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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E944

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 944

Spinning Top

In the purple gas, faint white light silks could be seen. They were mixed in the purple gas, which was difficult to detect.

“This is spirit…” Liu Ming muttered to himself.

According to Ye Jiong, this savage giant beast had a space of its own in its body that was completely isolated from the outside world. Since he entered the giant beast’s body, he really hadn’t sensed a single wave of spirit fluctuations.

So where do these spirits come from now?

As Liu Ming thought about this, he was still following the juvenile parasite. He walked out of the tunnel and came to another 4 fork tunnels.

This time, the 2 juvenile parasites didn’t stay much longer and crawled into the left tunnel one after another.

Liu Ming silently remembered the road when he came. He just followed these juvenile parasites and passed through one after another tunnel. As time passed, there were more and more forks, and there were more and more newborn juvenile parasites. They seemed to be heading toward a certain direction.

He followed quietly all the way, and he keenly noticed that the surrounding spirit seemed to be getting denser.

“Could it be…” He thought of a possibility, and a trace of excitement emerged in his mind.

10 minutes later, Liu Ming stopped and stood at the end of a tunnel. This was a small space.

In front of him was a round flesh wall that was no different from other places. The area was about 24 meters. It was now crowded with dense juvenile parasites. There were like maggots crawling on the carrion, which gave people a creep.

The entire tunnel that he came with was already occupied by juvenile parasites. They were all crawling into the round flesh wall.

With the Che Huan totem hiding his aura, the juvenile parasites didn’t sense his existence at all.

The juvenile parasites made a burst of “buzz” sound as they squeezed into the flesh wall. The space that was vacated would be quickly occupied by the latecomers.

The entire tunnel was still filled with rich purple corrosive gas, but Liu Ming had clearly felt that there were many scattered spirits in it.

After Liu Ming thought quickly, then he chanted. Circles of black ripples gradually appeared in his eyes.

It was Hell Soul Search!

At this moment, his eyes could clearly see the traces of the spirits coming out from the flesh wall in front.

The giant beast’s body was isolated from the outside world, so there shouldn’t be any spirit in it. Therefore, it was self-evident why there would be spirits here.

Liu Ming checked with Divine Thought, and he was slightly shocked.

The flesh wall in front of him was filled with a layer of blood-red light, blocking off his Divine Thought.

Rolling black gas came out from Liu Ming. The roars of the dragons and tigers could be faintly heard.

The strong fluctuation of spiritual power caused the tunnel to vibrate, and the surrounding juvenile parasites looked at Liu Ming with hostility. Many juvenile parasites rushed toward Liu Ming.

For a time, the juvenile parasites swarmed at him from all directions.


Liu Ming snorted coldly. The black gas around him formed a shield.

Almost the next instant, nearly a hundred juvenile parasites slammed into the black shield.

Fist-sized depressions appeared on the shield, then they quickly closed up. After a burst of rattling “poof” sounds, the shield was still intact.


A burst of crackling sound came from Liu Ming’s arms, then countless black fist shadows were launched at the round flesh wall.

The juvenile parasites were turned into flesh mud and splashed out.

The next moment, the black air waves burst open on the flesh wall. The loud noise resounded in the entire tunnel.

The flesh wall trembled violently, and the densely packed juvenile parasites were instantly cleared, revealing the squirming flesh wall behind.

Under the heavy blow of the black fists, the flesh wall was bleeding more and more.

A loud bang!

After only 6 seconds, the entire flesh wall finally broke apart.

But at this moment, a layer of bloody light emerged from the flesh wall, blocking the bombardment of the fist shadows behind.

Liu Ming’s face turned gloomy. After a flash of black light, his arms became thicker. Waves of black spirit patterns could be seen on his arms.


With a loud shout, a black mist dragon was launched.

A shocking dragon roar sounded!

The black mist dragon shrank into a giant black fist before slamming into the flesh wall.

A big hole was blasted out of the flesh wall. Thick spirits surged out from it.

Seeing that, Liu Ming withdrew his powerful aura and came to the hole.

The juvenile parasites were all blown away by the fierce attacks just now. Many were even torn apart by the impact.

Liu Ming didn’t rush in rashly. After all, he didn’t know what was inside.

It could be seen that there was a very empty spacious flesh wall inside, which seemed to be quite calm, but it was filled with a denser purple gas. The visibility was very low.

With Liu Ming’s eyesight, he could only see a range of 60 meters.


At this moment, the sensing bead automatically flew out of Liu Ming’s sleeve, sending out waves of golden light.

“It’s really inside here!” Liu Ming was overjoyed when he saw this,

At this moment, there was a ferocious hissing sound behind him. More juvenile parasites rushed over from the tunnel. There were some big parasites among them. They should be attracted by the violent spiritual power fluctuation just now.

The countless large and small parasites formed a sea of ​​insects.

Liu Ming’s face was startled. He didn’t dare to stay there for long. In a flash, he passed through the flesh wall and flew into the opposite space.

The parasites followed through the flesh wall, but Liu Ming’s figure had disappeared without a trace.

The large parasites looked around at the entrance. After failing to find Liu Ming, they gradually dispersed.

Those juvenile parasites were hissing excitedly on the spot and breathed like a cultivator.

In the mid-air, Liu Ming was hiding there with totem art.

He now understood the behavior of the parasites below.

Although these parasites were not beastkins, they knew that it was beneficial to devour spirits, so they gather here. “

With this in mind, Liu Ming took out the sensing bead again and launched a few symbols into it.

The sensing bead suddenly shines brightly, and the surface spirit patterns are faintly pointed in one direction after a while.

Liu Ming took a deep breath and moved in the direction that the bead pointed. After a few flickers, he stopped and looked at a cyst on top of him.

He flicked his fingers, and a thin green wind blade easily cut off the cyst. A green light ball fell out from it.

Liu Ming took the green light ball in his hand and rubbed it, revealing its true look.

It was actually an exquisite palte green spinning top!

On the surface of this item, he could see a circle of fine spiritual patterns, emitting a circle of spiritual power ripples in all directions. It seemed to echo with the golden round ball in his sleeve.

Liu Ming squinted.

This thing should be the positioning spiritual item that the Nature Work Sect put into this giant beast.

This top had been in this giant beast for 30,000 years, and it could still provide such accurate location information, which showed that Nature Work Sect had a profound background for this kind of item.

After Liu Ming exclaimed in his mind, he kept the spinning top and flew forward.

However, due to the limited Divine Thought and eyesight here, he did not dare to fly too fast.

It didn’t take long for the surrounding air to become a little moist.

A squirming sound came from the dark red flesh on the ground below as if something was crawling through it.

This action seemed to startle something. The ground within dozens of meters seemed to be infected as it squirmed slightly.

Liu Ming was shocked. He continued channeling Che Huan totem while flying forward.

Time passed minute by minute.

The area of ​​the flesh wall seemed to be surprisingly large. Liu Ming had already flown a certain distance, but the purple gas in front was still endless.

Just when Liu Ming was muttering in his heart, a light flashed on the ground not far away. He stopped in the air before getting closer.

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