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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1532

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1532

How Could This Be?

Under the gazes of everyone present, the thirty something blood dragons twirled around each other. When a single, humongous, blood dragon was formed, the crimson light it emitted nearly blinded everyone.

Even Peng Yi had no choice but to use his chaos godforce to prevent the crimson light from obstructing his field of vision.

The crimson light was the least of Huang Xiaolong’s problem. All of them were shocked when they realized that the pressure this single blood dragon emitted, when it was formed, wasn’t close to the pressure emitted by the thirty something tiny blood dragons. When the tenth blood dragon fused with the first nine, the aura emitted was already hundreds of times stronger than a single tiny blood dragon!

If a single tiny blood dragon could be compared to an ordinary high-level Emperor, then what was the might of the blood dragon formed by ten tiny blood dragons?!

In a flash, the fusion was complete and all thirty tiny blood dragons disappeared.

In their place was a giant blood-red dragon. The brilliant crimson light it was emitting seemed to transform into blades formed by chaos energy, causing the void around its body to tremble.

The demonic dragon was so massive that Huang Xiaolong and the others only saw a blood-red mountain sitting high above their heads. Its very presence absorbed all the devil qi in the surrounding and not a trace of it was left behind.

Before long, waves of dragon devil qi charged out from its body and enveloped everything in the nearby vicinity. A sea of red formed in midair and blotted out the sky.

Mo Xiao rose and stood in midair, releasing an aura stronger than that of the gigantic blood dragon above him.

“Go!” Mo Xiao didn’t bother making a move as he gave his command to the giant blood dragon above him. With a deafening howl that shook the heavens and earth, the chaos demonic blood dragon dove towards Jiang Hong. Its claws that seemed to be able to cover the heavens came crashing down at him.

At that moment, Huang Xiaolong had a feeling that the entire world was collapsing.

Even Peng Yi and the others had to take several steps back after getting over their initial shock. Pushing their godforce to the limit, all of them defended themselves against the incoming dragon devil qi.

As the earth under them collapsed, Huang Xiaolong’s party was swallowed by the dragon devil qi.

In that moment, time seemed to come to a standstill.

In the instant that the blood dragon’s claw was about to come into contact with Huang Xiaolong’s head, Jiang Hong, who had been silent all this while, made his move.

Like how he had dealt with the Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Hall Master, Wang Shuchen, and the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace’s Hall Master, Zheng Weijin, Jiang Hong simply raised his hand and pointed forward with a single finger.

This feeble action seemed weak, but the radiance it emitted was much stronger than the crimson light coming out of the blood dragon’s body. It was way more terrifying than the might of a top-grade chaos weapon!

A single finger seemed to contain the might of the world!

A single finger moved the spiritual energy in the entire world, and gathered all the light the world had into a single point.

A loud rumble echoed in everyone’s ears.

The entire world started to tremble.

In front of Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Xun, and the others, Jiang Hong’s finger reached forward and collided with the giant claw.

The red claw looked like a mountain above their heads, and Jiang Hong’s finger was tinier than a needle compared to it. The visual impact of two vastly different sized attacks smashing into each other was too much for Huang Xiaolong and the rest.

At the instant Jiang Hong’s finger came into contact with the humongous claw, everyone clearly saw a giant hole being punched through the claw, forming a strange scene.

The hole started to widen at incredible speed, reaching up the arm of the giant blood dragon. First, it swallowed the entire claw, followed by the abdomen and ended when the head and tail of the dragon completely disappeared.

The mountain-like blood dragon emitting an aura stronger than that of a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor expert disappeared into nothingness. All that was left lingering in the air was Jiang Hong’s finger strike.

With the disappearance of the blood dragon, the clear sky was once again visible.

The crushing feeling dissipated and the world seemed to regain its calm once again.

With a look of disbelief, Mo Xiao stared with his mouth agape at the location of the once majestic giant blood dragon. He felt a wave of pain as the backlash of the blood dragon’s destruction hit him with full force.

Before he could react, the strike that destroyed the blood dragon went on the offensive and swerved towards him.

A look of alarm appeared on his face and Mo Xiao wasn’t able to calculate his next move as he hastily summoned all the blood devil qi in his body.

“Demonic Blood Dragon Body!”

Scale-like pieces appeared before Mo Xiao’s body and glaring blood-red light reflected off them. It appeared as though he was using a top-grade chaos armor.

A diagram of a demonic blood dragon was engraved on the armor, and it seemed to come alive. With each breath it took, demonic dragon blood qi surged around the armor.

Mo Xiao knew that the moment he used the Demonic Blood Dragon Body, even peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts with mid-grade chaos weapons could forget about hurting him.

A vicious light flashed through his eyes as he sent a fist flying towards Jiang Hong’s attack.

Jiang Hong’s attack smashed into Mo Xiao’s right fist in midair.

The result wasn’t as earth-shaking as expected. A low rumble echoed in the ears of all the spectators and it reverberated through their minds.

In the next instant, Mo Xiao was sent flying like a piece of leaf in the wind. As he flew backwards, the blood dragon scales on his body shattered bit by bit, revealing his sorry figure.

Mo Xiao went crashing into the peak of a nearby mountain.

As his figure disappeared into the mountain, cracks started to form on the giant structure and the peak turned into fine dust.

Peng Yi, Zhou Kefan, Yan Kang, and the others, stared at the dust cloud formed by the destruction of the mountain peak with sluggish gazes. They eventually caught sight of Mo Xiao whose body was covered in blood.


“How… How could this be?!” Yan Kang mumbled to himself with an expression of disbelief.

That was their Palace Master, a late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert! He was one of the top experts in the Floating Twilight Land and he even cultivated the supreme Demonic Dragon Blood Art! How could he lose to that middle-aged man?!

When Zhou Kefan and the rest turned to look at Jiang Hong, their eyes betrayed their fear and dread for him. Peng Yi was no different from them. Regardless of his status and strength, he felt a shiver down his spine. Chen Kaiwen who had barely been brought back to life by Yan Kang was trembling nonstop.

As for Huang Xiaolong, he wasn’t any less shocked compared to the others. What a strong attack! Jiang Hong is really strong! This is what strength capable of annihilating the world should look like! Mo Xiao, Peng Yi, and the rest were unable to feel the grandmist godforce in Jiang Hong’s attack, but Huang Xiaolong was someone who cultivated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium! Hence, he clearly felt the difference in Jiang Hong’s attack.

“You! Who in the world are you?!” Zhou Kefan’s voice trembled as he stared at Jiang Hong. Intense regret and boundless fear filled his heart. With Jiang Hong’s strength, if he sent a finger strike to anyone present…

However, Jiang Hong stared at Zhou Kefan with an indifferent expression. He wasn’t planning to explain himself. “Hand over the two mid-grade chaos spiritual veins. Oh right, remember to swear an oath that you will never reveal what happened here today.”

This time, Peng Yi and the others didn’t burst into laughter like they did before.

A gloomy expression crept onto Peng Yi’s face and he reluctantly sent the two mid-grade chaos spiritual veins towards Jiang Hong.

“Is that all?” All of a sudden, the side of the little cow’s mouth curled upwards. “I’ve heard about the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace’s wealth. Shouldn’t you be in possession of some treasures or something?”