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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E893

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 893

Shocking Phenomenon

Deep in the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range, in a secret realm similar to the Small Flame World.

An endless desolate desert. The ground was full of some strange-shaped dark gray boulders and gravel. There was a strong wind from time to time, making a whistling sound from different distances.

In the sky above the desert, there was a strange gray-brown cloud layer. It seemed to be connected with the desert when looking from a far distance, giving the illusion that the sky and the earth had not yet split.

This was a mysterious forbidden place in Taiqing Sect.

In the center of the desert, with Immortal Tian Ge as the head, the master of the Taiqing Sect, more than a dozen Celestial State grand elders were standing quietly with extremely solemn expressions.

What everyone was looking at was a tall and gray altar in front of them. There were 7 floors from the bottom to the top of the altar. There were stone steps in all directions leading to the top.

Around the altar, there were 8 huge stone pillars in different directions. It took almost 2 people to hug the pillar. The color was exactly the same as the altar. The surface was covered with white flashing spirit patterns.

At the top of the altar, a huge white light beam rose into the sky, submerging into the gray-brown clouds above.

The light beam was 9 meters thick. It was like a giant pillar supporting the sky, connecting the sky and the earth together.

There was a sudden muffled sound in the gray-brown cloud layer, then it rolled violently. A huge gray vortex suddenly appeared where the light beam touched. The depth of the vortex showed a faint black color. It looked like a space fissure. From time to time, snake-shaped lightning bolts erupted from the vortex, bursting with dazzling purple lightning sparks.

Every time the lightning bolt burst, the power made the Celestial State elders move.

“Senior fellow apprentice, since the Realm Transformation Heavenly Light appeared ahead of time. It seems that the event is about to start.” A man in a gray robe stepped forward, walked to Immortal Tian Ge’s side and said in a low voice.

It was Elder Han who exchanged the sword technique with Liu Ming’s half bag of star river sand.

“En, during the last Tianmen Convention, the Big Dipper Pavilion and the Sky Palace had already revealed some clues, but I didn’t expect it to come so soon.” Immortal Tian Ge stared at the purple lightning in the air. A hint of eagerness could be seen in his eyes.

“Send this news to the masters of the peaks and let them prepare the candidate early, then…” Immortal Tian Ge’s expression quickly returned to calm, then he issued orders. When the dozen or so grand elders around heard the words, they all turned into escape lights and did their parts.

In the Tianyi Mountain Range where Haoran Academy was located, there was a deep valley that was inaccessible and was shrouded in white mist all year round.

The thunder was loud!

A green light beam soared to the sky. The gray clouds were rolling endlessly, and there seemed to be lighting sparks in them.

The green light beam came from the center of a huge array covering an area of ​​more than 30 meters.

In front of the array, there were more than a dozen scholars. There were young people, middle-aged people, and even gray-haired old people.

Among them, a middle-aged gentleman dressed in a white scholar robe stared at the huge array for a while. He sighed and said slowly,

“It’s a lot earlier than expected. It seems that we have to hurry too.”

In the extreme west of the Middle Sky Continent, among the majestic black mountain range that stretched for thousands of miles.

On the platform on top of the giant peak that shrouded in billowing black air.

There was a huge black light beam rising from the platform into the sky.

“Good! Very good! I have finally waited for this day in my lifetime!” On the platform, a tall figure who was shrouded by black air, said with a laugh.

Behind him, there were also several figures shrouded by black air around him.

“By the way, Wuguang, is Long Xuan ready?” Suddenly, he stopped laughing and asked a person beside him.

“Sect master, don’t worry, after these days of retreat, Long Xuan’s Green Sun Demonic Soul has been consolidated. He will definitely shine this time!” The black air around the man’s face surged as an old voice sounded.

At the same time, in the forbidden areas of the top forces of the Middle Sky Continent such as Nature Work Sect, Sky Beastkin Valley, Big Dipper Pavilion, etc., there were also a similar phenomenon.

When the leaders of the major forces saw this situation, they immediately put down all kinds of things in their hands.

As a series of sect commands were sent out continuously, these big sects began to prepare for it.

Soon, some small and medium-sized forces in the Middle Sky Continent also noticed the phenomenon. The entire Cultivation Realm of the Middle Sky Continent was filled with a tense atmosphere.

In a medium-sized mountain range with a radius of only more than 1,000 kilometers, there were 9 main peaks that were close to each other like waves, so it was named Nine Wave Mountain.

At this moment, on the top of 1 of the main peaks of the Nine Wave Mountain, a golden array of 30 meters covered a portion of the mountain.

In the array, a giant golden mouse about 15 meters in size was trapped. Its bloodshot eyes were looking around the array quickly.

If there were other cultivators here, they would be able to recognize this giant golden rat was a very rare Real Pellet State golden earth burrowing rat king.

This rat king was not ranked among the Real Pellet State beastkins in terms of offense alone, but its nature was cunning and suspicious and its speed was extremely fast. It even possessed earth burrowing talent. In the mountainous area, it was 1 of the hardest high rank beastkins to hunt.

At this moment, Liu Ming was floating motionlessly in the air. His arms were thicker than usual. He was chanting with a solemn face.

Near the array, Xie’er and Fei’er were holding a golden flag in the air.

Suddenly, the giant golden rat turned into a dazzling golden light and charged toward a corner of the array.

A loud noise!

The golden array flickered. The giant rat king was bounced away and slammed heavily to the ground, making a loud clang sound.

The golden flag in Xie’er’s hands flickered with golden light. She hurriedly launched a few symbols at the flag to stabilize the array.

“Xie’er, you have to be careful. Master spent a lot of effort to bait this big rat here. Don’t let it run away.” Fei’er childish voice sounded.

“Of course I know. I don’t need you to tell me!” Xie’er pouted and replied.

Liu Ming ignored the situation below. A burst of crackling sound came from his arms, and the black gas was getting thicker.

At the moment, he was waiting for the opportunity to attack while training the 2 spiritual pets to control the Purdue Sumeru Array. Although they were not proficient in it yet, as long as they practiced a few more times, they would definitely be able to give him a lot of help in future battles.

At this moment, the formation flags in the hands of Xie’er and Fei’er pointed to the golden array at the same time, and 2 golden light beams shot into the array. The golden array became smaller, and the golden light was much brighter.


The giant golden rat suddenly made an anxious squeak. It burrowed into the ground after emitting yellow light.

When Fei’er and Xie’er saw this, they quickly chanted. The flags in their hands shone brightly. When they waved the flags again, the golden light on the ground immediately became solid again.

The golden giant rat barely dug half a foot, and it was blocked by the golden light.

The rat king seemed to sense a life-threatening crisis. Its stomach was bulging as it made a moo sound. Its golden fur also erected like sharp swords.

The next moment, golden furs were shot in all directions.

The entire array shook violently amidst the impact.

Xie’er and Fei’er immediately increased the output of spiritual power. The golden light from the formation flags in their hands immediately became several times thicker.

The golden light quickly stabilized. As it flickered, a Sanskrit chant came from it and the light curtain shrank again.

The golden rat king became more and more anxious, and its sound became more and more harsh. While rampaging in the array, the golden furs were shot once again.

At this moment, the radiance emitted by the Purdue Sumeru Array became more and more dazzling, gradually drowning the figure of the giant golden rat in it.

After 2 hours like this, the golden array had shrunk to a size of a dozen meters. The golden light had almost condensed into a physical entity. In the array, the golden rat king was also sluggish as if its spiritual power was exhausted. It wasn’t as ferocious as it was in the beginning.

Seeing this, Liu Ming stretched his arms down, and 2 black mist dragons came out of his hands. The mist dragons passed through the golden array without hindrance and aimed at the rat king’s head.

Seeing this, the golden fur rat king revealed a hint of madness in its eyes. It quickly gathered spiritual power in the sea of ​​consciousness.

“You still want to explode Real Pellet now? Fei’er, Xie’er hold the array!” Liu Ming’s pupils shrank, and he quickly said to them below.


The golden light of the Purdue Sumeru Array suddenly twisted. The rat king felt the enormous pressure from all directions, slowing down its golden light.

Immediately afterward, there was a loud bang!

The 2 mist dragons accurately hit the giant rat king’s head. The rat king’s soul was exterminated before it could escape.

Seeing this, Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief. He spoke a few words to Fei’er and Xie’er with voice transmission.

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