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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1513

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1513

Arriving At The Floating Twilight Land

Half of the several hundred big world surfaces’ overlords died in that battle!

Although the little cow did not specify a number, it did not hinder Huang Xiaolong from imagining how tragic that battle would have been.

“After that? Was that Archdevil master killed?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The little cow shook her head and said, “Probably not dead.”

Probably? Huang Xiaolong stilled for a second.

“He took a full hit from the Ancient Heavenly Emperor’s Ancient Heavenly Court treasure. While his body had exploded, he did not really die. After his body gathered back, he escaped with a secret method.” The little cow explained. “But there are people who believed that his soul and flesh weren’t that far from complete destruction, even though he escaped, he couldn’t have lived much longer. Since then, the Archdevil master and his four odd beasts have not appeared again.”

“The Divine World and various world surfaces’ overlords were more willing to believe that he’s dead.”

As she said this, the little cow shook her head. “We both know it’s almost impossible for masters like the Ancient Heavenly Emperor to die.”

“So, you’re saying that Archdevil master is not dead yet?” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes brightened for some reason.

The little cow nodded her head. “Yes, that’s why I say he’s probably not dead yet. Moreover, the place where the four odd beasts were sealed, should be the place he hid after escaping. My guess is that he himself sealed the four odd beasts.”

“Why would he seal the four odd beasts?” Huang Xiaolong asked in bafflement.

“That year, the four odd beasts had also suffered unimaginable injuries, maybe, he wanted to let them heal by sealing them through some kind of chaos formation. Or maybe, he realized he was laden with sin from the slaughterings he had committed, thus sealed the four odd beasts so that they wouldn’t wreck anymore destruction.” The little cow shook her head, and added, “Only he knows the real reason.”

“Do you think it’s possible that the Archdevil master also fell into a slumber because of severe injuries like the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix?” A thought flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s mind and he asked aloud.

“Indeed, there is this possibility.” The little cow nodded in agreement, “Moreover, the darkness where the four odd beasts were sealed is probably where he is residing!”

Huang Xiaolong’s breathing quickened slightly.

But the little cow squinted her eyes and smiled sheepishly as she said, “Don’t think too much about that Archdevil master now, even if he really fell into a slumber due to severe injuries, he’s not something you can covet. This sentence will stand valid, even if you break through to high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm, you still won’t be able to awaken him, much less control him, unless…”

“Unless what?” Huang Xiaolong asked quickly.

“Unless you could reach the Emperor Realm. There might be a slim chance.” The little cow spoke each word with deliberate slowness.

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied. He then shook his head as if shaking his earlier idea out of his head.

Emperor Realm, that was too far away for the current him.

His cultivation was merely at late-Third Order God King Realm, how many years would he need to cultivate to reach Emperor Realm? He was still a long way from touching the border of Heavenly Monarch Realm, what’s more to the Emperor Realm.

His immediate goal was to find the second half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele and advance to Fourth Order God King Realm before the Fortune Emperor Palace’s selection competition.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently asked the little cow more about the Archdevil master and four odd beasts. But the little cow kept her mouth shut, tighter than a clam, replying ‘don’t know’ to most of Huang Xiaolong’s questions,, which greatly frustrated Huang Xiaolong.

Then again, maybe the little cow really did not know.

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship sped across the Divine World’s vast space at high speed, and Huang Xiaolong’s group was soon out of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield’s boundary. Looking back over his shoulder, Huang Xiaolong vowed to break through to Heavenly Monarch Realm as soon as possible.

“I wonder if the Fortune Emperor Palace’s Emperor’s Disciple would rush back from Hell for the selection competition?” Huang Xiaolong’s thought changed in another direction.

His Senior Brother Chen Hao had once told him that the Emperor’s Disciple’s bone-age was not high, still below thirty thousand years. This adheres the recently announced Battle of the Heavenly Court’s conditions.

If the Fortune Emperor Palace’s Emperor’s Disciple did rush back for the selection competition, then Huang Xiaolong would get an opportunity to confirm whether he and Fang Chu were the same person.

Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts eventually returned to the matter of grandmist aura. He felt his head spin thinking of the grandmist aura, as finding a source of grandmist aura or purple grandmist aura was the shortest path for his Grandmist Parasitic Medium to advance to the third level. The problem was, during the last one year roaming around the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, he hadn’t sensed the presence of any grandmist aura. He had even come to a conclusion that there was no more source of grandmist aura in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

On second thought, it made sense. He had previously found a source of grandmist aura as well as purple grandmist aura in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield. How could there be so many sources of grandmist auras in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield?

This led to another question—since there was no more grandmist aura in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, where was he going to find one in this vast Divine World consisting of countless world surfaces?

Huang Xiaolong shared this question with the little cow and received an eye roll from her. “Don’t ask me this, I only knew there might be grandmist aura in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, I don’t know about other places.”

Her answer disheartened Huang Xiaolong.

“You kid don’t need to feel disheartened. You have previously refined and absorbed both the grandmist aura and purple grandmist aura. Hence, adding your freak of a talent, you could very well advance to the third level of Grandmist Parasitic Medium in two to three thousand years.” The little cow generously reassured Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was even more disheartened at her reassurance.

Advance to the third level in two to three thousand years?

What kind of reassurance skill was this?

With a gloomy face, Huang Xiaolong carried himself to cultivation room number one and practiced.

Huang Xiaolong summoned out his three avatars, forming and then activating the four-colored spiritual energy gathering formation inside the room. He took out ten pieces of dragon crystals, ten dragon pearls, and a hundred Fortune Divine Fruits.

These dragon crystals and dragon pearls had all come from God King Realm primordial divine dragons’ body. Based on Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars’ current speed of absorption, he could refine ten dragon crystals, ten dragon pearls, and a hundred Fortune Divine Fruits in a single day.

Even though the Fortune Divine Fruits’ effects had greatly lessened after he had stepped into God King Realm, Huang Xiaolong had noticed that the continuous absorption of Fortune Divine Fruits actually helped him comprehend and improve his control of the fortune energy. Hence, Huang Xiaolong persisted to refine Fortune Divine Fruits.

According to the little cow, this fortune energy was one of the higher grades of original energies, and if he could comprehend the essence of original energy from the fruits, then it would be vastly beneficial to his future breakthrough to the Heavenly Monarch Realm.

With ten dragon crystals, ten dragon pearls, and one hundred Fortune Divine Fruits hovering in front of him, Huang Xiaolong circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium. In an instant, vigorous dragon essence energy and primordial divine dragon’s blood essence floated out from the dragon pearls and dragon crystals. Interweaved among the dragon essence energy and blood essence energy were streams of fortune energy.

One after another, days passed by.

Other than absorbing these dragon crystals, dragon pearls, and Fortune Divine Fruits’ energies, Huang Xiaolong would occasionally exchange a few moves with Xu Baisheng or practice his sword skills.

Xu Baisheng was already an early Seventh Order God King Realm, thus he was the ideal partner for Huang Xiaolong to exert his strength.

Every time they finished sparring, Huang Xiaolong could perfectly absorb the dragon essence energy and blood essence energy inside his body.

Nine months went by in the blink of an eye.

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship stopped in midspace.

Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, Xiang Xun, and the rest stepped out from the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, looking at the boundless mainland floating in front of them. Thick devil qi roiled, with demonic souls condensed from devil qi shrieking in from the four directions. Their agonizing shrieks could pierce into one’s soul!