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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1528

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1528

I’ll Make A Trip Personally


Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Hall Masters and Grand Elders were all dumbfounded, including Mo Xiao as well as the several Ancestors.

Although quite a few Emperor Realm masters could be found within Divine World’s Emperor Palace forces, high-level Emperor Realm masters were scarce. But to their surprise, Wang Shuchen was telling them that Huang Xiaolong was accompanied by an unknown high-level Emperor Realm Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple!

“Are you sure that this person you are mentioning is a high-level Emperor Realm master?” Mo Xian asked again with an extremely doubtful tone.

Even though this unknown person had managed to injure Wang Shuchen and Wang Shuyu, he could still be a late-Sixth Order or peak late-Sixth Order Emperor Realm, right?

There was a big gap in strength between peak late-Sixth Order Emperor Realm and a high-level Emperor Realm…

Wang Shuchen understood what Mo Xiao was implying thus affirmed again, “Replying to the Emperor, that person is absolutely a high-level Emperor Realm master, to be precise, not just any average high-level Emperor Realm!”

“That’s right, definitely not an average high-level Emperor Realm!” Beside Wang Shuchen, Wang Shuyu reiterated firmly. He shuddered recalling the experience earlier from that day.

Not an average high-level Emperor Realm!

The others were genuinely astonished upon seeing both Wang Shuchen and Wang Shuyu stress it over and over again.

“Both of you are certain, aren’t you?” The Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Zhang Lu couldn’t help asking.

“We are, Ancestor Zhang Lu, because that person injured us to this degree with just one move. We were powerless to resist, in fact we had no chance to resist at all!” Wang Shuchen recalled with apprehension, “When we arrived on the scene, we witnessed it as he sent the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace’s Zheng Weijin, Nie Bin, and two others flying with one move!”

Another wave of shock spread across the great hall.

“The Magic Shaman Emperor Palace sent Zheng Weijin and Nie Bin?” The Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Chen Kaiwen asked urgently.

“That is so, Zheng Weijin and Nie Bin’s group of four had managed to catch up to that group before us. When we were still quite some distance away, we saw that person lightly tap his finger in the air. Following that, we could see a light spreading out heavily injuring Zheng Weijin, Nie Bin, and the rest. Both of us were alarmed, thus we executed the chaos grade divine art the Concealing Shadows Law to hide ourselves, but that person pinpointed our location at a single glance. One tap of his finger and both of us ended up with severe injuries like Zhen Weijin’s group!” Wang Shuchen’s voice quivered. He didn’t need to speak the rest of the words.

The Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Hall Masters and Grand Elders felt coldness spread through their limbs.

The Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Zhang Lu broke the heavy silence, “With that kind of strength, it’s really not what an average high-level Emperor Realm could have done. I think it’s possible that this person is a late-Seventh Order Emperor Realm? Or even early Eighth Order Emperor Realm!”

He, Zhang Lu, was merely a late-Seventh Order Emperor Realm master.

“How do the others see this matter?” Mo Xiao’s gaze swept over the great hall and asked in a solemn voice.

Replying to him was a prolonged silence.

They were still registering one point—a Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple has two Emperor Realm masters by his side!

What could they say about this matter…?! Not to mention, one of them was ‘not your average high-level Emperor Realm master!’

No one dared to voice their opinions recklessly.

When a matter involving high-level Emperor Realm masters was out for discussion, even the top ten Emperor Palaces needed to weigh the consequences twice.

“Sect Chief, I think it’s better we let this matter rest.” The first to speak was Ancestor Zhang Lu.

“Forget it? And let our Hall Master Cui Wei die in vain?” Ancestor Chen Kaiwen’s expression was extremely gloomy and cold.

Cui Wei was his personal disciple.

More importantly, his personal disciple Cui Wei had a high hope of breaking through to Emperor Real within a hundred thousand years, but he was actually killed by that Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple.

“Sect Chief, I agree with Zhang Lu’s suggestion, let this matter rest here.” Another Ancestor, Zhao Mingchen stated his opinion.

A Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple with two Emperor Realm masters by his side is abnormally strange.

“I agree with Brother Chen on this, this matter cannot be forgotten just like this. The death of Hall Master Cui Wei is likely to have spread throughout the Floating Devil Land. If there is no reasonable conclusion to this matter, how would other forces’ disciples in this Floating Twilight Land view our Martial Demon Emperor Palace? How will we be able to maintain control and order in Floating Twilight Land?” Another Ancestor, Yan Kang, harrumphed with dissatisfaction.

“Yes, that group must be captured, it’s merely one high-level Emperor Realm master. What if this becomes a precedent to others that any high-level Emperor Realm can come and kill our Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Hall Master, or Grand Elder. Will we endure that as well?” Ancestor Chen Haixin questioned.

The other four Ancestors voiced their opinions in turns.

Apart from Zhang Lu and Zhao Mingchen, the remaining seven of Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Ancestors unitedly agreed to capture Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Xun. The matter couldn’t not be laid to rest just like that.

After hearing the Ancestors’ opinions, Mo Xiao looked at Wang Shuchen and Wang Shuyu again and asked, “Did that person say anything?”

Wang Shuchen did not dare to conceal anything, thus answered frankly, “That person said, go back, tell Mo Xiao and Peng Yi that this matter ends here. I’ve spared your lives, but the next time, you will die!”

Wang Shuchen imitated the same tone the Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong had used, with the same kind of inborn domineering quality, as well as Jiang Hong’s bearing, standing at the top of all living beings.

The Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s experts were immediately enraged.

“What a brazen tone! I wonder if he has the strength to back up his tone! I, Chen Kaiwen, is waiting to see!” Ancestor Chen Kaiwen roared as he stood up from his seat. He looked at Mo Xiao and said, “Sect Chief, I’ll do it myself, I’ll go and capture them myself!”

Chen Kaiwen’s cultivation realm was at the early of Ninth Order Emperor Realm, thus he was more than confident that he alone was enough to capture Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Xun, at the same time, he could also avenge his personal disciple Cui Wei.

“Sect Chief, I’ll go with Brother Chen!” The mid-Eighth Order Emperor Realm Ancestor Yan Kang also stood up.

Mo Xiao nodded, he was assured that Chen Kaiwen and Yan Kang would be able to deal with this matter.

At this time, Wang Shuchen took a hesitated step forward, and spoke tentatively, “Sect Chief, about that Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple, he, he might be the same Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple that defeated the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s disciple Wang Yongsen, that Huang Xiaolong!”

“What, Huang Xiaolong?! That king of supreme godhead disciple?!!” Gasps of shock echoed in the great hall.

It was no secret now that the Fortune Emperor Palace had a king of supreme godhead disciple. The Martial Demon Emperor Palace naturally knew about this.

“Are you certain that this Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple is the king of supreme godhead Huang Xiaolong?” Mo Xiao asked with a hint of urgency.

Wang Shuchen nodded but said, “This subordinate is not absolutely certain, there is a ninety percent chance that this disciple is Huang Xiaolong. It is said that Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple Huang Xiaolong has an azure-colored cow, and that kid is also riding on an azure-colored cow. However, this subordinate does not understand why would there be a high-level Emperor Realm master by his side? Could that middle-aged man be Fang Gan in disguise?”

“Fang Gan?” Mo Xiao shook his head and firmly refuted, “Not possible. Fang Gan guards the Fortune Emperor Palace and would not leave unless absolutely necessary, it is more impossible that he would be accompanying Huang Xiaolong to the Floating Twilight Land.”

On second thought, Mo Xiao stood from his seat and stated, “This Emperor will go personally to verify this.”


Wang Shuchen, the Chief of Hall Masters, and Grand Elders all looked at Mo Xiao with worry and shock, including Chen Kaiwen and Yan Kang.

“Sect Chief, it’s enough that the two of us are going.” Ancestor Chen Kaiwen quickly dissuaded.

Mo Xiao shook his head, and said with determination, “I’ll go personally, it has been a long time since I have made a move. It is high time the Floating Twilight Land and other forces in the Divine World get a glimpse of my strength. I hope that middle-aged man won’t disappoint me.”

“Sect Chief, even though that middle-aged man is a high-level Emperor Realm master, it is not necessary for Sect Chief to act personally.” Ancestor Yan Kang went on to add, “Brother Chen and I are more than sufficient!”

“Yes ah, Sect Chief!”

Ancestor Zhang Lu and the others stood up to persuade Mo Xiao.

“Then, let’s do it. I’ll go, Chen Kaiwen and Yan Kang will follow as well.” Mo Xiao suggested after seeing everyone’s reaction.