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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E950

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 950

Mystic Arts Fight

“Interesting, you are obviously a human, but your fighting style is somewhat similar to that of the demon.” After Ji Ying said coldly, he turned into a few bloody figures and charged forward.

On the other side, Jin Tianci was looking around with a solemn face in a sea of ​​yellow mist.

With his unique techniques, he gained the upper hand in the fight with the muscular tiger-headed man, but the beastkin released a strange yellow mist sea and hid in it.

At this moment, a rumbling explosion came. In the thick mist, hundreds of yellow lights shot at Jin Tianci.

Jin Tianci’s protective white starlights flickered. He waved 1 arm, and the white mist around him condensed into a 300 meters long white dragon that wrapped him in a.

A clear dragon roar came!

A gleam of light flashed in the white dragon’s eyes, and the dragon scales stood up like stars. It swirled and blocked all the yellow lights.

“Star Hurricane Dragon!”

Jin Tianci shouted fiercely. The giant white dragon suddenly burst into starlight and turned into a 30 meters white hurricane!

The hurricane only trembled a few times, and the thick yellow mist was sucked into it and disappeared completely.

The muscular tiger-headed man was immediately exposed.

Facing the huge suction from the white hurricane, he stomped the ground and retreated in shock.

The next moment, a golden figure flashed out from the top of the white hurricane, then the hurricane turned back into the white dragon and blasted toward the location of Luo Tiancheng and the others.

“Where are you running!”

As the muscular tiger-headed man stood firm, he roared furiously after seeing this. He quickly chased the white escape light.

At the same time, Luo Tiancheng, Wen Zeng and the 5 Nature Work Sect’s disciples were surrounded by several beastkin cultivators in blue robes under the lead of Lan Si.

These beastkin cultivators each held a small blue shuttle and waved it continuously. The shuttles released dense blue silks which condensed into arm-sized branches. A giant transparent blue vine ball was formed by the branches.

The Nature Work Sect’s disciples who were trapped in it have already cast all kinds of puppets. Light beams of different colors shot out.

Luo Tiancheng waved his arms and released silver dragons and silver tigers; Wen Zeng cast cursed crows around him.

However, all of their attacks were completely voided by the blue vine ball. It didn’t even cause a fluctuation on the vine ball. Instead, the vine ball became more and more crystal clear.

Suddenly, there was a “poof!“

A thick vine flashed out from inside the blue vine ball and pierced through a puppet’s chest!

“Ah!” A shrill scream came!

A slightly chubby Nature Work Sect’s disciple behind the puppet was also penetrated by the vine on his neck.

“Junior Gu!” The other 4 Nature Work Sect’s disciples were shocked.

Before they could help, the slightly chubby Nature Work Sect’s disciples shriveled up like a skeleton in a blink of an eye.

The blue vine that passed through the corpse became thicker and more transparent.

“Poof poof poof!“

A vine as thick as an arm emerged from the blue vine ball one after another, shooting toward the puppets and everyone trapped in it.

The Nature Work Sect’s disciples were terrified. After the 3 of them looked at each other, they made a gesture.

A rumbling sound came!

The 3 puppets burst apart, turning into air waves. The offense of the vines was slowed slightly.

But the next moment, these vines blasted toward them at a faster speed. Even though Wen Zeng and Luo Tiancheng resisted desperately with all their powers, the vines were still getting more and more.

When everyone’s faces were ashes, Jin Tianci’s voice sounded,

“When the white light comes on, don’t worry about anything, just leave immediately!”

Jin Tianci flew to the vicinity of the battle. He chanted, and the giant white dragon pounced toward the vine ball and coiled it.


The entire blue vine ball was directly squeezed out, and the giant white dragon phantasm also shattered with white light, turning into countless stars and sweeping out in all directions.

For a time, the entire space was almost occupied by dazzling white starlight.

Whether it was Lan Si, her clan members or the muscular tiger-headed man who followed closely, they were all blinded by the starlight.

“Whoosh whoosh!“

1 gray and 1 silver escape light flashed out from the white starlight. It was Wen Zeng and Luo Tiancheng!

Immediately afterward, 4 escape lights split up in all directions.

As for Jin Tianci, he had disappeared without a trace.

After about 8 seconds, the white starlight in the sky gradually disappeared, revealing the muscular tiger-headed man, Lan Si, and several other beastkin cultivators in blue robes

“Mr. Hu Zang, since you’re interested in the human in a golden robe, I’ll leave him to you!” Lan Si glanced at the golden light that was about to disappear not far away, and she smiled at the muscular tiger-headed man.

“Hmph, I don’t need you to tell me!” The muscular tiger-headed man snorted angrily when he heard the words, then he chased in the direction of the golden light spot.

“These people are nothing more than junk, no need to chase them. You guys back to the camp first. I will assist Master Ji Ying to snatch the treasure first!” After Lan Ying saw the muscular tiger-headed man ran far, she instructed the rest.

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned into a blue escape light and blasted away.

In the mid-air thousands of miles away from the yellow forest, a bloody figure and a black figure were flashing at high speed!

With the help of the silver wings and the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique, Liu Ming barely avoided the attacks of Ji Ying’s phantasms. However, his entire body was already covered in blood.

If it weren’t for his tyrannical body, the blessing of the beast armor and the mutated crimson dragon scales, he would have died a few times.

In the surrounding space, 4 30 meters long black mist dragons and 4 black mist tigers were slowly wandering, covering half of the sky.

“I advise you to hand over the treasure cauldron obediently, then I will keep your corpse intact! Your transformational attack methods have no effect on me at all, don’t waste your efforts!” Ji Ying’s fierce voice came from the elusive bloody figures. His tone was full of disdain for Dragon Tiger Hell Prison.

“Hmph, how will you know it’s useless if it’s not until the end?” Liu Ming snorted. He moved his body and barely dodged several bloody claw shadows. After that, a black mist dragon and a black mist tiger jumped out behind him.

The next moment, several explosions occurred!

All the surrounding dragon and tiger phantasms burst open and turned into a 30 meters black light ball, engulfing him and all the figures of Ji Ying.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!“

4 black phantasms with the same aura flashed out from the black light ball respectively, and they blasted away in 4 directions without hesitation!

After only 4 seconds, the dense bloody silks pierced through the bloody light ball. With a “boom“, the black light ball shattered, revealing Ji Ying’s thin body.

“Master Ji Ying, are you alright?” At this moment, a blue escape light came from the sky in the distance. Lan Si with a graceful figure was revealed.

“It’s just an insignificant trick! Lan Si, you cast the Thousand Wood Technique here to trace this man for me. I want to see how he escapes from my hands by the time!” Ji Ying said expressionlessly.

“As ordered, Master Jiying! But it will take some time to prepare…” Lan Si quickly agreed.

“Hmph, stop being hesitant! As long as you can trace this man for me, a few thousand miles is no problem for my speed at all!” Ji Ying waved his hand to stop Lan Si, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes.

When Lan Si heard the words, she immediately sat cross-legged on the spot. With a flash of blue light on 1 hand, a strange dry branch emerged out of thin air. She laid it flat on her hands, closed her eyes and chanted.

Ji Ying didn’t even look at her. He just stood with his hands behind his back with a grim face.

As Lan Si’s incantation sounded, a layer of blue light curtain quickly swept out from the dead branch in her hand, wrapping her body in it.

The next moment, circles of blue ripples, centered on this woman, spread out in circles in all directions, going far away.

Half an hour later, a black spot appeared in the distant sky. After a few flashes, the black spot landed on a steep cliff of thousands of meters.

A black light flashed, and Liu Ming emerged.

He looked back at the direction behind him, then he took out a tuft of blood-red hair in his palm.

He sneakily took them when he was fighting Ji Ying.

Liu Ming chanted, and circles of black ripples appeared on his palm. Soon, the ripples expanded to several feet in size, then they disappeared into thin air.

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