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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1531

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1531

It’s You?!

Without warning, Chen Kaiwen shot out a claw at Huang Xiaolong. Along with his strike, seemingly endless devil qi rushed out of his body and swallowed everyone in its path.

Under the suppression of Chen Kaiwen’s early-Ninth Order Emperor Realm strength, even Xiang Xun who was at the peak late-First Order Emperor Realm couldn’t muster the strength to resist. After all, the difference in cultivation between them was too large. If Xiang Xun was facing someone at the late-Third Order Emperor Realm instead, there could have been a possibility of fighting back. However, the difference between him and someone at the early-Ninth Order Emperor Realm was too large. The difference in their strength was like the difference between heaven and earth… No, in fact the difference in their strength spanned several heavens and earths. It was an insurmountable gap!

Chen Kaiwen’s plan was to take Huang Xiaolong down before dealing with Jiang Hong.

As for Xiang Xun, he would leave him to the members of the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace.

In just an instant, Chen Kaiwen’s attack arrived before Huang Xiaolong.

Suddenly, a golden light shrouded the area and several tiny golden dragons emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s body. With a ferocious grunt from the golden dragons, a terrifying aura emerged. Chen Kaiwen’s seemingly insurmountable devil qi showed signs of being pushed back.

Everyone became shocked at the sudden change in situation.

No one expected the peak late-Third Order God King Realm Huang Xiaolong to be able to burst out with such terrifying might!


Chen Kaiwen blanked out for a second, but his expression changed in the next moment.

The devil qi rushing back at him was much stronger than the one he had sent out!

“Demonic Light!” Chen Kaiwen yelled out in reflex. He didn’t hesitate. Using all the devil qi he could muster, he turned himself into a gigantic devil. Intense rays of black light rushed out of his body and covered his surroundings.

The instant he completed his transformation, the backlash of devil energy came crashing down upon him.

Despite how mighty and sturdy the giant devil looked, it wasn’t strong enough to withstand Huang Xiaolong’s counterattack. It exploded all of a sudden and a wave of devil qi smashed into Chen Kaiwen’s body.


Chen Kaiwen spat out a mouthful of black blood and the devil qi around his body dissipated.

Everything happened too suddenly and everyone from the two Emperor Palaces were stunned silly. Even Mo Xiao and Peng Yi stared with their mouths agape at the bloody Chen Kaiwen as he was flung far into the distance. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

‘How is this possible?!’ This single thought ran through the minds of all the members of the Emperor Palaces.

It became so silent that one could hear a pin drop, and the wind seemed to turn a little colder.

An elder of the Martial Demon Emperor Palace, Yan Kang, swallowed his saliva forcefully and he turned to look at Huang Xiaolong. As though everyone received a signal, their gaze landed on Huang Xiaolong.

The Fortune Emperor Palace’s Disciple, Huang Xiaolong, a peak late-Third Order God King Realm expert, sent an early-Ninth Order Emperor Realm expert flying!

No matter how they looked at it, Huang Xiaolong was a peak late-Third Order God King Realm expert!

After staring in shock for several seconds, Mo Xiao turned his gaze to Jiang Hong who was behind Huang Xiaolong.

Peng Yi reacted quickly as well. Both of their gazes landed on Jiang Hong at the same time.

“It’s you?!” Their alarmed cry sounded out at the same time.

Hearing Mo Xiao and Peng Yi’s yell, everyone couldn’t help but turn to look at Jiang Hong. When they noticed his strength, all of them were shocked beyond belief. They could feel the strength of a late-Seventh Order Emperor coming from him.

No matter how they thought about it, even if Jiang Hong was helping Huang Xiaolong, they wouldn’t be Chen Kaiwen’s opponent.

Moreover, the power they just felt was something that could only come from a Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert!

Also, Jiang Hong hadn’t moved a single muscle since the start of the confrontation.

They were sure no one other than Huang Xiaolong had made a move!

In fact, even Mo Xiao and Peng Yi weren’t sure what happened, so they could only run their mouths off.

Instead of confirming their doubts, Jiang Hong gave them an order. “Leave the two mid-grade chaos spirit veins behind and you can leave.”

“Also, all of you have to swear an oath to the heavens that no one else will learn of what happened here!”

Mo Xiao and Peng Yi stood there with their mouth agape. They didn’t dare to believe their ears as they looked at Jiang Hong. What did he just say?!

Is he asking us to leave behind the two mid-grade chaos spirit veins?

Moreover, Jiang Hong also wanted them to make an oath. Who was he talking to? They were Mo Xiao and Peng Yi!

Snapping back to their senses, Mo Xiao broke the silence with deafening laughter. Concealed behind his laughter was anger strong enough to burn the heavens and a killing intent sharp enough to pierce through the skies.

As for Peng Yi, he didn’t laugh. Instead, his eyes turned cloudy. The two Blossoming Hearts Toxic Lizards spat out their blood-red tongues and a vicious light flashed through their eyes.

The moment Mo Xiao stopped laughing, he looked at Jiang Hong with an amused expression. “Interesting. It has been too long, far too long…”

It has indeed been far too long.

No one has ever dared to speak to him in such a condescending tone!

A frosty expression appeared on Mo Xiao’s face and he said to Jiang Hong, “It has been tens of millions of years since I last fought with anyone. After my fight with that old demon, I have never personally made a move against anyone. You’re extremely lucky. You will be the first person to watch me fight again. But it’s too bad your luck ends here. You’ll die a horrible death!”

Blood-red light covered Mo Xiao’s body as the aura he emitted rose unceasingly. Strands of bloody qi seemed to condense around his body to form blood-red dragons.

The stench of blood filled the air and transformed the place into a living hell.

Peng Yi, Yan Kang, Zhou Kefan, and several others took a step back in fright.

“That’s a crazy amount of blood dragon devil qi! I’m afraid that The Martial Demon Emperor’s Demonic Dragon Blood Art has already reached the eleventh level!” Zhou Kefan exclaimed as several experts from the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace stared at Mo Xiao in shock.

The blood dragon devil qi was extremely frightening. As soon as it enters the body of Mo Xiao’s enemy, it would swallow all the blood essence and life force, bringing about immense pain and suffering.

“That’s right. Our Palace Master’s Demonic Dragon Blood Art has broken through to the eleventh level. Right now, he is already at the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm!” Yan Kang smirked at the rest of them. He took the opportunity where Mo Xiao attracted everyone’s attention to grab Chen Kaiwen. He shoved several healing pills down Chen Kaiwen’s throat as he gloated about Mo Xiao’s strength.

Peng Yi was surprised as well. He couldn’t help but yell, “Even I’m no match for Brother Mo Xiao! In the entire Divine World, I’m afraid only several Heavenly Emperors will be able to suppress him!”

Despite the commotion going on, Mo Xiao wasn’t distracted in the slightest. The blood qi surged out from his body endlessly and it formed blood dragons one after another.

Moreover, his blood qi didn’t show signs of waning. Instead, it grew stronger and stronger along with his qi.

Huang Xiaolong’s group stared at Mo Xiao with looks of astonishment.

Out of all of them, there was an exception and it was the little cow. There was a look of indifference in her eyes and it even seemed as though she was a little bored.

The only other individual who seemed calm was Jiang Hong. He stared at Mo Xiao without a change in expression and he didn’t bother breaking Mo Xiao’s technique.

As for Mo Xiao, he only stopped when thirty blood dragons formed around him.