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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1537

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1537

Refining The Blood Eye Devil Stele

As the chaos demonic beast turned to look at them, a wave of terrifying nefarious qi surged towards them.

However, at that moment, light radiated from Xiang Xun’s body and the hell-like darkness charged forth to counter the nefarious qi.

A loud explosion covered the area as the probing attacks of the two sides crashed into each other.

As the shockwave of the blast spread around the surroundings, the seemingly sturdy stalactites were blown into pieces.

The chaos demonic beast looked at Xiang Xun with a tinge of shock. “Divine Beast? Were you the one who broke through my ancient demonic restrictions?”

There was a look of confusion as it stared at Xiang Xun. Even though Xiang Xun was strong, the restrictions weren’t something he could break in a short amount of time.

Furthermore, Xiang Xun was able to break through the restrictions without alerting him! He had only managed to sense their presence when they appeared behind him.

What in the world is going on?

The chaos demonic beast glanced around furtively. His gaze swept through everyone present and eventually landed on Jiang Hong.

He could tell in a single glance that Huang Xiaolong and company were all in the God King Realm.

On the other hand, Jiang Hong, who was standing in front of him, seemed to be covered in a veil. He wasn’t able to sense Jiang Hong’s strength at all!

“Who are you!?” The chaos demonic beast roared, staring at Jiang Hong with his blood-red eyes.

A Fourth Order Emperor? Fifth Order Emperor?!

He was secretly trying to get an estimate of Jiang Hong’s strength.

The fact that Jiang Hong was able to break through his ancient demonic restriction was enough proof that he was in the middle stages of the Emperor Realm.

So what if Jiang Hong really was in the middle stages of the Emperor Realm? The chaos demonic beast wasn’t the slightest bit worried. He was the creator of the dark space and with the millions of years of effort he had placed into creating it, his powers could be amplified several times when they were fighting in it! Moreover, he had fused countless chaos divine arts when he had created the space. In other words, he had made preparations to face someone in the middle stages of the Emperor Realm long ago!

His strength was multiplied several times in the dark space! As for outsiders, they would be suppressed and their strength would fall several tiers lower than whatever they had in the outside world!

Of course, even if he was unable to defeat them, he could make use of the dark space to escape!

As long as he was in the dark space, even a late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert could forget about obtaining victory!

At that very moment, the chaos demonic beast had already stopped refining the second half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele.

As Huang Xiaolong had already kept the first half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele, the chaos demonic beast was unable to sense its presence.

When the little cow saw the chaos demonic beast’s gaze on Jiang Hong, she immediately introduced him, “He’s called Jiang Hong.”

The chaos demonic beast still had a puzzled look on his face and he asked, “Who is Jiang Hong?”

It was evident that the chaos demonic beast did not know Jiang Hong’s identity.

Throughout the various worlds’ surfaces, there were very few people who didn’t know of Jiang Hong’s identity as the Grandmist Emperor.

Seeing the chaos demonic beast shake its head from side to side, the little cow started to laugh. She already expected that it wouldn’t know who Jiang Hong was

A cheeky smile appeared on the little cow’s face and she said, “Here! This guy over here is Jiang Hong!”

Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and Feng’er couldn’t help but burst out laughing at her reply.

When it heard the laughter of everyone around it, the chaos demonic beast felt humiliated. With a roar that was loud enough to shake the heavens, it sent a formless attack towards them through the void. It wanted to tear their souls into pieces!

Before the attack could achieve its intended goal, it disappeared. In fact, all the sound in the dark space disappeared, as though it never existed in the first place.

The chaos demonic beast was taken aback.

That was the Nine Demonic Howl from the Ancient Chaos Arts! It was supposed to possess unparalleled strength! How did it disappear?!

“It was you!” He glared at Jiang Hong and asked yet again, “Who the hell are you?!”

Initially, Xu Baisheng was reeling from shock from the would-be devastating attack, however, upon hearing the chaos demonic beast’s flustered voice, he knew that Jiang Hong had made a move. All of them broke out into laughter and even Huang Xiaolong couldn’t control himself. He shook his head and chuckled.

Hearing the sounds of mocking laughter, the chaos demonic beast felt a ball of rage well up inside him. Too bad for him, Jiang Hong released his aura. Under the suppression of Jiang Hong’s aura, the chaos demonic beast felt that it was being crushed under a massive mountain. Unable to endure the pressure, the chaos demonic beast fell flat to the ground.

It struggled to raise its head and its expression changed when it finally managed to look at Jiang Hong.

This man!?

He isn’t in the middle stages of the Emperor Realm!

“You!” The eyes of the chaos demonic beast were filled with fury and bloodlust. It started to tremble with rage and the dark space trembled along with him. A dark light enveloped his entire body and it fused with the dark space around him.

When it realized it was no match for Jiang Hong, its first thought was to escape.

The second half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele started to flash with a dark light. Despite not being able to refine it, the chaos demonic beast’s effort in the past several millions years had not been in vain. It was still able to move the stele at will.

Seeing that the chaos demonic beast was going to flee, Jiang Hong raised his hands in the air and pulled downwards. In the next second, the chaos demonic beast emerged from the void and slammed face-first into the ground.

The chaos demonic beast looked around in disbelief. He glanced at the floor, then at Jiang Hong. Even an Emperor at the later stages of cultivation wouldn’t be able to drag him out of the void like that!

Could it be…

The little cow suddenly interjected, “Kiddo, maybe you aren’t familiar with the name Jiang Hong, but surely you have heard of the Grandmist Emperor?”

“What!? Grandmist… Grandmist Emperor!?” The chaos demonic beast was utterly shocked as he looked at Jiang Hong and muttered, “You!?”

Instead of replying to the beast, Jiang Hong turned to Huang Xiaolong. “Junior brother, what do you intend to do now?”

Huang Xiaolong looked at the Blood Eye Devil Stele and announced, “I intend to refine the other half of the Blood Eye Demon Stele.”

The moment he refined the second half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele, his strength would experience a drastic increase. He would definitely experience a breakthrough to the Fourth Order God King Realm. If he were to try to subdue the chaos demonic beast after breaking through, things would be much easier. Of course, he still required Jiang Hong’s help.

“Great! Since my junior brother wants to refine the stele, I’ll aid him in doing so!” Jiang Hong chirped.

“Many thanks, senior brother..” Huang Xiaolong was delighted. With Jiang Hong’s help, the task of refining the second half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele would be much smoother than before. Also, he would be much stronger than if he tried to refine it alone.

After putting a restriction spell on the chaos demonic beast, Jiang Hong started to help Huang Xiaolong with the refining process.

Huang Xiaolong took out the first half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele and it flew towards the second half. To his surprise, the second half of the stele broke free of the chaos demonic beast’s control and flew towards him! As they slammed into each other, blood-red light shot out in all directions and the stele seemed to turn into a blazing sun.

Huang Xiaolong was enveloped in this blinding red light.

Knowing that it was his time to act, Jiang Hong forcefully thrust out his palms and used his godforce to force all the light into Huang Xiaolong’s body.


Time marched on.

One month, two months, then three months went by.

The intensity of the blood-red light grew stronger and stronger with each passing month, lighting up the once dark space..

When a year eventually passed, the steles melded together into a single entity. Brilliant rays of blood-red light burst out of it and a world of red was formed.