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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1195

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1195


A gleam of joy flashed across Siren King’s face. He continued to immerse himself in training. Before the human race counterattacked, he had to completely stabilize his spiritual power.

In a certain hall of the Sea Emperor Palace, a green light flew over, revealing Qing Qin’s figure.

In the main hall was a large teleportation array, a man in a gray robe with a slightly crooked nose was guarding near the teleportation array. When he saw Qing Qin coming, he bowed.

Qing Qin waved his sleeve into the air, and a green talisman fell into the hands of the man in a gray robe.

“Brother Qing Qin, what is this?” A man in a gray robe hurriedly asked with a gloomy face when he saw the words on the communication talisman.

“Don’t ask. Hurry up and tell the elders outside to lead the soldiers back to defend the Sea Emperor Palace. This is an order from Master Siren King, no mistake is allowed!” Qing Qin said lightly.

The man in a gray robe did not dare to say anymore and immediately activated the teleportation array.

Not long after, the Sea Emperor Palace forces and Sea Creature Clan forces scattered throughout the Sea Region began to evacuate and gathered toward the Sea Emperor Palace.

In a certain mountain range in the Yunchuan Continent that was full of tall pillars, thick black mist was permeating everywhere.

Looking from afar, one could faintly see a gray-white round giant mountain resembling a skull lying across the stone pillars. This was where the largest sect of the Yunchuan Continent, the Yuanmo Sect, was located.

When the Yunchuan Alliance was formed, its base camp was located in Yuanmo Sect.

At this time, in the main hall of the main peak of Yuanmo Sect, the main figures of the Yunchuan Alliance gathered together.

On the main seat of the hall, a middle-aged man in a black robe and a handsome scholar in a white robe sat side by side. They were the 2 Pseudo Pellet State cultivators of the Yunchuan Terran. Yuan Mo and the man surnamed Mo.

On both sides of the hall, there were dozens of human cultivators in different costumes.

The first 2 were the old man surnamed Yan from Savage Ghost Sect and Murong Xuan from Huayi Sect.

Regardless of sect forces or personal strength, the old man surnamed Yan was naturally not qualified to sit in this position, but the eyes of the people present were full of kindness. No one dared to raise any objections.

In addition, there were the other 4 Crystallization Period elders of the Great Xuan Kingdom; Lieyang Valley’s valley master, Wanmiao Sect’s Fairy Shi, etc.

“You all must have received the news recently. Now the Sea Creature Clan forces on several islands near the Yunchuan Continent have withdrawn. The Sea Emperor Palace’s forces in other places in the Sea Region are also shrinking at an accelerated rate.” Yuan Mo played He started with a jade slip in his hand, and said with a smile on his face.

“It seems that what Senior Liu said is correct. Siren King’s soul has suffered some damage this time, and he should be quite concerned about the existence of Senior Liu. Otherwise, he will never give up on this good situation.” Lie Yang Gu Guzhu nodded thoughtfully and said.

Others also nodded in agreement.

In the past few days, under the sudden withdrawal of the Sea Creature Clan army and the rapid shrinkage of the Sea Emperor Palace’s forces, the sects distributed in the Yunchuan Continent had regained many of the previously lost territories. They even took the opportunity to confiscate some Sea Creature Clan leftovers. Now the morale of the disciples of all sects was quite high. Their confidence in the counterattack order issued by the Yunchuan Alliance had greatly increased.

“The current situation is very favorable to us. After discussing with Mr. Mo, I decided to speed up the progress of the counterattack to avoid more troubles.” Yuan Mo said after looking at the man named Mo beside him.

“Although the Sea Creature Clan appears weak on the surface, their overall strength with the Sea Emperor Palace is still far stronger than our Yunchuan Alliance. Should we be more cautious?” Wanmiao Sect’s Fairy Shi frowned slightly.

“Having said that, everyone here knows that these Sea Creature Clans were forcibly conquered by Siren King’s tyrannical power. Among other things, the Golden Scale Clan, Silver Scale Clan and the Red Scale Clan shouldn’t sincerely submit to Siren King. They should already know about Senior Liu’s existence by now, and they probably already have their own calculations in their minds.” Yuan Mo smiled lightly and said with confidence.

Fairy Shi showed a contemplative expression after hearing that.

“If Siren King hasn’t been injured, with his powerful Real Pellet State later stage, he could still forcibly suppress the Sea Creature Clan. However, now that his soul is injured by Senior Liu, he must be recuperating now. The control over the various Sea Creature Clans should be greatly reduced. If there is a battle, it is not surprising that they will defect to us. Therefore, I think it is the right time to launch a counterattack.” Yuan Mo continued with a serious expression.

“Mr. Yuan’s analysis is reasonable.”

After hearing this, all the people present nodded their heads in agreement, and some people who had thought about it before, most of them dispelled their doubts at this time.

“As for the fact that our Yunchuan Alliance is single and weak, Mr. Mo and I have already invited some forces from other races in the name of the Yunchuan Alliance, and they also agreed to join the counterattack against the Sea Emperor Palace.” Yuan Mo’s next words once again gave everyone a reassurance.

“Since everyone no longer has any worries about this, please step up your preparations and set off immediately in 3 days!” Yuan Mo stood up suddenly when he said this.

“As Alliance Master orders!” Everyone stood up and responded loudly after hearing the words.

“Mr. Yan, the key to this battle relies on your sect. I wonder where Senior Liu is now?” Huayi Sect’s Murong Xuan, who had been sitting by the side without speaking, suddenly asked.

When the people present heard this, they all looked over.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Murong, Elder Liu has already come to Yuanmo Sect, and he has promised to help us if necessary.” The old man surnamed Yan smiled and exchanged glances with Yuan Mo before saying loudly.

Hearing that Liu Ming had arrived, the cultivators who were present immediately felt reassured. They all took their leave to do their own preparations.

Yuan Mo, the man surnamed Mo, and the old man surnamed Yan did not leave, but they got up and walked into a seemingly ordinary side hall on the side of the hall.

In the side hall, Liu Ming was sitting upright, drinking tea slowly.

Gan Ruping stood behind Liu Ming like a little bird clinging to him, patted his shoulder lightly, and chatted casually with him.

“Senior Liu, everything has been arranged according to your instructions.” Yuan Mo bowed to Liu Ming and said respectfully.

“Very well, you have all worked hard. For the rest, just follow the plan. If everything goes well, we will be able to attack the Sea Emperor Palace within 10 days.” Liu Ming said lightly.

The 3 responded.

Yuan Mo looked at Liu Ming in awe. Most of what he said outside was told by Liu Ming to him, and the other forces agreed to counterattack the Sea Creature Clan also due to Liu Ming’s help.

Although he had also contacted several alien race forces near the Yunchuan Continent before, offering a lot of rewards and trying to persuade them to counterattack the Sea Creature Clan, they all rejected without exception.

As a result, after he informed Liu Ming of this matter, he didn’t know what method Liu Ming used. In just one day, he received communication talismans from these alien races. They expressed their agreement to form an alliance with Yunchuan Alliance without any compensation.

Yuan Mo secretly sighed at Liu Ming’s mighty methods. After reporting a few more matters to Liu Ming, he retreated with the other 2.

“Brother Ming, you are so powerful now.” Gan Ruping looked at Liu Ming with rolling eyes, and she gently pinched Liu Ming’s shoulder with white fingers.

“Ruping, is it really okay for you to stay with me all day now?” Liu Ming said with a wry smile.

Since meeting at the Grand Ceremony, Gan Ruping had been sticking to his side. She never asked him for advice on cultivation, just doing some chores of serving tea and pouring water.

“Brother Ming thinks I’m annoying? You want to drive Ruping away?” A layer of water light appeared in Qian Ruping’s eyes, and her eyes turned red, showing a look of crying.

“No, I just feel that you are the Alliance’s number one array master now, so shouldn’t you be busy now?” Liu Ming said with a laugh.

“It doesn’t matter. I believe that with Brother Ming here, we will definitely win.” Qian Ruping said with a smile.

Hearing this, Liu Ming shook his head helplessly and smiled wryly.

3 days later, the Yunchuan Alliance gathered 6000 cultivators, set off from Yuan Mo Mountain, and marched aggressively toward the Sea Emperor Palace.

Several other forces also joined the team one after another during this period, and the number of cultivator teams fighting against Siren King reached nearly 10,000.

Although the strength of other forces was not weak, due to the existence of Liu Ming, the Yunchuan Alliance was still taking the lead.

A day later, in a sea area thousands of miles away from the Yunchuan Continent, a huge island covered by a blue transparent barrier could be seen faintly. The island was surrounded by a layer of faint mist, giving people a rather mysterious atmosphere.

This was Tide Mountain Island, the closest stronghold of Sea Emperor Palace to the Yunchuan Continent.

At this moment, the island was surrounded by the cultivators of the Yunchuan Alliance.

Accompanied by the roaring sound that shook the sky, light beams of various colors hit the blue barrier outside the island.

The blue barrier suddenly trembled violently under the torrential attack. Layers of tides emerged on the barrier immediately.

There were only a few thousand beastkin cultivators on the island trying their best to support the barrier. Although it would not fall immediately, judging by this trend, it would be a matter of time before it was broken.

On the deck of a huge crimson airship behind the Alliance army, Liu Ming watched the battle below indifferently.

The old man surnamed Yan of the Savage Ghost Sect Yan and Gan Ruping stood behind him respectively.

“Mr. Liu, we really don’t need to care about the nearby Sea Creature Clan strongholds and just go all the way to the Sea Emperor Palace’s lair?” The old man surnamed Yan said worriedly.

The advance route of the Alliance army was directly designated by Liu Ming. He asked the Alliance army to go straight to the Sea Emperor Palace regardless of the nearby Sea Creature Clan strongholds.

This move made everyone in the Yunchuan Alliance feel a little scruple. After all, the Sea Creature Clan’s influence in this Sea Region should not be underestimated, but due to Liu Ming’s power, no one raised any objections.

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