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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E900

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 900


“This is the upper realm ruins, and it doesn’t have anything special with it.” The scholar put away the folding fan with a snap, patted his palm and said to himself in a light tone.

The Demon Mystic Sect disciples other than Long Xuan looked at the back of the scholar with a hint of fear in their eyes.

“Mr. Tu Gu, since we have reached the upper realm ruins, we will leave now.” A thin man in a red robe flew out of the 7 cultivators, stood in front of the scholar and cupped his fist.

“Oh, Brother Feng, why do you want to act separately? Isn’t it good for everyone to hunt for treasures together?” The scholar revealed a sinister smile and raised his eyebrows.

“No need, your Demon Mystic Sect are very powerful. We will only get in your way, so it’s better to act separately.” The man in a red robe forced a smile.

“Alright, then we will bid farewell for now. After a year, let’s gather in this place.” The scholar revealed a gentle smile.

The red-robed man was overjoyed. He cupped his fist and was about to leave.

As he turned around, his lower abdomen suddenly became cold. A palm penetrated through his sea of ​​consciousness. His red robe was instantly dyed by his own blood.

The strength of the man in a red robe seemed to be drained all at once. He turned his head with difficulty.

The scholar pressed against his body with a cruel smile.

“You… our sect paid tribute for this trip…” The man in a red robe spouted a mouthful of blood.

“Tsk tsk. Didn’t we bring you in as promised? But the moment we set foot on this upper realm ruins, you and I are already enemies. How can anyone say goodbye to the enemy politely!” The scholar sneered, and a black demonic flame suddenly rose from his hand.

The demonic flame in the man in a red robe became smaller and smaller until it vanished.

This sudden change happened very abruptly. Several other cultivators from other sects in the distance were shocked. 2 quick-witted cultivators fled desperately.

The scholar sneered, but instead of looking at the 2 who escaped, he launched a palm. A black demonic flame suddenly appeared in the distance, shrouding the remaining cultivators who couldn’t react in time.

“Ah…” The few cultivators shrouded in black demonic flame suddenly let out bursts of shrill screams, and a scorched smell spread out.

The black demonic flame swayed a few times as the cultivators inside were trying to break free from the demonic fire.

But the black demonic flame was extremely tough. Not only it didn’t break, but it burned more vigorously. In just a few seconds, there was no longer any movement in the black demonic flame.

On the other side, after the man in the black cloak sneered, he caught up with the 2 people who had escaped far away.

After 2 horrific screams in the distance, 2 black dots fell from the air. In the process of falling, their corpses dissipated as if they were melted.

The next moment, everyone saw a flash of black light, and the man in a black cloak appeared beside the scholar again.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Zhou and Senior Fellow Apprentice Tu have both reached the peak. It seems that it won’t be long before senior fellow apprentices can try to break through to the Celestial State.” A short Demon Mystic Sect disciple took a step forward and flattered.

“Stop talking nonsense. Now that the outsiders have been eliminated, we will proceed according to the plan. The 2 of us will each bring 4 disciples. Long Xuan, you will bring the remaining 4. 1 year later, we will gather here.” The scholar gave the short man a cold look, then he said.

A quarter of an hour later, everyone of the Demon Mystic Sect turned into 3 dark clouds that went in 3 directions.

Over a desert where the sky was full of black sand, dozens of escape lights pass by. Among the escape lights were more than 20 scholars dressed in white robes. They were disciples from 1 of the 4 ancient sects of the Middle Sky Continent, Haoran Academy.

A sand dune more than 30 meters high suddenly burst open in front of it, and a dense black cloud flew out of it. In the black cloud were countless black flying ants. They flew toward the people of the Haoran Academy.

The Haoran Academy disciples were startled at first. The organized team suddenly became a little chaotic.

However, they were disciples of the ancient sect after all. They quickly reorganized themselves and launched a fierce attack at the black flying ants.

Near a certain steep mountain peak that was surrounded by a white mist. Suddenly, the mist rolled violently.

A burst of loud “click” sound came!

The next moment, 8 human-shaped puppets of a dozen meters in size suddenly strode out from the white mist. Each step could cross more than 30 meters. They moved toward the distance quickly.

Buzz buzz buzz!

There was a strange buzzing sound from the white mist, then a large number of densely packed huge moths flew out of it. Each of them was the size of a human head. They had ice color bodies and exuded a spine chilling aura.

Suddenly, more than a dozen moths spouted cold aura. Soon, a layer of ice condensed on the backs of several puppets.

After these moths spouted, they slowed down and let the moths behind go to the front.

After a few times like this, ⅓ of the back of the 8 human-shaped puppets were covered with layers of ice..

Fortunately, the human-shaped puppets were large enough, so their movement wasn’t affected at all. As the human-shaped puppets ran faster and faster, the ice crystal moths were left behind.

After chasing for a while, the ice crystal moths turned back to the white mist on the peak.

After these human-shaped puppets escaped for a dozen miles, they stopped in a valley.

Immediately afterward, one after another figures came down from the puppets’ heads. Each puppet could contain 4 people.

After a while, there were more than 20 people at the scene. Most of them were wearing yellow sleeveless shirts. They were obviously disciples of the Nature Work Sect.

At the same time, 8 human-shaped puppets made a burst of click sounds for a while, then they turned into puppet balls one after another. After that, they were kept by several disciples.

At this moment, most people had some scars on them, but those were only external injuries. They were gasping for breath.

Unfortunately, where they teleported into the upper realm ruins, there was a group of ice crystal moth beastkins of the Crystallization Period nearby.

The huge movement of the teleportation immediately attracted these moths. If the 2 Real Pellet State leaders didn’t buy time for them, all the disciples of the Nature Work Sect would have been killed by the moth beastkin while in a coma.

“Everyone, although our luck is not very good, we have not suffered any casualties, which is a fortune in misfortune.” A bald man touched his bare head and said loudly.

“Yes, the upper realm ruins is still open for a long time ago. We first have to find a place to settle down, then we will slowly explore this place.” It was a burly man who spoke this time.

Both of them were Real Pellet State cultivators who were also the leaders of the treasure hunt.

The other Nature Work Sect disciples were all spirited when they heard the words. Among the crowd, the young man with a silver car, Ye Jiong, was here too, but Peng Yue wasn’t there.

In a remote mountain, there was a lot of spiritual light in the space, and the fierce collision of spiritual power could be heard incessantly.

The fighting parties were 2 60 meters giant green wolf beastkins and a group of beastkin cultivators in green robes. Judging from their costume, they should be the cultivators from the Sky Beastkin Valley.

Behind the 2 giant green wolf beastkins was a giant cave that was more than 90 meters tall. There seemed to be a faint red light in the depths of the cave. A hint of sweet fragrance drifted out.

Over time, the forces of the Middle Sky Continent that had the ability to come to this ruins started their own treasure hunt.

Liu Ming and the others of the Taiqing Sect, after leaving the original desert, the landscape in front gradually turned into a hilly area. Some green vegetation gradually could be seen on the ground, adding a bit of vitality to this barren land.

Among them, with the exception of Sister Ouyangs, who remained in the Taiqing Sect’s team, the other 3 people from the foreign sect had left the team at some point.

“Wait a minute!” Jin Tianci, who was flying at the forefront, suddenly stopped with a wave of his sleeve.

Seeing this, everyone in the back stopped as well.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, what happened?” Qiu Longzi, who was originally at the end of the team, frowned and flew over while keeping an eye on the surrounding situation.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Qiu, don’t panic. It’s not an assault, but the celestial phenomenon in the far west is a little strange. I can vaguely feel that the spirit fluctuations there are unusual.” Jin Tianci looked at the west and said faintly.

Everyone was shocked after hearing that. They turned their heads to the west, only to see a dark sky with no abnormality.

A layer of golden light appeared in Qiu Longzi’s eyes, and 2 golden lights of 1 foot appeared. He glanced forward for a while, then he shook his head, obviously not seeing anything.

“It’s very far from here, I’m afraid it’s thousands of miles away. I can only sense this abnormality by using qi tracing technique. I’m afraid it is a sign of the birth of a rare treasure.” Jin Tianci smiled lightly when he saw everyone’s expression.

“Rare treasure!” When everyone present heard the words, they were all excited.

“If you believe in my vision, we can go there and check it out. Maybe we will have a great harvest.” Jin Tianci glanced at everyone.

“Since senior said so, it’s alright to go and have a look. Anyway, it’s the same to go anywhere.” Qiu Longzi thought for a while and nodded.

When the other people saw the 2 leaders say this, they naturally wouldn’t have any opinions. At the moment, everyone turned around and flew toward the west.

Liu Ming was among the crowd. While flying, he slowly channeled spiritual power to use Hell Soul Search, and a dark light flashed in his eyes.

After a while, his pupils caught a trace of green glow from the west. The color was so pale that it was almost indistinguishable in the clouds. He was instantly overjoyed.

“Did Brother Liu see anything unusual?” Ouyang Qian stayed beside Liu Ming the whole time, so he immediately noticed this. He couldn’t help asking.

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