to Young Sect Master Song!”

Everyone yelled out in unison when they saw the person walking through the street. There were some who bowed, and there were some who cupped their fists. There were those who had a respectful expression, and others who had brilliant smiles hanging on their face. Some even smiled to the point where their eyes formed a single line.

The young man sauntered down the street, as though he was the King of Hell himself.

A brilliant light flashed through Huang Xiaolong’s eyes when he saw Song Litao. He was without a doubt, the young sect master of the Massacring Gods Gate.

Of course, Song Litao recognized Huang Xiaolong the moment their eyes met.

All the ancestors and experts following behind Song Litao felt their eyes turn red the moment they caught sight of Huang Xiaolong. If looks could kill, Huang Xiaolong would have been sliced into pieces by their sharp gazes. It was obvious someone had already leaked his identity to them.

Song Litao immediately changed directions and headed straight towards Huang Xiaolong.

“I never thought that you will still be in the mood to participate in the auction.” Song Litao glanced at Huang Xiaolong with a look of indifference before continuing, “If I were you, I would start thinking of how to leave Nirvana City. No, I would start thinking about how I would leave the Nirvana Plane altogether.”

Huang Xiaolong snickered, “If I were you, I would run back to the Massacring Gods Gate with my tail tucked between my legs before I lose the chance to leave.”

The experts behind Song Litao were from the Massacring Gods Gate, Gu Family, Black Ant Clan, and the Demonic Bone Clan. Their expressions turned ugly in an instant.

“Presumptuous!” One of the ancestors from the Massacring Gods Gate yelled. Right before he made a move, Song Litao stopped him. Before he could explain his reasoning to the ancestor, a voice traveled through the air and entered his ears. “I never thought I’d see the day someone disrespects the young sect master of the Massacring Gods Gate!”

Everyone turned around and the crowd in that direction parted to reveal a young man who was covered in bandages. Countless experts followed behind him as well as and most of them were in the Emperor Realm! The aura they emitted was horrifying.

Death qi surrounded the young man, and he seemed to be a corpse that crawled out from an ancient tomb. Not to mention the terrifying aura surrounding him, even the death qi around him was suffocating.

He was the young sect master of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Shi Yinyu!

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze immediately landed on the person beside the young man who was covered in bandages. He could see the faint green light flashing through his eyes. It looked like two pieces of brilliant jade shining in the light.

Peng Zhengfei!

He was the disciple of the strongest Great Commander in the Netherworld King’s Organization! He was Lu Kun’s direct disciple, and he stood alongside Shi Yinyu with the reputation of a Young Emperor in the Spirit World!

A Young Emperor!

A Young Emperor was someone who had the strength of an Emperor, but wasn’t in the Emperor Realm!

Like Huang Xiaolong, many of the experts noticed Peng Zhengfei’s presence. In an instant, soft whispers broke out in the crowd.

“Shi Yinyu…” Song Litao growled as his expression turned ugly, “This is the Hell Asura World, not your Spirit World.”

Shi Yinyu chuckled in reply, “To me, the Hell Asura World is no different from the Spirit World.” He turned around and cupped his fists at Huang Xiaolong. “Fellow brother, I am Shi Yinyu. You are?”

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Shi Yinyu from the corner of his eye and said with indifference, “Shi Yinyu? Never heard of you.” He turned around and spoke to Tai Yue and the other three after brushing him off. “Let’s go.” All five of them turned away in unison and made their way into the auction venue.

Shi Yinyu’s body froze and the smile on his face disappeared.

Looking at the situation, Song Litao burst out in laughter. He laughed without restraint and he nearly broke his back with laughter.

“We’re going!” Shi Yinyu’s voice turned cold as he made his way towards the auction venue.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong’s figure, Peng Zhengfei seemed to hesitate for a moment as he sank into his thoughts.

The moment Huang Xiaolong entered the palace, he swept his gaze through the audience. Many experts from all three worlds had already turned up and they were waiting for the auction to start.

After choosing a less obvious spot that wasn’t located too far back, he took his seat with Tai Yue and the others.

The moment he sat down, Huang Xiaolong felt countless eyes landing on him. Too bad he ignored all of them.

“Master, Song Litao entered private room number 1 and Shi Yinyu’s group entered private room number 4.” Tai Yue reported to Huang Xiaolong after observing the area for some time. “He Jingyi from the Misty Palace is in the number three private room and Zhai Tianchen from the Ghost World is in the tenth room.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head discreetly.

As experts filled the auction venue, it was filled in a mere half an hour.

After another half hour, the auctioneer entered and the auction officially began.