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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1540

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1540

Which Sect Are You Guys From?

Soon after, the Chaos Black Camel took out the treasures it had hidden in the dark space and offered all of them to Huang Xiaolong.

As an Emperor Realm master, the treasures it had hoarded were naturally precious and rare.

A smile broke out on Huang Xiaolong’s face as all sorts of chaos spiritual tools slowly piled into a mountain before him. After subduing an Emperor Realm chaos demonic beast, he even managed to obtain so many treasures! Where else would he find such a good deal?! This was basically buy one get one free!

After staying in the dark space for another half a day, there was nothing left to do. Everyone started to leave.

However, they were in no rush to leave for the Ghost River and decided to remain in the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range for another night.

Of course, being in no rush to leave meant that they had more time to feast on delicious food. That night, Huang Xiaolong took on the role of the main chef and showed off his amazing culinary skills. The fragrance of barbecued meat scattered around and lingered through the night.

The night was filled with cheers and celebration, and even the Chaos Black Camel was staring at Haung Xiaolong with glistening eyes. Its worship for him reached a new level.

The next day, Huang Xiaolong and his group started on their journey to the Ghost River after a good night’s rest.

They moved out leisurely, as the Ghost River wasn’t located too far away from the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range. With their speed, they would be able to arrive at the Ghost River in a couple of days.

When they left the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range, they ran into Blood Demons everywhere. But this time, Xiang Xun didn’t need to make a move as the Chaos Black Camel dealt with the Blood Demons easily.

Letting out a ferocious roar, the Chaos Black Camel unleashed the Nine Demonic Howl once again. As one of the stronger skills in the Ancient Chaos Arts, the Nine Demonic Howl shattered the souls of all the Blood Demons before it. The destruction of the soul wasn’t something that could be seen with the naked eye. Despite the lack of change in their regular appearance, there was no longer any light in their eyes.

This was perfectly in line with the little cow’s taste. She ordered Xu Baisheng to absorb all the bodies of the dead Blood Demons into his spatial ring before leaving the mountain range. Now that there were so many intact Blood Demons, they no longer had to worry that there was nothing to eat.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong felt that something was off when Xu Baisheng went about absorbing Blood Demon corpses into his spatial ring. When he found out that the little cow was behind his strange actions, Huang Xiaolong could only smile helplessly.

This old cow!

After leaving the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range, they headed north, towards the Ghost River.

The further up north they headed, the colder the atmosphere became around them. There was a hint of loneliness and gloomy aura in the air, and it made the hair on their body stand on end.

After three days…

A dark-blue mountain range appeared before them.

“This is the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. We’ll arrive at the Ghost River after traveling a little further.” The little cow pointed ahead and said.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and looked at the sky before asking, “Senior brother, it’s already getting late. Why don’t we take a break in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range before heading out tomorrow?”

Jiang Hong agreed and replied, “Alright.”

The devil qi surrounding the entire Floating Twilight Lands was heavy to begin with and at night, it seemed to congeal into a kind of mist, blocking off all sight. Even if one were to stretch out their hands, they wouldn’t be able to see their fingers. Even though Jiang Hong was extremely strong and there was no need to worry about his safety, there was Huang Xiaolong and company. It would be much better to continue their journey in the day when visibility wasn’t an issue. Moreover, they weren’t in a rush…

“Okay, then let’s rest here for the night!” The little cow laughed and continued, “It’s even better if we stayed here for a few nights!”

Huang Xiaolong looked at the gluttonous little cow and laughed, “ There’s no problem with resting here for a few more nights, but you won’t have your share of the barbecued meat.” How could the little cow hide her intentions from Huang Xiaolong?

“Ah?” She was dumbfounded and pleaded, “Kiddo Huang, you can’t be so cruel to me!!!”

In the next instant, everyone burst out laughing.

Before long, they were gathered around a bonfire they had started on some flatland they found on a nearby mountain peak.

Not long after the fragrance of barbecued meat started filling the area, a group of disciples started flying towards the Heaven Eye Mountain Range.

The group of disciples were dressed in silver white embroidered gowns and were especially eye-catching in this Floating Twilight Land. From the looks of it, they were from the Brightness Emperor Palace!

“Elder Tian Chang , are you sure that there are really low-grade chaos spiritual veins in the vicinity of Heaven Eye mountain range? We have already scoured through this area for days without finding anything!

“Elder Bai Chang , I am positive that there are low-grade chaos spiritual veins around here! Furthermore, these chaos spiritual veins should be a type of demonic variant that were mentioned in the legends. Even though it cannot be considered useful to a majority of us in the cultivation world, it is an absolute treasure for those who cultivate demonic arts! As long as we find one, we will be able to earn big by placing it in an auction!”

“The Ghost River isn’t too far away. Do you think the low-grade chaos spiritual veins are located there?”

“We have already searched the entire Heaven Eye mountain range but to no avail. They might really be hiding in the Ghost River… After all, that’s the only place left.”

A disciple suddenly interrupted and pointed in a direction, “Master look, someone has lit a fire in the mountain range!”

Everyone from the Brightness Emperor Palace looked over and was shocked.

“How can there be people here in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range? Are they also here for the low-grade demonic chaos spiritual veins?!” An elder from the Brightness Emperor Palace, Tian Ziyi, muttered to himself.

“Could they have already found the spiritual veins? How else can we explain the fact that we had been running around like headless chickens for the past few days?” Another one of the elders, Bai Yunxiang, asked.

“Won’t we know after asking them?” A cold gleam flashed through Tian Ziyi’s eyes.

Even though they weren’t certain of it, they felt that there was no other explanation. Those people definitely discovered the chaos spiritual veins before us!

“Let’s go!”

The people from Brightness Emperor Palace then immediately flew towards Huang Xiaolong’s group.

In a flash, they arrived in the space above Huang Xiaolong’s group.

Before saying a word, Tian Ziyi and his team surrounded them.

After sweeping his gaze across everyone, his gaze landed on Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong.

“Which sect are you guys from? What’s your purpose in coming to Heaven Eye mountain range?” Tian Ziyi arrogantly asked, as if he was interrogating sinners.

Instead of replying, Huang Xiailong turned to Jiang Hong and laughed, “Senior brother, which sect are we from?”

If he were to speak the truth, Huang Xiaolong was clueless as to which sect he belonged to. Don’t tell me our sect is called the grandmist Sect…

Jiang Hong laughed and answered, “ I asked Master this in the past as well. However, he merely said that we weren’t affiliated to any sects.” Reaching out, he pointed at the meat over the fire and asked, “Junior brother, is this meat ready yet? It’s been cooking for so long…”

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “I’m afraid you still have to wait a little longer…”

Seeing as they weren’t being taken seriously, the members of the Brightness Emperor Palace flared up. They glared at Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong who were laughing and chatting merrily.

“Don’t pretend to be deaf!” Tian Ziyi’s face became even more unsightly. His gaze turned icy cold and he threatened, “ I will give you one last chance to fess up. Otherwise… hehehe!”

In response, all he received was a cackle of laughter from the little cow, Xiang Xun, and the others.