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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E894

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 894

Upper Realm Ruins

The light of the golden array dissipated, and Liu Ming flashed and landed next to the corpse of the giant golden rat king.

After a while, he held an egg-sized yellow khaki beastkin core in his hand. He was full of joy.

With this precious earth attribute giant rat beastkin core, he could exchange for a large amount of sect contribution points, and the 1.5 million contribution points required to enter the Evil Ghost Way was finally enough.

“Congratulations, master!” Xie’er and Fei’er also flew over.

“You 2 have performed well in controlling this array today. When we get into the Evil Ghost Way, you will be able to help me!” Liu Ming praised Xie’er and Fei’er with a smile.

Xie’er and Fei’er were naturally overjoyed.

When Liu Ming was about to say something, he took out a white communication disk array in surprise.

“Liu Ming, no matter what you are doing at the moment, go back to the sect immediately!” Yin Jiuling’s voice suddenly came from the disk array.

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s expression changed slightly.

Yin Jiuling’s voice sounded very serious. It seemed that something major happened in the section.

He thought for a while, and he naturally didn’t dare to neglect. He put away all the Purdue Sumeru Array’s array equipment and the giant rat king’s beastkin core.

Seeing this, Xie’er and Fei’er also went back into the soul-recovering bags.

The next moment, Liu Ming released the Daiyue Jade Boat and went away.

What Liu Ming didn’t know was that similar scenarios were happening all over the Middle Sky Continent.

For a time, the core disciples of the Crystallization Period Real Pellet State, who were traveling outside, all received the similar messages and set off for their respective sects.

It had been a month since Liu Ming returned to the Taiqing Sect.

He first hurried to the 2nd floor of Xuan Hall to submit the mission of the golden earth burrowing rat king, then he flew non-stop to the main hall of Fallen Serene Peak.

“Ah! Greetings to Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu!” After seeing Liu Ming, a Fallen Serene Peak disciple guarding the gate hurriedly gave a respectful bow.

Just as he was about to let the disciple to inform, Yin Jiuling’s voice came from the hall,

“Liu Ming, just come in. No need to report.”

In the main hall, Yin Jiuling, dressed in black robes, was sitting on the main seat. Beside him was a middle-aged man who was the elder surnamed Tian whom Liu Ming had met several times.

The 2 seemed to be discussing something not long ago.

“Greetings to master, Master’s Junior Tian.” Liu Ming bowed respectfully to them.

“Okay, you sit down too.” When Yin Jiuling saw Liu Ming, the proud disciple, he waved to him with a smile.

“Yes.” Liu Ming didn’t refuse and sat down on the chair next to him.

“I heard that recently, you have been busy doing sect missions in Life and Death Pavilion and Xuan Hall to accumulate contribution points to enter the Evil Ghost Way?” Yin Jiuling said in a chatty manner.

“Master is right.” Liu Ming told the truth.

“Although this matter is important, you should also pay attention to your own safety.” Yin Jiuling instructed.

Liu Ming was now the top among the inner disciples, and he was also the hope of Fallen Serene Peak. No accident was allowed to happen to him.

“Thank you master for your concern. Disciple knows what to do.” Liu Ming’s heart warmed slightly when he heard this.

Regardless of whether Yin Jiuling was selfish or not, he had been very caring since he entered Fallen Serene Peak. He even spent a lot of resources to help him achieve Pseudo Pellet State, so Liu Ming was still very grateful to him.

“Nephew Disciple Liu, in fact, this time we summoned you back to the sect because of a major event. In a short time, it will be time for the ruins of the upper realm of the Middle Sky Continent to open.” Elder Tian waited for Liu Ming and Yin Jiuling to finish chatting, then he suddenly interjected.

“Upper realm ruins?” Liu Ming was startled. It was the first time he had heard of this.

“Hehe, it’s not surprising that you don’t know. This matter is also a top secret in Taiqing Sect. The so-called upper realm ruins can actually be regarded as a small wreckage of a higher level world than the Middle Sky Continent.” Yin Jiuling said.

“A higher level world?”

Liu Ming was taken aback!

The Middle Sky Continent was the birthplace of the human race. The natural aura was extremely rich, and various cultivation resources were also very rich. Compared with his hometown Yunchuan Continent, it could be said that the difference was heavy and earth.

Therefore, he always thought that the Middle Sky Continent was a holy place for cultivators. Listening to Yin Jiuling’s words, there seemed to be a higher level world than the Middle Sky Continent.

Yin Jiuling was not surprised by Liu Ming’s reaction at all. He just continued speaking on his own,

“Since the upper realm ruins were discovered in the Archean era, for some reason, every 30,000 years, the border between the ruins and the Middle Sky Continent will be weakened by a mysterious force. Many sects and forces will also take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open a path into the upper realm ruins.”

Liu Ming was surprised, but he almost guessed the content behind. However, he didn’t interrupt. He just listened quietly.

“Although the upper realm ruins are just a wreck of the world, there are many rare treasures in it. Because its natural aura far exceeds that of the human realm, there are also many treasures and spiritual materials that have long since disappeared in the human realm. They aren’t weaker than the inheritance and treasure in our realm. Because of this, the forces that can open the path will definitely send a certain number of disciples to search for the treasures. Especially the spiritual objects related to the Celestial State and Mystic Comprehending State, they must not be let go. Since this is a rare opportunity for all forces, as the 4 ancient sects of the Middle Sky Continent, we, Taiqing Sect, are naturally among them. Our sect has also started preparations recently, and the high-level of the major peaks have also been intensively screening out some elite disciples and preparing to send them into the upper realm ruins. Hearing this, you must have guessed the reason I summoned you.” Yin Jiuling said solemnly.

“Why only let the inner disciples in? If it’s a treasure hunt, wouldn’t it be better to send an esoteric disciple?” Liu Ming suppressed the surprise in his mind and asked calmly.

“Opening a path leading to the upper realm ruins requires a huge amount of resources, and due to the limitation of the different realm, the number of people who can enter each tunnel and the cultivation level of the cultivators will be limited to a certain extent. The maximum cultivation level is limited to the Real Pellet State. The higher the cultivation, the higher the security, but the fewer people entering the ruins, which lowers the chance of finding treasures. On the other hand, the lower the cultivation base, the more people entering the Upper Realm. In theory, the chances of finding treasures will also increase a lot. Generally speaking, the quota of 1 Real Pellet State disciple can be exchanged for 10 Crystallization Period disciples. Based on the past experience, our sect will send 2 Real Pellet State disciples and about 30 Crystallization Period disciples.” Yin Jiuling smiled and explained slowly.

Hearing this, Liu Ming nodded secretly in his mind. This arrangement was indeed very reasonable.

“Although it is very dangerous to enter the upper realm ruins, after returning, you can keep a certain treasures. Therefore, the quota is very demanding. According to what I know, every peak recommended some talented disciples. Due to the limited quota, they must be screened first. But sect master has appointed you to go.” Yin Jiuling was a little complacent after saying this.

“Yes, disciple will definitely not let master down!” Liu Ming knew that he could not refuse this mission at all, so he immediately stood up and said respectfully.

“Very good, I know you will not let us down. In this trip to the upper realm ruins, in addition to the 4 ancient sects, the Sky Beastkin Valley, the Big Dipper Pavilion and other forces will send people too. Some families or sects that don’t have the ability to open the path, they will form alliances with these big forces and send excellent disciples into the team. In addition, according to the previous records, there will be powerhouses of the other continents in the upper realm ruins like the alien race, beastkin and even demons.” Yin Jiuling said with a solemn expression after thinking about it.

“Alien race, demons?” Liu Ming was shocked.

“Yes. After all, Savage Wild Continent, Thousands Demons Continent and other continents will also be connected to the ruins. So this trip is very dangerous. No one can predict what will happen. Although your strength is strong, you are not Real Pellet State after all. You also need to be more careful. Here are some supportive items in case you need it.” Yin Jiuling said as he threw a storage talisman to Liu Ming.

“Thank you, master!” Liu Ming respectfully took it over. He scanned with Divine Thought. There were 2 crystal clear talismans and a white jade bottle.

Not to mention the elixirs in the jade bottle, the aura emanating from the 2 talismans was strikingly similar to the shifting talismans used by Thousand Illusion Demon.

“These are 2 ‘space break talismans’, which can break open space at a short distance and escape danger. In the jade bottle are 5 pellet grade nine mystic recovery pills, which can restore some spiritual power in an instant. You can use it when fighting.” Yin Jiuling said lightly.

Liu Ming was overjoyed.

He didn’t have many life-saving means. With these 2 talismans and this bottle of elixirs, he naturally felt much more at ease.

“These are the things I gave you myself. Before entering the upper realm ruins, the sect will give you another reward. You should be on standby in the cave house these days.” Yin Jiuling said with a slight smile.

“Yes, master!” Liu Ming bowed again to Yin Jiuling and Elder Tian, ​​then he turned and walked quickly toward the entrance of the main hall.

TL: Cultivators from the other continents will be there as well? Is there a chance that Ye Tianmei will be there too?

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