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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1533

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1533

Number 1

Everyone fell silent the moment the words left the little cow’s mouth.

Peng Yi’s face turned a shade darker and he glared at the little cow. In his eyes, the little cow might be Huang Xiaolong’s mount, but she was still an animal at the end of the day.

It’s just a damn cow at the God King Realm! How dare that damn cow covert the treasures of my Magic Shaman Emperor Palace?!

Does she want me to hand over my spatial ring?!

What audacity!

He was fearful and respectful towards Jiang Hong as Jiang Hong had the capabilities to force him to do so. The moment Jiang Hong had asked about the two mid-grade chaos spiritual veins, he had no choice but to hand them over.

Now, a little cow dares to act like that expert over there? Nonsense!

Even Chen Kefan and the other elders of the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace were staring at the little cow coldly. It was as though they were looking at an idiot.

Seeing the looks on their faces, the little cow wasn’t affected in the slightest. Instead, she turned to look at Jiang Hong.

Seeing the look on the little cow’s face, how could he be unaware of her thoughts? He laughed helplessly in his heart and spoke out loud, “Yes, Senior Azure Cow.”

Peng Yi and the rest who were looking at the little cow with arrogance plastered on their faces became slack-jawed. In the next moment, all of them sucked in a cold breath and their body started to shake like a leaf in the wind. Their expression changed drastically.

What in the world did that middle aged man address the cow as?! Senior?!

He called the cow senior!!!

Doesn’t that mean…

Even Peng Yi the Emperor of the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace, who had billions of years of experience in the adventure of life, started to shiver.

As the thoughts flew through Peng Yi’s head, Jiang Hong’s gaze had already landed on him.

A bitter expression appeared on Peng Yi’s face. In the end, he removed his spatial ring and placed it in Jiang Hong’s outstretched hand. It was at that moment he knew what depression felt like. He had never been so humiliated in his life.

“Senior Azure Cow, here you go.” Jiang Hong then passed the ring over to the little cow.

After she grabbed the ring, she swept her divine sense through it and saw that it was filled with chaos spiritual pills of all the different grades. There were countless chaos spiritual herbs and there were even several treasures among them. She couldn’t help but start to laugh. Looking at Huang Xiaolong, she said smugly, “Kiddo Huang, I finally have more chaos spiritual pills than you!”

Huang Xiaolong looked at the delighted expression on the little cow’s face and he fell speechless.

“What about the rest of you?” The little cow’s head spun once again and her gaze landed on the rest of them.

All of them felt their heart skip a beat. Their very fears came true. They were worried that Jiang Hong would covert their belongings. In the end, they could only hand over their spatial rings with a bitter expression on their faces.

The little cow even made Yan Kang retrieve Mo Xiao’s spatial ring.

Looking at the few additional rings in her palm, the little cow slowly swept her divine sense through all of them. A look of satisfaction appeared on her face and she said, “Not too shabby. You guys are pretty fed…”

Pretty fed…

It was the first time they ever heard such a ‘compliment’ but they didn’t dare to lash out. Instead, their faces were filled with smiles as they said, “Thank you for the compliment!” As for the smile on their face, it seemed uglier than when they were crying.

They were elders in the Martial Demon Emperor Palace! Even Mo Xiao and Peng Yi who were the Emperors of their respective palaces were robbed clean!

What made it worse was that they were brutally robbed by a snail in the God King Realm!

Even if rumors were to leak out about this incident, they were afraid no one in the entire Divine World would believe them.

Mo Xiao finally started to regain consciousness and he struggled to stand up. Spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood, he stared at his reflection in it. After the battle with the Fiend God Emperor, this was the first time he became injured! After several tens of millions of years, someone actually managed to injure him! It wasn’t even a flesh wound. He was seriously injured by a single finger strike! The injuries he sustained from this one move was much more serious than when he fought against the Fiend God Emperor!

Raising his head, he looked at Jiang Hong with eyes full of trepidation.

Even tens of millions of years ago, he was never so scared to face the Fiend God Emperor! However, Jiang Hong left a lingering trace of fear in his heart.

He could see that Jiang Hong had already restrained himself when he sent out that single strike. Otherwise…

He didn’t dare to continue his train of thought.

Under Jiang Hong’s gaze, all of them started to make their oath to never leak the contents of their meeting to anyone else. The little cow even made sure that they swore never to speak of their identities.

After they made their oath, Jiang Hong didn’t continue to make things difficult for them. They turned and soared into the sky.

Looking at the backs of Huang Xiaolong’s party, Mo Xiao, Peng Yi, and the others felt a complicated feeling in their heart.

“I never thought that he would come to the Floating Twilight Land. Moreover, he possesses unfathomable strength!” Peng Yi spoke only after making sure they could no longer be seen.

Even though they didn’t see Jiang Hong’s true appearance, Peng Yi was able to barely guess his identity.

Zhou Kefan already knew that Peng Yi was referring to Jiang Hong and he asked in alarm, “Sect Chief, do you mean that middle-aged man was…”

“Number one.” Mo Xiao’s voice resounded in their ears.

Number one!

He only said two words…

The two words caused the bodies of all the elders of the two palaces to tremble.

They already knew who Mo Xiao was talking about.

Grandmist Emperor Palace!

The strongest Emperor, Jiang Hong! The strongest individual in the Divine World!

Chen Xinde and Zhou Kefan felt their hearts beating at an impossible rate.

All of a sudden, Peng Yi’s expression changed. “Didn’t Huang Xiaolong call him senior brother? Doesn’t that make Huang Xiaolong…”

Everyone’s expression turned unsightly in unison. If Huang Xiaolong addressed Jiang Hong as ‘senior brother’, his identity was revealed.

He is the disciple of the King of Grandmist!

Mo Xiao’s jaw hung agape. During their confrontation, none of them had thought of the possibility and made the connection. Now that they did, goosebumps appeared on their body.

“I never thought that Huang Xiaolong of the Fortune Emperor Palace would be that senior’s disciple!” Peng Yi was in a state of shock and disbelief. “But if Huang Xiaolong is that senior’s disciple, why would he enter the Fortune Emperor Palace?”

“If Huang Xiaolong is really that senior’s disciple, he definitely cultivates the Grandmist Parasitic Medium! How many hundreds of millions of years has it been?! The Divine World has finally found its third cultivator of the Grandmist Parasitic Medium!” A solemn expression appeared on Mo Xiao’s face. Next, he turned to Chen Xinde and Yan Kang as he passed down an order, “No one is to offend Huang Xiaolong in the future! As for his identity, no one is to ever learn about it!”

Even if Mo Xiao didn’t pass down the order, the two of them weren’t planning on doing otherwise.

Why would they antagonize Huang Xiaolong? They weren’t looking to reincarnate yet!

As for Peng Yi, he did the exact same thing as Mo Xiao.

“Sect Chief, Jiang Hong addressed the Azure Cow Huang Xiaolong was riding on as ‘senior’!” Zhou Kefan thought of a horrifying possibility and continued, “Who could it be?”

In an instant, the frown on Mo Xiao and Peng Yi’s face deepened.

“She should be that senior…” Mo Xiao laughed bitterly, “She should be the person who gave the Ancient Heavenly Emperor a headache…”

Peng Yi jumped in shock. “Why did that senior allow Huang Xiaolong to ride her as a mount? How did her cultivation fall to the God King Realm?! Did she restart her cultivation?!”