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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1097

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1097

Wing Ling Appeared Again

Liu Ming was shocked. The Mountain River Pearl that he had been secretly released suddenly shot out, instantly grew to a size of 30 meters and blocked before him.

A muffled bang, a huge force was transmitted from the Mountain River Pearl. Liu Ming was shaken back several meters together with the pearl.

2 muffled snorts came!

The half-insect cultivator on the other side had a large hole on his shoulder, and an arm of the tiger head cultivator was directly cut off.

A small green triangular shield appeared in front of Bi Yan. Although a few cracks could be seen on it, it still defended the attacks of the black shadows.

“Oh, you can defend the heart corruption shuttle? Not bad!” Void Spirit’s surprised voice came from the puppet. The next moment, the human-shaped puppet shot silver flames from its mouth.

Liu Ming and Bi Yan were shocked, and they moved back hurriedly.

The half-insect cultivator and tiger head cultivator were injured, so their movements were slightly slower. They were immediately engulfed in the silver flames.

2 screams sounded and stopped abruptly!

The silver flames came fast, but they also dissipated quickly. However, the half-insect cultivator and the tiger head cultivator had their existence deleted. It was just like a drop of water evaporated in the fire, disappearing without a trace.

Before Liu Ming and Bi Yan could react, the green puppet stomped and rushed over. Silver flames surged out and shrouded Liu Ming and Bi Yan.

Liu Ming reacted very quickly. He shouted loudly and released all 12 Mountain River Pearls to turn them into a yellow shield, covering him from top to bottom.

There was the sound of flowing water in the Mountain River Pearls, and a black water light surged at the silver flames.

Sizzling sounds came endlessly. The black water light evaporated swiftly while resisting.

However, Mountain River Pearl was made of hell river heavy water. The power of the water attribute was extremely powerful. There was a continuous flow of water from the Mountain River Pearls which resisted the silver flames.

Bi Yan on the other side was not so lucky.

As a tragic scream sounded, Liu Ming glanced with peripheral vision that Bi Yan and the green triangular shield were drowned in the billowing silver flames.


Liu Ming’s eyes twitched slightly. He shouted loudly, and a large black water light gushed out from the 12 Mountain River Pearls and scattered the silver flames.

At the same time, he raised his hand and launched several symbols one after another. A stream of yellow light suddenly appeared in the black water light. 6 Mountain River Pearls had turned into several small mountain phantasms and slammed to the ground.

A series of deafening blasts sounded!

The entire ground suddenly burst open. Countless clods the size of grinding discs shot out, drowning the gray puppet in it.

Liu Ming turned into a phantasm and retreated back.

But at this moment, a green light flashed above him. A petite figure appeared like a ghost.

Liu Ming was shocked. He subconsciously made a gesture, wanting to channel the Mountain River Pearls to attack, but when he saw it clearly, he was dumbstruck.

“Southern Puppet… Senior Qing Ling!”

Liu Ming’s figure froze. He blurted out unbelievably.

The petite figure that suddenly appeared in front was a girl in green clothes who looked only 7 years old. She was a Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse, the Southern Puppet Emperor!

Qing Ling didn’t even look at Liu Ming. She just stared at the pile of rocks in the distance without moving.

At this moment, there was a bang!

A dazzling silver flame erupted from the pile of clods, shocking them away and melting them in the sky.

Immediately afterward, the gray puppet appeared again. It released a bright green light, and Void Spirit’s furious roar came from within.

The puppet shot another wave of silver flame beam at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming anxiously released the Mountain River Pearls and combined them into a yellow light curtain, then he moved back simultaneously.


Qing Ling, who was high in the sky, looked at the whistling silver flame beam, and she snorted coldly. She waved 1 arm, and a green light rolled down and crushed the silver flame beam.

Immediately afterward, the girl puppet shot a green rune into the forehead of the gray puppet.

The green runes on puppet’s body flashed and dissipated quickly. The green light in both eyes also dimmed.

“What’s going on here? Who… who are you?!”

Void Spirit’s terrified voice suddenly came from the gray puppet.

“How dare you touch my puppet, courting death!” A cold light flashed in Qing Ling’s eyes. She grabbed with her slender 5 fingers, and a cloud of indistinct green light flew out of her hand and flashed into the puppet’s chest and abdomen.

In a flash of gray light, Void Spirit’s somewhat indistinct body was grabbed by a big green hand and pulled out abruptly.

“Se… Senior, spare me! I just discovered this thing by accident. I didn’t…” Void Spirit could activate his spiritual body in this big hand. He was scared out of his soul as he hurriedly begged for mercy.

Before finishing his sentence, the green hand closed and crushed Void Spirit into a meat paste before he could even let out a scream.

Qing Ling waved her hand and threw the mutilated body of Void Spirit out. She glanced at the immobile gray puppet as if she was examining something. Then, she suddenly waved a green light to cover the puppet inside.

In the green light, the puppet shrank rapidly and finally turned into a gray ball the size of a head. It then returned to her hand.

After doing this, Qing Ling turned around and examined Liu Ming,

“You’re that little guy named Liu Ming right? Why are you here in the deepest underworld? Tsk tsk, after all these years, I didn’t expect your cultivation to improve by so much. You have reached the Real Pellet State intermediate stage.”

Hearing this, Liu Ming gave a wry smile in his mind. Even if he covered his aura and disguised as a Serene Clan cultivator, he was still seen through by this Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse.

After Liu Ming put away the Mountain River Pearls, he chanted. His whole body made a burst of crackling sounds. As black smoke swept his body, he restored his original appearance.

“Junior was hunted down by a powerful enemy decades ago and had to escape into a space fissure. Who knows I was teleported here by mistake.” After Liu Ming showed his true face, he immediately bowed to Qing Ling.

“It seems that you are quite lucky. The deepest underworld is not a good place for ordinary cultivators, but it is very beneficial for those who practice ghost techniques.” Qing Ling said and smiled softly.

“Indeed, junior really gets some benefits here. However, why did senior come here too. The black crystal jade puppet just now has great power. Does it have something to do with senior?” Liu Ming asked respectfully.

“You guessed it right. This black crystal jade puppet was forged by me when I entered this world many years ago. It was just that I still had important things to do at the time, so I only finished most of it before hurrying back to the Middle Sky Continent. Before I left, I temporarily placed this puppet in the black crystal forest, which is generally avoided by the Serene Clan people and ghost creatures. On the one hand, I planned to use some special environment underground to nourish this puppet. On the other hand, I intend to rush back after finishing the important matters, then I’ll finish this puppet. Unfortunately, many days had passed after so many incidents, so this thing has been buried here. I came here this time mainly to retrieve this thing.” Qing Ling looked at the black bead in her hand and said unhurriedly.

“This puppet has been nurtured in the black crystal forest for so many years. Its power is truly unfathomable. Junior almost dies to it.” Liu Ming glanced at the bead in Qing Ling’s hand, and he couldn’t help but said with a grin.

“Hehe, in order to prevent others from stealing this puppet, I have already planted a special enchantment on it. Generally, even if Serene Clan people find this puppet, they will trigger the enchantment and will be killed by it. Speaking of which, who was the person just now? He could avoid my enchantment and think of using this kind of special spiritual material to control it, which was quite capable.” Qing Ling said slowly.

Liu Ming’s heart shook, then he briefly explained the reason why he and the others were chasing Void Spirit.

“Void Ghost Clan? I haven’t heard of this race, but fortunately, the spiritual material he used is only a half-finished product. It can only exert a small portion of the puppet’s strength. Otherwise, you definitely can’t defend 1 blow even though you aren’t weak.” After Qing Ling heard this, she glanced at Liu Ming and replied casually.

“This puppet is forged by senior. Of course, junior can’t resist it. Fortunately, senior came in time. Otherwise, I would have been dead. Speaking of which, junior has been here for decades, but I still can’t find a way to return to the Middle Sky Continent. Senior’s power is unfathomable, can you bring me along when returning to the Middle Sky Continent?” Liu Ming thanked Qing Ling for a few more words, then he asked cautiously.

Since Qing Ling could come to the deepest underworld, she must be a way to return to the Middle Sky Continent. He and the Southern Puppet Emperor still had some encounters. Because he had helped Sha Chuer previously, she even gave him a communication jade talisman. Maybe she could bring him back.

“Take you back to the Middle Sky Continent? It’s not impossible, but the deepest underworld and the Middle Sky Continent are very far apart. If it’s only me, I can use my treasure to open a space tunnel. Although it consumes a lot of spiritual power, it isn’t difficult. If adding you, the troubles are huge. The power of the space tide in the space tunnel is extremely huge. To protect a Real Pellet State cultivator like you, I need to exert 10 times more spiritual power. Although I owe you once, it isn’t enough for me to help you to this extent.” Qing Ling’s expression turned cold after hearing the words.

TL: She must have something to ask from Liu Ming, right?

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