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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E941

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 941

Five-Element For Puppet Formation

An earth-shattering loud noise!

The turtle-shaped giant beast slammed into the five-color light shield, making it shake violently. The five-color lights flickered wildly as if it was going to collapse.

The giant beast was knocked back by a huge force, cleaving a huge ditch on the ground.

After the giant beast stood firm, its huge head swayed twice as if it was dizzy from the impact.

At the moment when the giant beast hit the light shield, the 5 Nature Work Sect’s disciples also trembled slightly. They hurriedly waved the formation flags in their hands, then launched symbols into the array under their feet. The five-color light shield was stabilized again.

“Now!” Ye Jiong shouted in the air, chanted a few incantations and spouted blood on the rapidly spinning five-color disk array.

The five-color disk array burst into lights and made a deafening humming sound. The intense spiritual power fluctuation gathered from all directions and formed a huge spiritual power vortex. Even Liu Ming who stood far away could sense the air trembling.

The 5 Nature Work Sect’s disciples also raised their hands and launched thick lights from the formation flags.

The five-color light shield shone brightly, and the runes on the light shield began to flash violently.


The entire layer of semi-circular five-color light shield collapsed and turned into little light spots, but they connected into a five-color light stream that bound the giant beast.

The giant beast only realized that something was wrong until now. From the dozens of bone spurs on its back, a huge amount of gray mist was released. Its giant body struggled violently, making the entire ground shake nonstop.

Although the light stream looked easy to break, it was surprisingly tough. No matter how the giant monster struggled and swayed, it still firmly bound it in place.

The five-element puppets that were only 30 meters tall started to get bigger with the action of Ye Jiong and Nature Work Sect’s disciples. Five-element rune marks were condensed on their chests again.

After 3 seconds, the 5 puppets had grown to a height of over 300 meters. Their bodies were glowing in 5 colors of golden, gray, blue, red, and yellow.

The next moment, the Nature Work Sect’s disciples launched a rune at each of the giant puppets.

The blue giant puppet closest to Liu Ming and Luo Tiancheng let out a roar. After the water droplet rune near its chest flash, 4 blue light beams shot toward the other 4 puppets.

The other puppets also shot light beams of different colors at each other.

In an instant, a crisscrossing star-shaped light array was quickly condensed. It covered the entire turtle-shaped giant beast with five-color spiritual lights.

The five-color light stream and the star light array suppressed the giant beast to the ground.

There was a hint of panic in the giant beast’s huge eyes. It sprayed out black-purple air from its mouth as the red puppet. The momentum was shocking!

Even this giant beast had low intelligence, it understood that these 5 puppets were the keys to this array. As long as 1 was down, it could be free.

Naturally, Ye Jiong and the others would not let it succeed. They immediately shouted in unison and made gestures at the same time!

When the purple-black airflow was still 30 meters away from the puppet warrior, a five-color light suddenly spewed out from under its feet, sweeping toward the purple-black airflow.

Part of the purple-black airflow gradually dissipated under the impact of the five-color light. A part of the airflow rolled back in the opposite direction.

There was a crackling sound!

These purple-black airflows whipped on the giant beast’s head, body and limbs one after another, causing its body to shake. Although it didn’t cause any wound on the surface, it didn’t dare to breathe out under the pain.

“The Five-Element God Puppet Formation is really extraordinary! Now it’s our turn, Junior Fellow Apprentice Yuan, Junior Fellow Apprentice Wen, you 2 attack the beast from both sides. I’ll attack from the front. Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu and Junior Fellow Fellow Apprentice Luo, you 2 wait for the beast to open its mouth and rush in.” Jin Tianci turned his head and instructed the rest.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Yuan” was the remaining male disciple of the Nature Work Sect. He looked a little short, but his physique was very strong. After listening to Jin Tianci’s words, he and Wen Zeng appeared on both sides of the giant beast; Jin Tianci also appeared in front of the beast.

On the other side, Liu Ming and Luo Tiancheng also appeared not far behind Jin Tianci and waited patiently.

Speaking of which, the head of this beast was also about the size of an acre. Jin Tianci and the others were like ants in comparison, forming an extreme contrast.

As soon as the giant beast saw them approaching, it struggled to stand up slowly. The five-color light stream was tightened slightly.

Ye Jiong and the 5 Nature Work Sect’s disciples who were controlling the array were already sweating profusely. Obviously, the consumption of mental power and spiritual power was huge to control this five-element array.

After the Nature Work Sect’s disciple surnamed Yuan stood firm, he raised his arms and launched 2 lights at the giant beast’s head.

In the crystal light, there were 2 flying swords that had 30 layers of patterns. 1 was red and 1 was blue.


After the young man surnamed Yuan quickly made a gesture, the 2 flying swords circled and combined into 1 after a click sound and turned into a 30 meters long red-blue strange blade. It whistled toward the left side of the giant beast’s head!

A muffled “poof“!

After the giant blade slashed at the scales on the giant monster’s head, it bounced away instead with a muffled sound.

Such an amazing scene not only shocked the young man surnamed Yuan, but Jin Tianci and the others were surprised too.

This blow only caused the giant beast’s head to shake slightly.

Wen Zeng on the other side just sneered. He raised his arm to the sky, chanted and launched a series of symbols. Clusters of black light balls were condensed, and they transformed into gray-white crows. There were as many as 48!

All the gray-white crows fluttered their wings and condensed into a lifelike giant gray-white crow.


Wen Zeng pointed at the giant beast from the right side, and the giant crow charged toward it in a gray-white light.


Just when the plague crow was less than 30 meters away from the giant beast’s right ear, a shrilling crow’s cry came.


The giant monster seemed to be stunned by the curse sound. After shaking its huge head a few times, it actually sat down on its hind legs, causing a violent quake.

The plague crow also seemed to have unleashed its power, dissipating into wisps of white mist.

Wen Zeng and the young man surnamed Yuan attacked for only 8 seconds, but Jin Tianci didn’t seem to make a move yet. He just stared at the giant beast as if he was waiting for an opportunity.

The young man surnamed Yuan glanced at Wen Zeng with unwillingness, then he patted the storage bag on his waist. A dozen of black mist rushed out and turned into a row of skeleton puppets in front of him.

Each of these skeleton puppets was 30 meters tall. The skeleton was shining in white light. Each of them was holding a 20 meters long giant axe.

The young man surnamed Yuan chanted and launched green lights into the skeleton puppets’ cores.

All the skeleton puppets slashed with the giant axes.

Suddenly, the 20 meters long blade lights whistled from the axes.

The next moment, a burst of rattling sound came!

Under the attacks of the giant axe, the giant beast only shook its head a few times to the right. It still seemed unharmed.

Wen Zeng was willing to be outdone. He chanted and stretched out his arms. Gray-white plague crows emerged and surged toward the giant beast. The curse shrill was endless.

Whether it was the powerful attacks of the young man surnamed Yuan or Wen Zeng’s powerful curse, it still didn’t cause any damage to the giant beast at all.

Under such a constant attack, the giant beast kept snorting while its forelimbs kept digging the ground. There was more and more black mist coming out from the bone spurs on its back.

Suddenly, its body shook violently. After the gray mist of its back tumbled, they transformed into black wind blades that spread out in all directions.

“Bang bang bang!“

This time, the five-color light stream gradually collapsed under the slashes of the black wind blades.

Ye Jiong and the 5 Nature Work Sect’s disciples were shocked.

But at this time, after the giant beast roared, lowered its head sharply, stomped the ground with forelimbs, kicked with hind limbs and bumped into the light array above with the one horn.

A loud noise!

The light array shook and flashed violently for a while. It was actually pushed up by a little bit.

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