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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E975

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 975

Blood Ancestor, Xuan Wuchang

Note: 1 more chapter for achieving monthly goal, thanks for the support😁!

After 3 seconds, the golden light gradually dissipated in the gray enchantment, and only a cloud of gray smoke remained in the middle.

“I didn’t expect I, the Blood Ancestor, have made a mistake. You Taiqing Sect boy is the most troublesome one in these people!” An old voice came from the smoke. He didn’t seem to be hurt by the 2 thunder talismans.

Then a figure resurfaced after the smoke dissipated.

“Blood Ancestor?”

Hearing this, Liu Ming narrowed his eyes.

For some reason, when he heard the name, the figure of the Blood Emperor, who was the first evil cultivator in the Outer Sect Life and Death Ranking, suddenly appeared in his mind.

The head of “the cultivator surnamed Sun” was still shrouded in a cloud of blood mist, but his clothes were tattered. He was grabbing the Bitter Wheel Sword, but no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t break free from it.

“Tsk tsk, don’t you think you can trap me with just 1 enchantment?” “The cultivator surnamed Sun” looked at the gray enchantment around him. He was stunned at first, but then he sneered.

The next moment, he chanted softly, then rolling blood mist came out of his body.

However, Liu Ming didn’t take a look at “the cultivator surnamed Sun”. He chanted and launched symbols into the enchantment.

The 4 gray beads surrounding “the cultivator surnamed Sun” suddenly burst into light, and the entire gray enchantment trembled.

“The cultivator surnamed Sun” was shocked. 2 blood-colored giant hands emerged from the blood mist and pushed the gray enchantments. He tried to squeeze out of it.

Seeing this scene, Liu Ming sneered, changed the gesture and said “blast”.

The 4 grey beads turned into 4 dazzling light clusters, and the cultivator surnamed Sun was overwhelmed by the intense light with a shocked face.

A loud noise!

The enchantment was full of gray light and exploded.

The raging winds swept away in all directions, and the surrounding blood-colored light curtain also trembled, almost collapsing.

Liu Ming had already retreated far away.

He learned from the True Spirit Scripture that these 4 True Spirit Orbs already had self-destruction function in them. The enemy would be wrapped in the enchantment first, then the enemy would take all damage from the explosion.

Judging from the actual situation, its power was several times greater than the 2 golden thunder talismans just now.

At this moment, in the flames and smoke, a blood light blasted from it. It flew away at astonishing speed.

But Liu Ming noticed it immediately. This bloody light was actually a cluster of blood-colored soul, but it looked a little incomplete.

“Want to leave?” Liu Ming smirked, then he appeared before the bloody light. A big black hand grabbed toward the blood-colored soul.

An indistinct face appeared on the blood-colored soul, and it said viciously,

“Boy, I’m waiting for this moment. Since you have destroyed my body, then give me your body!”

The blood-colored soul went through the big black hand and came before Liu Ming. A terrifying coercion came.

Liu Ming only felt a buzz in the sea of consciousness, and he trembled slightly. The next moment, his eyes immediately regained clarity, but the indistinct face was already close at hand.

He took a deep breath in shock. The small cluster of five-color thunder ball trapped in the sea of consciousness just trembled, and a five-color thunder seal suddenly appeared on his chest. He shot a five-color lightning from his mouth and hit the face.

“This is Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder. How is it possible…”

With a sharp roar, the face was immediately shrouded in dense five-color lightning arcs.

A burst of crackling sound came!

The face was turned into a green smoke in an instant in the lightning, then it disappeared completely.

At the moment when the divine thunder was released, Liu Ming also retreated a dozen meters. Looking at the scene, he still looked shocked.

The power of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder was so powerful that no matter how many times he saw it, he was still shocked.

At the moment when the blood shadow disappeared, the blood-colored light curtain that originally enveloped everyone dissipated.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was slightly relieved. He glanced around.

The land at the entrance of the ruin had been dyed red with blood. There was a pungent bloody smell everywhere.

He released Divine Thought, and he found that there was no one alive. The dying human and beastkin cultivators just now were also all dead without leaving a corpse in the explosion just now.

After Liu Ming sighed, he flew around in a circle and looted the spiritual weapons that were still intact. Finally, he flew to the giant pit caused by the explosion.

He waved, and a dimmed small purple sword flew into his hand.

It seemed that the Bitter Wheel Sword seemed to have suffered some damage in the explosion.

Liu Ming was feeling heartache for it, then he kept it inside his sleeve. The next moment, he noticed something, and he flew to the giant pit below.

At the bottom of the giant pit, there was a charred corpse, but it still vaguely resembled the appearance of “the cultivator surnamed Sun”.

Liu Ming landed next to the corpse and held the demonic crystal bead. The bead was in gray and black color. He flicked a spiral sword qi into the head of the corpse.


The entire head shattered with a sound. At this moment, a blood light emerged from it. It screamed, turned into a blood shadow, and escaped out of the pit.

“Hmph, still trying to run?”

Liu Ming sneered. He flicked his fingers again and again, and 8 purple lightning arcs shot out and formed a net. It wrapped the blood shadow and pulled it toward Liu Ming.

The bloody light charged left and right in the net, but every time it touched the purple lightning arcs, the bloody light would emit a wisp of green smoke. After repeating this several times, it finally stopped struggling.

“Hmph, you are really cunning. You actually split your soul into 2. Even if 1 is killed, the other part can take the opportunity to escape. Speaking of which, the mystic arts of splitting the soul is very mysterious. So, who are you?” Liu Ming stared at the bloody light ball and said expressionlessly.

In the net, the bloody light ball flickered, and an indistinct face emerged.

“Boy, how did you perceive my existence?” The face asked in a sharp voice without answering Liu Ming’s question.

Liu Ming’s face turned gloomy. A lightning from the net hit on the bloody face.

The bloody face suddenly let out a scream.

“You have to figure out your situation. Now if I want to kill you, I can do it anytime. If you don’t want to die, just answer my question obediently.” Liu Ming said coldly.

“Hehe. Boy, I’m just a remnant soul of my main body now, so what if I disappear. But I remember you. You ruined my big plan. When I get out of the blood sea, I will definitely catch you alive and drain your soul!” The bloody face looked even more arrogant.

“Really? I’m waiting for you.” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows, and the purple lightning net enclosed slowly.

Seeing this, the bloody face finally showed a trace of fear. It said anxiously,

“Boy, wait a minute!”

“Oh, you are willing to talk now?” Liu Ming stopped the lightning net and showed a spurious smile.

“Hmph, I’m not afraid of death, but it’s really not worth dying here without knowing the reason. I can answer your question, but you have to answer my question honestly.” The bloody face snorted coldly, then it continued.

“Okay, I can agree to this condition. You answer my question first.” Liu Ming was startled at first, but he nodded immediately with a smile.

“About what you asked just now… I’m Blood Ancestor Xuan Wuchang. Hehe, you must have never heard of this name right.” The bloody face sneered.

Liu Ming was speechless when he heard the words!

Indeed, he had never heard the name of Blood Ancestor or Xuan Wuchang.

“Now it’s my turn! When I possessed the Haoran Academy’s disciple, you had already noticed something right? You can actually wait until I put my guard down before attacking me. Hehe, you scheme was so good that I was fooled by you. How did you find out that there is something wrong with the body I possessed?” The bloody face said in doubt.

“You’re just having bad luck! As far as I know, the blood technique originated from the demonic technique of Thousands Demons Continent. Even after it got improvement after several dynasties, the essence of the technique has not changed. Since you are called the Blood Ancestor, your demonic technique is definitely profound. Your aura must be the same as the demonic aura. Unfortunately, I happen to have a treasure on my body that can sense the aura of the demon. No matter how much you hide it, it is useless.” Liu Ming said faintly.

The first time he saw the cultivator surnamed Sun in the snow mountain hall, the demonic crystal bead sensed the demonic aura, but the Demon Mystic Sect’s disciple was also present at the time. At first, he thought that this person was carrying a spiritual weapon that contained true demonic qi.

After that, he realized that something was wrong. He deliberately contacted the cultivator surnamed Sun, the Demon Mystic Sect’s disciple, and others. He finally realized that the source was actually “the cultivator surnamed Sun” of the Haoran Academy.

Therefore, Liu Ming had been very attentive to what the cultivator surnamed Sun did in the following time, and he had always retained his strength. During the blood sacrifice, he even pretended to fall to the ground. In fact, he immediately used the blood shield technique to protect his whole body. Most of the blood essence that was lost was from the shield. He didn’t lose too much blood essence. This was why he still had the strength to fight.