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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1192

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1192

Array Master

The fact that Liu Ming created a Spirit Master with a casual move quickly spread among the Savage Ghost Sect. It naturally caused quite a stir.

The Spirit Masters of other factions hurriedly gathered some disciples who had encountered bottlenecks in their cultivation and prepared to take them to meet Liu Ming for help.

However, before these people could find Liu Ming, they were stopped by Master’s Junior Yan who had already received the news.

He had already heard about Liu Ming’s apprenticeship from the nun surnamed Zhong, and he was pleasantly surprised. His biggest worry at the moment was that Liu Ming didn’t have a strong sense of belonging to the Savage Ghost Sect, so they shouldn’t bother Liu Ming for some trivial matter so as not to annoy him.

Although Liu Ming was at the Real Pellet State realm, it would definitely consume a lot of spiritual power to help people improve their cultivation.

Even though it would be a great temptation to have a few more Spirit Masters in the sect, the old man surnamed Yan immediately issued a strict order, prohibiting all cultivators from going to the Mountain Nine Infant without authorization.

In the following time, Liu Ming stayed behind closed doors at Mountain Nine Infant, occasionally instructing the disciples of the Nine Infant Faction. The life was rather leisurely.

As the news of the return of a Real Pellet State later stage cultivator from the Savage Ghost Sect spread throughout the Yunchuan Continent, the cultivators of all sects, who had been oppressed by the Sea Creature Clan, all cheered.

Some well-informed people had already begun to inquire about the origin of this Real Pellet State cultivator. The news that Savage Ghost Sect was about to hold a grand ceremony to welcome this Real Pellet State cultivator also spread quickly throughout Yunchuan Continent. Except for the big sects of the Yunchuan Alliance that received the invitation, some medium and small sects had also begun to plan and prepare generous gifts to visit this Real Pellet State cultivator.

At the same time, Savage Ghost Sect was busy preparing for the grand ceremony 3 days later.

The old man surnamed Yan spared no expense to set up a huge enchantment around the entire Savage Ghost Sect mountain range. The mountain peaks were dotted with rainbow-like rays of light, turning the initially gloomy mountain into a look of paradise.

The day of the ceremony was coming soon.

Since the morning, some small and medium sects had been visiting the Savage Ghost Sect, and Sect Master Huang Shi brought a group of Spirit Masters to receive them in the main hall.

Speaking of which, since he became the sect master of the Savage Ghost Sect, he had never experienced such a prosperous age, so he was naturally very delightful.

As a result, before noon, the number of cultivators who came to participate in the ceremony had already exceeded a thousand.

Fortunately, Savage Ghost Sect had long been prepared. After opening several side halls above the main peak, these uninvited people were finally accommodated.

A gathering of more than a thousand cultivators was extremely rare in Yunchuan Continent. Although Liu Ming had not shown up until now, the atmosphere at the ceremony was still very lively.

Suddenly, there was a roaring sound from the sky in the distance. More than a dozen flying boats of different styles flew in from all directions. These flying boats were of different sizes. Looking at the carved beams and painted buildings above, the people riding them must not be ordinary cultivators.

Seeing this scene, the old man surnamed Yan came out from the main hall. Some Spirit Masters behind him were already standing respectfully on both sides.

After the flying boats docked, dozens of figures flew out of these flying boats. They came before the old man surnamed Yan in an instant.

The leader was a middle-aged man wearing a black robe with a white jade belt around his waist. There was a faint black air all over his body.

Standing beside him was a handsome scholar in a white robe. Their aura was much higher than that of everyone present. They were the 2 Pseudo Pellet State cultivators of the Yunchuan Continent.

The rest of the people’s cultivation was obviously not low. Except for 5 sects of the Great Xuan Kingdom, even Huayi Sect’s Murong Xuan and the sect master of the Lieyang Valley were there. The entire executive members of the Yunchuan Alliance seemed to gather at the Savage Ghost Sect.

“Se… Senior Mo, long time no see. I didn’t expect you to come as well!” The old man surnamed Yan bowed at everyone and said slowly.

“Mr. Yan, Mr. Yuan Mo and I have heard that Senior Liu has formed a real pellet and returned to sect. I’m just following other sects to pay a visit. I have no other intention.” Looking at Yuan Mo beside him, he smiled and said lightly.

“Senior Mo is polite. Welcome everyone, it is really the honor of the Savage Ghost Sect to have you all here. Now please move to the main hall.” The old man surnamed Yan laughed and invited them in. The Savage Ghost Sect’s Spirit Masters also very respectfully gave way.

Yuan Mo and the man surnamed Mo flew toward the Savage Ghost Sect one after the other, followed by dozens of cultivators.

Within 10 minutes, under the guidance of the old man surnamed Yan, everyone came to the main hall of the Savage Ghost Sect.

In the main hall, an ordinary-looking young man in green robes was already sitting on the main seat in the middle. It was Liu Ming.

Hearing the sound, he looked up with a flash of his eyes.

Yuan Mo and the man surnamed Mo, who were walking in the front, felt cold. They suddenly had a feeling of being seen through by Liu Ming.

Although the group of Crystallization Period cultivators behind were also experienced people, they all felt anxious under this trigger.

When the old man surnamed Yan saw this scene, he smiled without saying.

“Senior Liu, after more than 100 years, I didn’t expect your cultivation to reach such a level. It’s really surprising.” Yuan Mo and the man surnamed Mo looked at each other with horror on their faces, then Yuan Mo cupped his fist at Liu Ming and said solemnly.

“Mr. Yuan has overpraised. Your pseudo pellet seems to be more refined. I’m afraid it will not be long for you to condense real pellet.” Liu Ming nodded indifferently and said with a smile.

Yuan Mo was startled when he heard this. His expression suddenly became a little unnatural.

Liu Ming looked at the man surnamed Mo and said with a slight smile,

“This is Mr. Mo, right?”

“Mo Xingyun greets Mr. Liu.” The man surnamed Mo looked stiff, and he cupped his fist.

“You two are welcome, please sit down.” Liu Ming waved his hand and said.

Yuan Mo and the man surnamed Mo went to the side and sat down. Huayi Sect, Zhaode Sect, Tianyue Sect and more than a dozen Crystallization Period cultivators behind them only dared to step forward and bowed to Liu Ming.

“Everyone is welcome, sit down.” Liu Ming nodded slightly, looking over casually.

He left Yunchuan Continent shortly after he entered the Condensation Period, so he didn’t know much about the sects in the Yunchuan Continent. He only knew a few people in the Great Xuan Five Sects and the Yuanmo Sect.

The Crystallization Period cultivators of the Great Xuan Five Sects were still those people after he left, but his gaze suddenly stopped at Tianyue Sect.

Behind Master Tianyue Sect Senior Nun Leng Yue stood a female cultivator in a plain long dress. She looked like she was just in her early twenties. She had an oval delicate face. The 2 clear watery eyes were looking at Liu Ming without blinking.

“Ruping.” There was a gentle smile on Liu Ming’s face.

After more than a hundred years, although Gan Ruping seemed to look more bookish than before, her facial features didn’t change much.

“Brother Ming.” Gan Ruping pursed her lips into a smile, revealing a bright smile.

Her appearance was originally delicate and soft. When she smiled, her smile was like a snow lotus in full bloom, which made people’s eyes brighten.

Liu Ming waved his hand. As the descendant of Uncle Gan, she was naturally different from others. He had already regarded her as a relative.

Gan Ruping’s eyes lit up, and she took a few steps forward.

Liu Ming nodded at the woman.

Although he had a lot to say to Qian Ruping, the current environment was obviously not suitable for reminiscing about the past.

“Miss Leng Yue, I have to thank you for teaching Ruping all these years.” Liu Ming turned his head and said to Senior Nun Leng Yue.

“Not at all, Senior Liu. On the contrary, I have to thank you for sending such an excellent disciple to Tianyue Sect. Ping’er is extremely talented in arrays. She is now the number one array master of the Yunchuan Alliance. The teleportation arrays in Yunchuan Continent and various islands are designed and arranged by her own hands.” A smile appeared on Senior Nun Leng Yue’s cold face.

When everyone present heard it, they were even more surprised. Although Gan Ruping had long been known as the first array master of the Yunchuan Alliance, few people know that she was actually introduced by Liu Ming to Tianyue Sect.

There was also a hint of astonishment in Liu Ming’s eyes.

Even in the Middle Sky Continent, an array master who could set up a teleportation array was rare. In Taiqing Sect where he belonged, there were not many people who had such attainments in arrays. Most of them had accumulated experiences for many years, and they were basically above the Real Pellet State.

Qian Ruping had just reached the Condensation Period intermediate stage, but she was able to arrange a teleportation array. It was conceivable how talented she was. If this matter spread to the Middle Sky Continent, many array masters would be shocked.

After Gan Ruping listened, her eyes furrowed in joy. Although she didn’t say anything, she didn’t hide her complacency in front of Liu Ming at all.

Liu Ming smiled slightly, then he responded Leng Yue with a few words.

At this time, the Crystallization Period cultivators of the major sects said a few words of flattery one by one, then they walked aside and sat down one after another.

The old man surnamed Yan saw that Liu Ming was not familiar with the high rank cultivators of each sect, so he introduced the cultivators of each sect one by one.

As a result, just halfway through the introduction, Liu Ming suddenly turned his gaze at a skinny old man with Condensation Period behind Murong Xuan, the sect master of Huayi Sect.

Liu Ming was the focus of almost everyone present. His obvious movements were naturally noticed by everyone.

“Senior Liu, wh… what’s the matter?” Murong Xuan’s heart trembled. He glanced at the skinny old man behind him and asked with some doubts.

Liu Ming flicked his fingers expressionlessly, and a purple sword qi shot out. It was so fast that they didn’t notice it.

Only then did the crowd hear a light “chi” sound. The skinny old man’s head was cut off. A stream of blood spurted out from his neck. He was dead instantly.

Liu Ming put down his hand and looked at the corpse on the ground with a calm expression.


After Murong Xuan was startled, his expression turned extremely ugly. He obviously didn’t know why Liu Ming would suddenly attack and kill his companion…

This thin old man’s cultivation was not high, but he held an important position in Huayi Sect. Otherwise, he would not have brought him to this occasion.

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