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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1514

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1514

Devilmen’ Of The Devil Land

This was the Floating Twilight Land!

One of Divine World’s most perilous lands, and also one of the most perilous lands in the universe!

Even though Huang Xiaolong was more than ten thousand li away from the land, he still felt a powerful pressure boring down on him. This pressure came from the Floating Twilight Land’s demonic souls’ condensed dense devil qi.

Moreover, this was merely pressure from the demonic souls at the outer periphery of the Floating Twilight Land. One could only imagine how strong the pressure would be in the deeper region!

Huang Xiaolong’s expression was solemn.

“This Floating Twilight Land’s devil qi has both devouring and corrosive attributes, so, when we enter, make sure everyone has their divine armors on and tread with caution.” The little cow specifically reminded Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, and Gui San.

“Yes, Senior Xiaoniu.”

Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, and Gui San solemnly complied seeing the little cow’s serious expression.

“Come on, let’s go.” After a while, Huang Xiaolong collected the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, then flew towards the Floating Twilight Land’s boundary. It didn’t take them long to reach the boundary, the pressure they felt from the demonic souls was even more powerful up close to the boundary. Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, and Gui San, who had advanced to God King Realm recently, had to circulate their godforce and activated their divine armors.

Huang Xiaolong was riding on the little cow’s back as they pierced through the Floating Twilight Land boundary’s barrier. Xiang Xun entered second, then Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, Gui San, Xu Baisheng, Xu Yong, Xu Jiang, and Xu Shi was the last one to enter.

Huang Xiaolong had tamed over three hundred God King Realm evil spirits, ghouls, and magic beasts; some of them had the strength of early Seventh Order God King Realm. However, these large numbers of magic beasts, evil spirits, and ghouls following behind him were simply too eye-catching, thus Huang Xiaolong sent all of them into the Tianwu Treasure palace.

The instant they were in the Floating Twilight Land, devil qi rushed to wrap around them, to the point they could not even see their own five fingers.

“I wonder if the chaos golden dragon lightning can purify this devil qi?”

Huang Xiaolong merely circulated his godforce for a brief second before the idea came to his mind. Thus, he manipulated the chaos golden dragon lightning into a lightning divine armor over his body.

Ribbons of lightning ran across the armor’s surface, purifying all traces of devil qi that approached Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly elated seeing that his plan was effective. He had merely thought of trying out his idea, so it was a pleasant surprise that the chaos golden dragon lightning could even purify the Floating Twilight Land’s devil qi.

In that case, he didn’t need to worry about being corroded by this devil qi at all.

With that, Huang Xiaolong threw all caution out of the window, and did away with the protective godforce barrier, allowing the devil qi to rush towards him without any scruples.

After the devil qi entered Huang Xiaolong’s body, he immediately noticed that his internal organs were corroded until no vitality left, in a split second!

At his current late-Third Order God King Realm, his True Dragon Physique was already stronger than the average high-level God King Realm, immune to poisons. Yet this devil qi had easily corroded his internal organs, proving how deadly it was.

However, when the stream of devil qi reached his mind and got closer to his three supreme godheads, the streams of devil qi scattered without a trace by the rays of light from the three supreme godheads.

Huang Xiaolong continued to spur the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool’s core formation. Waves of chaos golden dragon lightning flowed out from between Huang Xiaolong’s brows, flowing to every corner of his body. Every last strand of devil qi corroding his body was purified, and his corroded internal organs healed flawlessly.

After these streams of devil qi inside Huang Xiaolong’s body was purified, his three supreme godheads spun, absorbing this energy and turning it into Huang Xiaolong’s godforce.

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong felt beyond rejuvenated all over his body.

After absorbing this purified devil qi, the effect was better than Huang Xiaolong had estimated.

“The Floating Twilight Land’s devil qi in the inner region is much better than what you’ve refined just now. You will realize it when you enter the inner region.” The little cow spoke all-knowingly upon watching Huang Xiaolong’s comfortable expression after absorbing purified devil qi through the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool.

“Is the devil qi in the inner region better than the God King Realm’s dragon crystals and dragon pearls?” Huang Xiaolong asked the little cow curiously.

The little cow shook her head as she said, “Though the devil qi in the inner region is of higher quality, it’s still a little inferior to the God King Realm’s dragon crystals and dragon pearls. But the devil qi that is near the center is several times better than the dragon crystals and dragon pearls. As for the devil qi at the center, it’s a hundred times, even a thousand times better!”

Huang Xiaolong was genuinely shocked.

A hundred times to a thousand times!

If that was the case, doesn’t that mean that his cultivation would rise a hundred times faster, even a thousand times faster if he were to cultivate with the devil qi at the center region?!

Wouldn’t that shorten the time he needed to break through to Heavenly Monarch Realm to twenty years, or even ten years?

As Huang Xiaolong got carried away by his imagination, the little cow’s voice sounded, “However, the devil qi at the center region is terrifying. You won’t be able to withstand it even if you’ve reached high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm, even if you have the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool, you won’t be able to purify and refine the devil qi at the center region. Maybe, you can do it when you reach the Emperor God Realm.”

Huang Xiaolong froze as if he was drenched through by cold rain.

“But when your cultivation reaches mid-level God King Realm, with Xiang Xun’s help, as well as the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool, maybe you will be able to purify and refine the devil qi in the deeper region.” The little cow said.

Huang Xiaolong had no words to react after hearing this.

So many words… in summary, not only he won’t be able to not refine the devil qi at the center region, but he was not even capable of refining devil qi in the deeper region.

He had become happy for nothing!


Huang Xiaolong’s group continued to fly onwards.

“This Floating Twilight Land is somewhat similar to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, however the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield mainly consists of death qi and nefarious qi, while here, there is devil qi.”

“The Floating Twilight Land is several hundred times bigger than the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.”

While the group was flying ahead, the little cow introduced the surroundings to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong looked around at the surrounding forests and mountains, streams and rivers. All of them were black; a devilish kind of black. These mountains, rivers, trees were contaminated with devil qi, but they also slightly differed from the devil qi in the air; it was a little dark, a little more brilliant.

An hour later, just as Huang Xiaolong and the others were passing by a stretch of black primordial forest, a group was flying from the opposite direction.

This group was clad in black armors, moreover, these black armors had rough handiwork. Though the forging materials were not bad, the formations inscribed on it were too crude. On top of that, this group’s features were a little different from normal humans; slightly black skin, a hint of red glow in their eyes, and when they exhaled, they blew out faint devil qi.

“These are devilmen of the Floating Twilight Land?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Yes, they are the Floating Twilight Land’s devilmen. These devilmen had appeared not long after the Floating Twilight Land was born. How they came to be, no one knows.” The little cow answered. “These devilmen can cultivate by absorbing the Floating Twilight Land’s devil qi, and they are quite strong. In general, their strengths are God King Realm and above. They also like to devour human cultivators’ blood, flesh, and soul. So, when it is time to fight them, don’t show any mercy!”

At the same time, the group of devilmen also spotted Huang Xiaolong’s group and immediately let out a happy cheer. They pounced on Huang Xiaolong’s group akin to fierce beasts pouncing on a herd of prey.