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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E968

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 968

Reverse The Situation

The other human cultivators also nodded and smiled at Liu Ming.

After all, Liu Ming’s strength was enough to amaze them.

As the cultivator surnamed Sun began arranging candidates for the next match, their attention was quickly shifted.

At this moment, Liu Ming frowned slightly. He flicked his right sleeve, and a bead rolled into his palm. It was the demonic crystal bead.

At this moment, a dark color appeared on the demonic crystal bead.

Liu Ming lowered his head and looked at it with his pupils shrinking slightly, then he kept it back into his sleeve as if nothing happened.

The beastkin cultivators were in great momentum after winning 2 matches. They looked at the humans with disdain and provocation. On the other hand, the humans looked rather depressed.

“Let’s start the third match now!”

After the Savage Bear Race muscular man shouted loudly, a tall Fissure Eagle Race beastkin cultivator in a gray robe appeared in the air after a few flashes. He looked down at the humans with a hint of mockery in his eyes.

Although this beastkin cultivator was only at the Pseudo Pellet State stage, his beastkin aura was even stronger than the bear beastkin with a scarred face.

The humans looked at each other in dismay. Although according to the cultivator surnamed Sun, they didn’t have to fight to the death, it was still a shame to lose in the battle.

“Let me fight.” A clear female voice sounded, breaking the silence of the crowd. It was the black-skinned young woman, Wu Hong.

“Please do your best, but you must be careful.” The cultivator surnamed Sun just reminded her.

Wu Hong nodded. A ball of emerald green light enveloped her body and shot out. She appeared before the beastkin cultivator in a gray robe in a flash.

The beastkin cultivator in a gray robe glanced at Wu Hong who was not far ahead and then at the humans, then he said in a strange tone,

“They actually sent a woman to fight. You human cultivators seem to be out of plans!”

As soon as these words came out, the beastkins behind him all burst into laughter.

“How arrogant, I want to see if your strength is as powerful as your words!” Wu Hong’s eyes flashed coldly, and she chanted. A thin blue silk was spurted from her mouth, and it turned into a blue ice toad the size of a building. It kicked its feet and jumped toward the beastkin cultivator in a gray robe in front.

The speed of the ice toad was not very fast. Wherever it passed, a white trace was left in the air, condensing a lot of tiny crystal ice slag.

When the beastkin cultivator in a gray robe just sneered, then he turned into a vague phantasm and faded out.

The blue ice toad missed the attack, and it was a little dazed.

The beastkin cultivator in a gray robe appeared behind Wu Hong in a flash, and he clawed toward Wu Hong’s waist where the sea of ​​consciousness was located.

As a Fissure Eagle Race cultivator, not only the beastkin cultivator in a gray robe was extremely fast, but he also had a similar fighting style to the hooked nose man. His every attack was aimed at the vital point.

Wu Hong did not look back. She shook her arms, and the 2 emerald green bracelets on her wrists flew out of her hands. One above her head and one below her feet. In the dazzling green light, an egg-shaped green protective shield was condensed in an instant.


The beastkin cultivator in a gray robe could only make the shield dent with his claw, but he couldn’t penetrate it.

The next moment, a tender force bounced out as the shield’s dent recovered, and the beastkin cultivator in a gray robe was bounced away.

At this moment, Wu Hong turned around quickly, made gestures and tapped in the air


The 2 bracelets around the woman spun swiftly. Strands of green silks were released and weaved into a green net. It covered the beastkin in a gray robe while he lost his balance.

The beastkin cultivator in a gray robe was frightened, but he could still dodge.

After making a few incantations, 2 silver dagger-axes that were full of strange spirit patterns flew out. They flashed and enlarged several times. After crossing in the air, they stopped the falling green net.

The beastkin cultivator in a gray robe took the opportunity to fly out of the range.

Wu Hong let out a shout as she made strange gestures. One after another green runes were launched into the emerald rings.


The green net instantly wrapped the silver dagger-axes in it.

When the beastkin cultivator in a gray robe looked back after escaping for 30 meters, he was shocked.

The bracelets above and below Wu Hong spun rapidly while releasing green silks. The silver dagger-axes were soon wrapped into a ball of green cocoon.

The beastkin cultivator in a gray robe hurriedly gestured, trying to let the silver dagger-axes break free from the cocoon.

In the cocoon, the 2 silver dagger-axes burst into silver light, but they still couldn’t get out from the cocoon.

“Brother Eagle, it seems that your clan member is in a bad situation!” The muscular man leader sneered.

“Hmph! Ying Zhen just a little underestimated his enemy. That human female cultivator was obviously trying to him her close. He is only slightly disadvantaged now, the outcome isn’t decided yet.” The hooked nose man said coldly with a gloomy face.

At this time, the beastkin cultivator in a gray robe was secretly complaining!

Those 2 silver dagger-axes were his most handy weapons. He needed them to use a few of his killing moves. He never expected that the weapons were trapped due to his carelessness.

At this moment, the blue ice toad on the other side pounced on him again.

The beastkin cultivator in a gray robe launched black claw lights of a dozen meters at the blue ice toad.

A burst of explosion!

The ice toad actually shattered, and a faint blue gas emanated from it.


The beastkin cultivator in a gray robe released a gray vortex to force away the faint blue gas.

After the black air dissipated, a giant gray eagle was revealed.

The beastkin cultivator in a gray robe had transformed into his beastkin form, clearly trying to go all out.

Seeing this, Wu Hong changed gestures and launched symbols into the emerald bracelets.

Immediately, the emerald bracelets launched countless silks toward the giant eagle, trying to riddle him with holes.

The gray giant eagle let out a high-pitched shrill, then he flapped the wings and blasted forward. He disappeared completely while flying in the air.

In the next moment, the giant eagle emerged in a gust of wind on top of Wu Hong. 2 black lights of a few feet long were launched from the giant claws.

The 2 eagle claws firmly grasped the emerald green light shield around Wu Hong, causing it to crack.

The giant gray eagle spread his wings and burst out a strong beastkin aura. The black lights on the eagle claws became more intense.


The emerald green shield finally shattered and turned into a green light rain.

There was ecstasy in the eyes of the giant gray eagle. The giant claws still went toward Wu Hong’s back.

Such a change happened in a split second. The female human definitely couldn’t defend such a powerful blow.

The giant gray eagle seemed to have seen the tragic death of the human female cultivator.

At this moment, Wu Hong suddenly looked up without fear.

The giant gray eagle was startled.

Before he could react, an emerald giant ring emerged around the claws. It bound the claws and tightened instantly.

The giant gray eagle struggled desperately by flapping his wings.

At this moment, another emerald green ring fell from the sky. It roped on his neck and embedded deep into his feathers.

After the giant gray eagle screamed, he was contained in mid-air despite struggling nonstop.

Wu Hong launched a series of symbols, and a faint blue mist gathered and wrapped the giant gray eagle in it.

A trace of cold air rolled out in all directions, and there was a sound of freezing from time to time in the mist.

After the faint blue mist dissipated, the scene within was revealed.

The giant gray eagle was frozen into a lifelike ice sculpture, and he even maintained the appearance of struggling.

The human cultivators were overjoyed. Liu Ming also looked surprised.

At this moment, Wu Hong put down her arms and was panting with a pale face.

Such a quick battle had exhausted half of her spiritual power. If her scheme didn’t work out, she definitely couldn’t freeze the Fissure Eagle Race beastkin cultivator.

“Ying Zhen!”

With a loud shout, the hook nosed man appeared in the field.

Wu Hong was startled. She tapped her feet and retreated.

At this moment, a white light flashed, and another figure appeared in front of her; the cultivator surnamed Sun.

“Mr. Ying, he is just frozen temporarily. There is no life danger, so don’t overreact on it.” The cultivator surnamed Sun said with a faint white light on his body, preparing to fight at any time.

Hearing this, the hooked nose man noticed that the giant gray eagle’s pupils were still moving slightly. He snorted and launched a green light on the ice sculpture.

The ice crystals shattered, but the giant gray eagle still couldn’t move under the restraint of the 2 emerald rings.

“We lost this match, let him go.” The hooked nose man’s face became even more ugly, and he said coldly to the cultivator surnamed Sun.

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