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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E973

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 973


The situation on the field took a turn for the worse. Facing the menacing attack of the 7 beastkins, everyone turned their attention to the cultivator surnamed Sun.

“The situation has changed now, but if we retreat at this time, the other party will never let us leave easily and we will let them take the treasures here for free. We might as well fight to the death! We still have a chance to win!” The cultivator surnamed Sun thought for a while, then he immediately sent a voice to the crowd.

As soon as he said that, the people who were a little uncertain at first realized that he was right. Their fighting spirit was aroused again.

After all, everyone had gone through life and death moments to be able to cultivate to such a level. They understood that wealth came with danger.

Seeing this, Liu Ming let out a sigh of relief, backed away silently, and came to the edge of the crowd.

At this moment, the 7 beastkin cultivators had already arrived not far from the human race cultivators.

After the young man surnamed Li and the cultivator in a white robe of the Demon Mystic Sect looked at each other, they raised their arms at the same time. A blue light and a black light rushed toward the fastest gray mist, which was the hooked nose man.

At this time, the hooked nose man was completely different from before. The gray feathers all over his body stood upright one by one, and his head had also turned into an eagle’s head. The gray mist wrapping him was also in a form of giant eagle.

“Xiong Yue, I’ll hold the surnamed Sun. I’ll leave the rest to you!”

The half-beastkin hooked nose man didn’t pay any attention to the 2 spiritual weapons that flew toward him. After saying a cold sentence, he changed his direction, went past the 2 lights at an incredible angle and dived toward the cultivator surnamed Sun.

“Brother Ying, don’t worry. I won’t tear up those scums!” Xiong Yue, who had turn into full beastkin form, roared furiously. He was like a giant bear of 15 meters tall.

The cultivator surnamed Sun moved his lips slightly and quickly commanded the crowd, then he called back the jade pen. He folded his hands on his chest. A white flame burst out from the tip of the jade pen and turned into a giant white tiger phantasm that charged toward the hooked nose man.

“Boom boom boom!“

In the air, there was a scene of eagle and tiger fighting.

On the other side, the transformed Xiong Yue charged into the human cultivators with the other 5 cultivators.

The brown giant bear that Xiong Yue transformed into stood up on both feet and stretched out his bear paws. A Haoran Academy disciple who had no time to react was tore in half.

The other 5 beastkin cultivators had also turned into half beastkin form or full beastkin form.

The bloody fighting was everywhere.

After Wu Hong was knocked out by Xiong Yue’s palm, she flashed out in front of Liu Ming in anger. He quickly said,

“Mr. Liu, how about you and I join forces to hold down this beastkin? Otherwise, we will be defeated one by one by them.”


Hearing this, Liu Ming pondered for a while, then he nodded in agreement. Rolling black gas surged out and condensed into 5 black mist dragons and tigers. They pounced toward XiongYue who was in a killing spree.

Xiong Yuegang slapped a human cultivator’s flying blade into two pieces, then he laughed frantically and launched a palm in Liu Ming’s direction.

“Boom“, a huge black palm phantasm the size of a house phantasm flashed out and destroyed the black mist dragons and tigers.

“Hell Prison!”

Liu Ming quickly tapped in the air, turning the black mist dragons and tigers into a layer of black light that shrouded Xiong Yue.

At the same time, Wu Hong waved her sleeve and launched a black light into the Hell Prison.

Suddenly, a roar and crackling sound came from the black light ball that Hell Prison transformed into.

When the people on the side saw Liu Ming and Wu Hong trapped Xiong Yue with just a move, they also fought desperately with the other 5 beastkin cultivators.

However, at this time, the other remaining beastkin cultivators who had escaped also rushed back and joined the battle. The situation was chaotic immediately.


After only 3 seconds, an angry groan came from the black light ball.

“Poof poof“, 2 giant claws stretched out from the black light and tore the black light ball into pieces. Xiong Yue had broken free from the restraint.

He was biting a thin black needle, then he spat; a black line flashed into the ground below.

“Trying to hurt me with this? What a joke!” Xiong Yue sneered disdainfully, then he dashed toward Liu Ming and Wu Hong.

Liu Ming and Wu Hong smiled helplessly. They could only join forces to resist him.

At this time, in front of the valley where the ruin was located, various kinds of auras burst out with dazzling rays of light. The entire space was shaking because of it.

Although the beastkin cultivators had the upper hand in individual strength, the human cultivators were barely evenly matched due to their number advantage.

Neither side would completely lose in a short period of time.

As a result, this battle once again turned into a protracted battle.

As time passed, 4 more human cultivators were dead. On the side of beastkin cultivators, there was 1 dead and 1 injured. The overall situation was still in a stalemate.

Liu Ming and the black-skinned young woman were still fighting with the giant brown bear that Xiong Yue transformed into.

After the complete transformation, Xiong Yue was full of beastkin aura as if he had endless spiritual power and strength. Under the protection of black hair, he was almost invincible. He basically ignored most of the attacks of Liu Ming and Wu Hong, then he cast giant palm shadows to suppress them.

Liu Ming relied on the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique to constantly transform into phantasms, barely dodging the attacks. The black-skinned young woman channeled the jade bracelets to the maximum to barely resist Xiong Yue’s attack.

But even so, they couldn’t fight back under the intensive palm shadows.

On the other side, the cultivator surnamed Sun was also in a dangerous situation.

It seemed that due to the excessive consumption of spiritual power, he was now in a disadvantage. His shoulder was pierced through by the claw of the hooked nose man, and blood was flowing nonstop. His bloodless face seemed even more pale now.

At this moment, the cultivator surnamed Sun suddenly retracted the jade pen and flicked his sleeve. A bloody light flashed and turned into a 18 meters long blood-colored long blade.

He spat blood on the blood, making it grow to the size of 30 meters long.

As soon as this blade was released, everyone nearby felt their blood surging in their bodies. They seemed to lose control of their blood.

However, no one would care about this since they were in a bloodlust.

Liu Ming, who was not far away, sensed the situation in his body.

“Surnamed Sun, your injuries aren’t light, and you still want to use your blood essence to control such a weapon? You really want to perish together with me? Speaking of which, you tricked us first. If you are willing to give up the treasures, we can consider letting you leave this place alive. After all, you won’t get much if this keeps on. By the time, we will only benefit the third party who comes after.”

Just when the cultivator surnamed Sun was about to use the blood-colored long blade, the hooked nose man took a few steps back in shock. He took the lead in proposing to stop the fight.

Hearing this, the beastkin cultivators and human cultivators all stopped the fight.

After all, the spiritual power of both sides had been consumed a lot at this time, it would be better if they could stop.

For a time, everyone’s attention was focused on the cultivator surnamed Sun.

Hearing this, the cultivator surnamed Sun stood just frowned slightly. He didn’t attack, and he didn’t speak. He just looked at the blood-colored blade, then he revealed a strange smile.

Seeing this, Liu Ming squinted slighty.

At this moment, a sudden change occurred!

“Boom boom boom,” the ground below the crowd suddenly cracked open, and 7 thick red jade pillars rose into the sky!

A bloody crystal filament flashed out from the jade pillar, turning into a layer of blood-colored light curtain to instantly shroud everyone under it.

At the same time, all the cultivators only felt the blood in their bodies surging. Their blood actually flowed out through their skin into the 7 pillars. Even the 3 Real Pellet State cultivators were the same.

Seeing this, the cultivators were naturally in chaos. Some immediately stopped and released a defensive magic weapon and some desperately attacked the blood-colored light curtain, but this light curtain was extremely sturdy.

From time to time, the human cultivators and beastkin cultivators fell directly from the sky.

Liu Ming was also surprised. He also felt that strong suction was coming from all directions, and his blood essence was surging outwards.

He immediately made gestures, trying to suppress his blood essence from flowing out with spiritual power, but it didn’t help at all. Blood still surged out from his body.

After a while, Liu Ming fell heavily from the sky and didn’t move again.

After a dozen minutes, in the entire blood-colored light curtain, except for the 3 Real Pellet State cultivators, everyone else fell.

Although Xiong Yue and the hooked nose man seemed to be able to float in the air, blood still surged out from their body nonstop. Their bodies were staggering, and they looked extremely shocked.

“I didn’t expect that even in such a situation, you will still propose to stop the fight. This is really not the style of Savage Wild Continent’s high rank beastkins! It seems that after so many years, you beastkins have become cowards.” A gloomy sneer came from the cultivator surnamed Sun.

As soon as he spoke, he squeezed lightly with 1 hand, and the blood-colored long blade in his hand shattered and turned into blood-colored snakes that went into his body.

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