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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1102

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1102

Bloody Leaf Forest and Extreme Sun Array

There were many places that could enter the Tomb of Serene King on the outer area. This gravel slope was said to be the easiest way to pass, so they chose this path to enter the Tomb of Serene King.

Even so, as soon as the they stepped into this gravel slope, Liu Ming felt a gravity on his feet. His spiritual power was drained nonstop, and he lost consciousness for a second and fell from the air.

Fortunately, he instantly invoked the mind imitation insect and recovered his mind before landing safely onto the gravels.

The situation of Yin Liu was the same at that time. After rolling in the air, his descending speed was slowed, and he landed slowly on a rock.

“There is an anti-air enchantment here, so I’m afraid it will take a month for the remaining hundreds of miles.” Liu Ming said in a deep voice as he walked forward on the gravel road.

“If it’s just this, it’s still fine. There are a lot of unimaginable enchantments in the path ahead. You and I have to be mentally prepared.” Yin Liu said with a nod.

At this moment, “hoo“, a violent yin wind instantly wrapped them.

A large amount of gravels hit them like bullets.

Liu Ming only felt a burst of pain coming from all over his body. He hurriedly channeled spiritual power and wrapped himself in a black mist, finally resisting the overwhelming gravels. Then, he continued to move forward.

The next moment, he suddenly found that the spiritual power he could use at the moment was less than 30% of his peak. He couldn’t help but laugh bitterly in his mind.

He just entered the periphery of the Tomb of Serene King, and the influence of the enchantments was so great. He now understood why many Serene Clan cultivators didn’t make it out alive.

In the roll of yin wind on the other side, the gray mist kept flashing, and the crackling sounds were endless.

Compared to Liu Ming, who was a human and had a strong body, Yin Liu, who was relatively weak, looked even more distressed. Even gravel was a heavy blow to his soft body.

Fortunately, as soon as he found something wrong, he immediately cast a black long sword, then a huge sword intent rolled out and formed a dense black sword curtain.

As soon as the gravels in the sky touched the sword curtain, there was an extremely dull continuous explosion. The gravels were shattered into powder.

After a dozen minutes, the yin wind finally dispersed.

Liu Ming looked calm, but his grey shirt was already tattered.

Yin Liu was gasping, and his face was pale. His spiritual power seemed to be depleted.

“Brother Yin, are you alright?” Liu Ming frowned upon seeing this.

“I’m fine for now. For our Serene Clan, physical body is a weakness. If I suffer the damage a few more times, my injuries would be bad. By the way, I’m really shocked by Brother Yin’s body. However, as we get closer, the enchantments will be greater. Brother Yin should be more careful.” Yin Liu said with a long sigh of relief.

“I did practice a few special physiques mystic arts by chance, so my physical body is not bad. Speaking of which, Brother Yinliu’s sword controlling technique really opens my eyes.” Liu After Ming murmured a few words and changed the topic.

“My sword skills are nothing. We should hurry up now.” Yin Liu said with laughter, then he waved a blue mist out of his sleeve, which turned into dark green spiritual shoes under his feet. At the same time, he consumed a black elixir.

After a while, Yin Liu’s pale face returned to normal.

Liu Ming patted the dust on his body and continued to walk forward.

With the blessing of spiritual boots, Yin Liu’s speed was accelerated a little. Liu Ming used the body lightening technique, catching up with Yin Liu’s speed.

After half a day, they encountered 8 times of yin wind assaults. Finally, they passed through the gravel slope.

After passing through a low rolling hill, they came to the dense blood-red forest that they saw before.

It was completely different from what they imagined. This dense forest exuded a cold air, and the towering ancient trees that rose from the ground were arranged in an orderly manner. This place was exceptionally silent.

The trunks of these ancient trees were gray-brown. There were black vines on the roots that winded upward. The branches extended widely. On the branches were pieces of blood-red palm-sized leaves, which clustered together.

When Liu Ming looked up, it was blood red. He couldn’t see the sun at all.

“This is the “Blood Leaf Forest”. It is said that if you turn right at each fork, you can walk out of this dense forest smoothly, but it has not been confirmed yet.” Yin Liu said solemnly.

“This person who sold information must have come out of this forest alive, but in order to ensure safety, let’s explore it first.” Liu Ming said thoughtfully.

“Brother Yin is right. It’s always good to be careful.”

Yin Liu nodded, lightly patted the cloth bag on his waist, and a gray mist rolled out, turning into a one-foot-tall ape covered with long black hair.

After the monkey jumped on the spot twice, it rushed into the forest with a flash.

But only half an hour later, a wail came from the depths of the forest, then it was silent.

“There should be nothing wrong with this route, but there seem to be other yin beasts in the depths of the forest. Although my ape ghost is only at the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period and its strength is suppressed here, its speed is still very agile. Even when facing a Real Pellet State opponent, it will not be killed so easily.” Yin Liu said with a sigh.

“As of now, we can’t make any detour. The other directions will only be more dangerous.” Liu Ming said firmly.

“Since Brother Yin is not afraid of the yin beasts here, I will of course accompany you to the end.” After thinking about it, Yin Liu seemed to have made up his mind and took the lead, walking into the bloody forest.

Liu Ming also followed with a flutter.

As they just entered the forest for about 300 meters, the surrounding temperature dropped drastically. An absolute chill seemed to have frozen the entire space. The space was so silent that even breathing sounds were audible.

This icy aura made Liu Ming more cautious.

Just when they came to the corner of the second fork, a gray figure flashed out with a burst of yin wind.

Liu Ming was ready for it. He swayed to avoid it. Yin Liu also seemed to be prepared as he kicked the group and retreated.

“Chi chi“

After a flash of gray light, a ferocious giant wolf covered in gray hair was revealed.

This wolf was about 12 meters. It was surrounded by wisps of gray mist. The red spirit patterns were evenly arranged around the neck, and the 4 sharp claws were flashing with incomparably sharp crystal light. Judging from its aura, it had already reached the Real Pellet State early stage.

“Brother Yin, there is no need to drag the fight in this enchantment!”

Seeing this, Yin Liu said without hesitation. A red light blasted out of his sleeve and wrapped around the giant wolf with a radius of 3 meters.

Liu Ming took out 2 golden beads and threw them toward the giant wolf.

Bang, a burst of red light mixed with golden lightning shot up into the sky.

There was a strong tremor in the entire forest, and the bloody leaves turned into little red light spots under the strong impact.

For a time, the bloody light fell from the sky like a rain of blood.

They just ignored the giant wolf and ran into the next fork under the cover of the bloody leaves.

In the following time, they relied on consumable talismans and spiritual weapons to dodge the assaults of yin beasts as much as possible. They kept moving forward without stopping.

They didn’t know whether the information was wrong or the forest was too huge. This forest seemed to have no end. They walked for one day and one night. Even Liu Ming was fully prepared, he also felt a little overwhelmed now.

During this period, they encountered a blood patterned giant bear at the Real Pellet State intermediate stage.

This giant bear was extremely powerful. In this situation that suppressed his cultivation, Liu Ming relied on his tyrannical body and elusive movent; Yin Liu bombarded with mystic art, only then they killed it after a round of tough fight.

After that, when they encountered such yin beasts, they never wanted to fight again. Liu Ming mostly used Hell Prison to trap them, and then ran away.

After half a month, they finally came to the end of this bloody forest, but the scenery behind the dense forest made them stunned!

The back of the forest turned out to be an open wasteland. Before entering, a scorching aura rushed toward their face, which formed a sharp contrast with the bloody forest.

Liu Ming looked up and saw a dazzling golden light shining in the whole sky. Streams of golden lights came from the sky.

He narrowed his eyes, only then he could barely see clearly. There were 10 golden suns in the sky. When he looked into the distance, he saw that the wasteland was so empty that he couldn’t see the end at all.

“Extreme Sun Array!” Yin Liu blurted out in shock.

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s face turned gloomy.

Although he had never heard of this formation, only with the word “extreme sun”, he could understand the meaning.

He slowly stretched his hand into the golden light, and a scorching aura came. His skin was gradually reddened by the high temperature, and the black mist gradually dissipated.

“Brother Yin’s physical body is really strong. You can actually resist the dark golden light.” Seeing this, Yin Liu was a little moved.

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