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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1527

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1527

What The Heck Is Going On?

“A while back I started practicing a new chaos grade divine art, and today’s a great opportunity to try it out.” Nie Bin’s momentum soared as he said that. Clouds rolled and strong winds howled as their surroundings turned into a world of eternal ice.

The surrounding mountainous terrains, ancient towering trees, every petal and blade of grass were all covered in ice.

“Imprint of the Ice Devil!”

Nie Bin spoke each word with deliberate slowness as he waved both of his arms.

Heaven and earth’s energies fluctuated, and streams of frigid qi slithered up to entangle Huang Xiaolong’s group.

Huang Xiaolong and the others could see space getting frozen wherever the streams of frigid qi passed through it. Layers and layers of ice was spreading in their direction at a shocking speed, encircling Huang Xiaolong’s group from six directions.

The Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong inwardly shook his head. Had these four Magic Shaman Emperor Palace’s experts retreated when he had given them the chance, he wouldn’t have needed to do anything. He preferred avoiding the conflict, but now, he had no choice but to do something.

As the dreadful frigid Qi was getting closer, Jiang Hong raised a finger and lightly tapped in the air. A dust-sized glimmer of light expanded in the blink of an eye.

Wherever the light touched, the ice shattered in that place, and the dreadful frigid qi disappeared without a trace.

Zheng Weijin, Nie Bin, and the other two Magic Shaman Emperor Palace’s masters’ faces tightened.

The light continued to expand rapidly, reaching the four people in a split second.

The thought of escape appeared in their minds, but before they could respond, all of them disappeared into the light.

A second later, the early Fifth Order Emperor Realm Zheng Weijin, and the other three tumbled down from the air miserably like broken-lined kites.

Four figures crashed to the mountainous terrains below, violently coughing up blood. Their brocade robes were in shreds, exposing their gory wounds.

All four of them were Emperor Realm masters, therefore, their physical bodies were strong and almost immortal. Due to this their bodies wouldn’t rot, as they possessed extraordinary healing ability. But that middle-aged man had actually broken through their bodies’ defenses. On top of that, the wounds on their bodies were deteriorating, blood flowed out incessantly, as if their wounds could not heal.

About a minute passed before these four people’s injuries stopped deteriorating, but their bleeding did not stop.

“You—!” Zheng Weijin, Nie Bin, and the other two looked sharply at Jiang Hong.

“Who are you exactly? Who-are-you?” Zheng Weijin’s voice quivered. There was a sense of fear coming from his soul.

Just a light tap of this man’s finger had injured them to this degree!

What kind of strength is this? High-level Emperor Realm? None of the high-level Emperor Realm masters he recognized could do this!

Moreover, even with his eyesight, he could not recognize what kind of chaos grade divine art this middle-aged man had used. The only explanation he could think of was that this divine art must had been long lost for ages.

Those were not just Zheng Weijin’s thoughts, as his three companions had the same thoughts as well.

On the other hand, Wang Shuchen and Wang Shuyu of Martial Demon Emperor Palace had arrived just in time to witness the scene of Zheng Weijin’s group crash to the ground, with blood flowing out incessantly. The twin brothers shuddered and hastened to hide in the void, not daring to show their faces.

Their hearts thumped madly, threatening to jump out from their chests.

“Who am I?” Jiang Hong spoke softly in an indifferent voice. “Who I am is not important here.” His gaze glanced directly somewhere in the void above, before continuing, “Since both of you are here as well, why don’t you come out?”

Even though Wang Shuchen and Wang Shuyu were well hidden, they could not escape Jiang Hong’s detection. At a glance, Jiang Hong already knew where they were hiding.

Wang Shuchen and Wang Shuyu’s hearts jumped to their throats being pointed out by Jiang Hong. However, the brothers remained silent, thinking that the middle aged man was probably talking about someone else.. Both were quite confident in their concealing technique.

Seeing this, Jiang Hong lightly tapped his finger in the air. There were no ripples of energy, but Wang Shuchen and Wang Shuyu felt like a chaos mountain had slammed into them, plummeting them to the ground. Like Zheng Weijin’s group, the twin brothers were also coughing up blood violently.

Zheng Weijin, Nie Bin, and the other two were dumbfounded by this sight.

Wang Shuchen was a mid-Fifth Order Emperor Realm master with amazing battle strength, comparable to a peak late-Fifth Order Emperor Realm master, yet Wang Shuchen had failed to withstand one finger tap of that person!

Jiang Hong ignored the fearful gazes falling on him. He lazily clasped his hands behind his back and said, “Go back, tell Mo Xiao and Peng Yi that this matter ends here. I’ve spared your lives this time, but if you send anymore people after us…!” A cold light glinted in Jiang Hong’s eyes as he stressed, “You will die—!”

If the Martial Demon Emperor Palace and Magic Shaman Emperor Palace remained obstinate in pursuing them, then whatever the consequences, they should not blame him.

When Jiang Hong finished speaking, a feeling of death enshrouded Wang Shuchen, Wang Shuyu, and Zheng Weijin’s group, sending a chill deep into their hearts.

“Leave now,” said Jiang Hong.

Wang Shuchen, Zheng Weijin, and the other four were clearly relieved, feeling like they had just escaped death. None of the six people dared to say a word, as they swiftly turned and fled out of sight.

“Kiddo Grandmist, you’re the same as in the past, still maintaining a benevolent heart.” The little cow shook her head as she watched the six figures disappear in the horizon, and questioned, “Do you think the Martial Demon Emperor Palace and Magic Shaman Emperor Palace would stop pursuing us because of this? With Mo Xiao and Peng Yi’s sinister traits, they won’t stop. If it was up to me, I’d have split those six scumbags! Maybe then, Mo Xiao and Peng Yi would have considered stopping.”

The Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong smiled wryly listening to the little cow’s words, and responded, “Senior Azure Cow is right.”

Although Jiang Hong could understand that the little cow was reasonable in what she said, he still followed his heart.

“Senior Brother, your appearance right now is not your real face, is it?” A question suddenly popped out of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth.

Although the Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong rarely appeared in public, still, people like Wang Shuchen and Zheng Weijin should have recognized him if not for his disguise.

Moreover, Jiang Hong’s current face was too ordinary. Jiang Hong was the Emperor of the Divine World’s number one Emperor Palace force, and such a person cannot look so nondescript.

Jiang Hong nodded and smiled, “This indeed is not my true face.” Jiang Hong’s body glimmered as his physical features changed before everyone’s eyes, turning into an elegant and graceful dashing middle-aged man. His eyebrows reached his temples, and his eyes were bright akin to starry nights. He was exuding an innate kingly bearing that seemed gentle at the same time.

“Kiddo Grandmist, you’re growing prettier by the day.” The little cow commented in a gleeful voice.

Pretty? Everyone nearly took a tumble.

Even Jiang Hong was speechless by her words.

“Let’s move on then. We’ve been delayed long enough by people from the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace and Martial Demon Emperor Palace. If we keep getting delayed like this, when will we reach the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range.” The little cow said as she ignored everyone’s gazes.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong’s group continued flying onwards to the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range.

Several hours later, inside the Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s great hall, Mo Xiao as well as the many Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s experts had incredulous expressions on their faces staring at Wang Shuchen and Wang Shuyu’s injuries.

A mid-Fifth Order Emperor Realm master and a late-Fourth Order Emperor Realm master went to capture Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple but returned with injuries! Heavy injuries! The kind that coughs up blood!

“What the heck is going on?” Mo Xiao took a deep breath to calm his shock before asking Wang Shuchen and Wang Shuyu.

“Replying to the Emperor, by that Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple’s side, other than that peak late-First Order Emperor Realm elephant, there is another high-level Emperor Realm master!” Wang Shuchen frankly reported without delay.