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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E952

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 952

Unexpected Reinforcement

“To be honest, I’m good at concealment and can sync with the grass and trees. When Mr. Liu and your companions took the treasure from the giant beast’s belly, I have been hiding nearby and watching it. That’s how I know your name. “The woman in blue clothes said with a smile.

When Liu Ming heard the words, he was really surprised in his mind.

When everyone decided to take the treasure, Jin Tianci, Ye Jiong and others used several methods to investigate the situation around the giant beast. He also secretly cast Hell Soul Search, but he did not find the slightest abnormality. Did this woman really lurk nearby, avoiding everyone’s eyes and ears?

He looked up and down at the woman in blue clothes, and his eyes gradually became colder.

“So, those Beastkin Clan assaulted us because of your lead?”

Liu Ming snorted coldly, and a layer of black gas suddenly appeared on his body.

“That’s not it, Ji Ying and the Silver Tiger Race people have already been eyeing the Nature Work Sect. I was just lurking and monitoring nearby under Ji Ying’s command. What’s more, the 3 of your Taiqing Sect’s people didn’t die, so there shouldn’t be enmity between us right?” The woman in blue clothes didn’t seem to feel Liu Ming’s hostility. She still said with a smile.

She is right!

Liu Ming finally looked at ease after hearing this.

“Speaking of which, although I also belong to a Beastkin Clan, I’m different from the Shadow Wolf Clan and the Silver Tiger Clan. I wonder if Mr. Liu has time to listen to my words?” The woman in blue clothes saw Liu Ming’s expression changed, and she hurriedly said.

Liu Ming was silent for a while. In the previous assault, he had been keenly aware of the difference between this woman and Ji Ying and others.

Ji Ying and the others exuded a ferocious aura of a predator; this woman aura’s was gentle and tactful, completely different from the beastkin cultivators he had seen before.

However, based on this point alone, he still wouldn’t really believe the other party’s words, so he didn’t let down the slightest bit of vigilance against this woman.

“Could it be that the Shadow Wolf Race named Ji Ying can’t catch up with me, so he sent this Lan Si to stall me?” Liu Ming secretly channeled Hell Soul Search as he thought about it.

The next moment, his expression was startled. Ji Ying suddenly turned to the other direction for some unknown reason.

“Mr. Liu doesn’t have to worry about Ji Ying. In these few days, he was able to chase you because of the tracing mystic art of my clan. Although Ji Ying has great speed, he doesn’t have any tracing skills. I have just led him in another direction. He can’t notice it for a while.” The woman in blue clothes seemed to see through Liu Ming’s thoughts, and she said with a smile while stroking the hair hanging down from her ear.

Hearing this, Liu Ming was naturally very surprised. He then took a deep look at the woman, waved 1 hand, and the black gas around him slowly disappeared.

“Giggle, you are really a sensible person. It seems that my decision is right!” The woman in blue clothes saw Liu Ming’s action, and she giggled.

“You aren’t here for casual talk right? Speak if you have anything.” Liu Ming’s voice was very calm.

“Okay, since Mr. Liu is so forthright, I won’t waste our time! You are now in the Pseudo Pellet State. It is just a matter of time for you to advance to the Real Pellet State right?” The woman in blue clothes said solemnly.

“What do you mean by this?” Liu Ming’s heart moved, but his tone was calm.

“I have a l has a True Soul Fruit, which can greatly enhance the power of the soul. It is very beneficial to the condensation of the Real Pellet. I want to make a deal with Mr. Liu with this thing.” The woman in blue clothes smiled as if she was saying something trivial.

“True Soul Fruit!”

Liu Ming’s eyes flickered when he heard the words.

He had of course heard of this.

It was said that the True Soul Tree that condensed this fruit needed to absorb the soul of life before it could grow inch by inch. Therefore, even in ancient times, the True Soul Fruit was a kind of spiritual object that was classified as a forbidden elixir by various continents. Now it was only occasionally seen in some underground black markets in the Middle Sky Continent, but every time it would set off an unimaginable transaction price.

However, after taking this fruit, as she said, it could enhance one’s soul, which increased the chance of condensing Real Pellet.

For him, this fruit was indeed a rare chance.

“What do you want?” Liu Ming said slowly after a while.

“I want to ask Mr. Liu to help me kill Ji Ying!”

The woman in blue clothes looked happy, then she said in a cold voice.

“Kill Ji Ying!” Liu Ming was shocked, then he glared at the woman in blue clothes with a squint.

The woman looked straight into Liu Ming’s eyes with a calm expression.

“Your words really surprised me. You and Ji Ying came from Savage Wild Continent together. Is there any deep hatred between you 2?” After a while, Liu Ming asked slowly.

“You are from the Middle Sky Continent, so you don’t know the situation of the Savage Wild Continent. Well, since I have a request from you, I will explain the ins and outs of this matter.” The woman in blue clothes hesitated for a moment, then he began to speak.

“Savage Wild Continent Beastkin Clan can be roughly divided into 2 types of beastkin. 1 consists of different kinds of beasts, just like Silver Tiger Race and Shadow Wolf Race. The other consists of a variety of plants that have developed wisdom.”

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s expression did not change much. In the Middle Sky Continent, the classification method of beastkin cultivators in Lan Si’s words could also be applied. However, on the Middle Sky Continent, there were very few plant beastkin cultivators. When it came to beastkin cultivators, they would all think of beasts.

“Beast beastkins are especially good at combat arts, and they are aggressive by nature. As for the plant beastkins, they generally don’t like fighting. The skills they cultivate also focus on defense and buff.” The woman in blue clothes continued to speak slowly, and her expression gradually changed.

“The 2 types of beastkins with different temperaments always go into conflicts. The plant beastkins are often on the weak side due to their nature. They are often enslaved by the beastkins. Of course, there are some overpowered plant beastkins who enslaved the beast beastkins. In general, on Savage Wild Continent, the strong Beastkin Clan has many vassals of other clans.” The woman’s eyes flashed.

“You should belong to the plant beastkin clan right?” Liu Ming asked suddenly.

“Yes, my name is Lan Si. I’m the cultivator of the Blue Wood Clan. The Blue Wood Clan is the vassal race of the Shadow Wolf Race where Ji Ying belongs. Our clan has been enslaved by the Shadow Wolf Race for tens of thousands of years. Many clansmen died tragically under the oppression of Shadow Wolf Race, but unfortunately the clansmen are cowardly in nature and have no strength to resist…” When Lan Si spoke of Shadow Wolf Race, the pair of clear eyes revealed deep hatred.

Liu Ming looked at Lan Si quietly without speaking.

Lan Si also quickly realized that she had lost her manner. She took a deep breath and quickly returned to normal.

“However, in the past few thousand years, our Blue Wood clan has also gradually risen. Many talented powerhouses have emerged, which makes the Shadow Wolf Race feel a certain threat. In order to maintain the domination, the Shadow Wolf Clan took the Blue Wood Seal, the sacred weapon of our clan, with the excuse of participating in the adventure to the upper realm ruins. They also requested a few of our talented clansmen to follow along with the excuse of casting the Blood Wood Seal.”

“The Blue Wood Seal is extremely important to our clan. We couldn’t leave it alone, so we had to come to the upper realm ruins together. However, in the previous conflicts, most of my other clansmen were sacrificed as cannon fodders. I have been careful and my technique is useful to Ji Ying, so I can survive until now. However, I’m very clear that Ji Ying will never let me return alive. Instead of waiting for my death, I rather take the opportunity to fight with him.” A trace of self-mockery flashed in Lan Si’s eyes, and she said resolutely.

“Do you think I’m really capable of helping you kill Ji Ying?” Liu Ming finally said blankly.

“Although Mr. Liu is a human cultivator, your physical strength is extremely strong and his speed is almost comparable to Ji Ying. As long as your speed is not inferior to him, we will have more than 50% chance if we join forces.” Lan Si looked at Liu Ming with hope.

“If you really want to fight back against Ji Ying’s words, I’m fine to join forces. However, how can you convince me that your words are true!?” Liu Ming thought quickly, then he said resolutely.

As Lan Si said, Ji Ying seemed to be determined to kill him. Even without Lan Si’s appearance, he had to face Ji Ying’s pursuit and kill alone. Now that he suddenly had a helper like Lan Si, it was naturally what he wanted.

Moreover, the True Soul Fruit was also a must-have to increase the chance of condensing real pellet. It was totally worth the try.

“Mr. Liu, don’t worry, in order to show sincerity, you and I set an enchantment on each other, how about that?” Lan Si was overjoyed, then she said impatiently.

“It’s a good idea, so it’s settled. But I have to set the enchantment first!” Liu Ming just thought for a while before replying.

“No problem.” Lan Si said without hesitation.

“Then forgive my rudeness.”

After Liu Ming nodded, he raised his hand and shot out several black lights. After a while, the black lights transformed into countless tiny black runes. They swirled around Lan Si and disappeared into her body.

After a flash of black light on Lan Si’s body, she looked normal.

From the beginning to the end, the woman had no intention of resisting.

After checking that there was no problem with the enchantment, he said with a smile,

“Very good, it’s Miss Lan’s turn now.”

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