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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1092

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1092

The Might Of Void Spirit

Just when everyone heard Bi Yan’s voice transmission, after being slightly stunned, a sudden change occurred!

In the gray shadow transformed by Void Spirit, 2 red lights suddenly lit up. The figure suddenly turned into a gray light and rushed toward the nearest young man with swords on his back. The speed was almost comparable to lightning.

The young man with swords on his back hurriedly recalled the 2 flying purple swords to block in front of him. From which, 2 30 meters long purple sword lights shot out and slashed at Void Spirit.

Void Spirit’s smog-like body was covered with gray lights, and the sword qi of the young man just went through his body like there was nothing.

The next moment, Void Spirit shot a quick black light beam at the back of the young man.

The young man with swords on his back was startled. A silver armor flashed and appeared on his body. Waves of silver flames emerged and blocked the black light beam.

But this black light beam pierced through the layers of silver flames, hitting the chest of the young man.

The young man’s body was pierced through like it was paper. Feeling a coldness on his chest, a bloody hole could be seen on his chest.

The young man spurted blood wildly. Suffering such a severe hit, his Divine Thought was blurred, and his figure was shaky.

In a flash of gray light, Void Spirit had already appeared in front of the young man and grabbed his head.

The young man with swords on his back was startled. He wanted to dodge, but he worsened the injury as he moved, making him spurt another mouthful of blood. The dimmed protective aura almost completely dissipated.

Seeing this, his face turned ashen.

From the time Void Spirit escaped from the green silks released by Bi Yan to the sudden attack on the young man with swords on his back, it seemed like a long process, but it was only momentarily. Another person was going to died in the hands of Void Spirit so soon!

At this moment, a white light beam suddenly descended from the sky, covering Void Spirit in it.

Void Spirit’s smoky figure suddenly slowed down.

At this moment, an extremely scorching fire surged from behind. Layers of ripples appeared in the air. A 30 meters long fire dragon charged toward Void Spirit who was caught in the white light.

Just when the fire dragon touched Void Spirit’s body, his body became transparent as if it was dissolved in a white light beam.


The fire dragon burst out crimson flames from the white light. The heat waves spread in all directions, making it impossible to see the situation for a while.

At the same time, the young man with swords on his back was caught by a red light and brought to the distance.

The man who brought him over was the man with hanging eyebrows. His body was covered with a layer of red flame. He chanted while launching symbols. The red dragon became larger and larger.

On the other side, on the top of the old man in a green robe, a white ancient mirror could be seen, from which a white light beam shot out continuously.

Seeing that he had escaped from death, the young man with swords on his back immediately gasped for breath. He hurriedly took a few elixirs. A layer of green light covered the wound on his chest, then flesh buds grew quickly and filled the wound.

“Thank you!” After finally taking a breath, the young man with swords on his back bowed to the man with hanging eyebrows and the old man in a green robe.

The old man in a green robe and the man with hanging eyebrows were concentrating on dealing with Void Spirit at the moment, so they didn’t have time to respond. They just nodded casually.

“Everyone, be careful. The black light beam that Void Spirit just shot is extremely powerful. Even the magic weapon prototype defensive hell weapon can’t resist it.” The green light flashed, and Bi Yan appeared next to the young man with swords on his back, then he stuck a talisman on him. A layer of green shield covered the young man.

As soon as he finished speaking, half-insect cultivator and tiger head cultivator flashed out from his left and right sides. The silver whip and black flying fork turned into dense fork lights and whip shadows that surged toward Void Spirit who was trapped by the white light and the fire dragon.

On the other side, Liu Ming made a gesture. Mother Son Yin Soul Swords condensed, and a gray sword light 90 meters long shot forward.

A deafening sound occurred!

Where the Void Spirit was, it was shrouded in white, red, silver, black, and gray lights!

When the various colors of lights disappeared, a cloud of gray smoke flew out. After a few flashes, it landed not far away, and the smoke faded and revealed Void Spirit.

He didn’t seem to be unharmed at all. He looked at them with cold killing intent in his eyes, frowning slightly.

When Bi Yan and others saw this, they lost their composures.

Liu Ming was even more surprised in his heart.

Although this Void Spirit was only at the Real Pellet State later stage, his strength had exceeded his expectations. For some reason, he felt even more that the true strength of Void Spirit seems to be far more than that.

“Brother Bi Yan, this Void Spirit can almost turn his body into an intangible state. All attacks are useless to him. Do you have a countermeasure in mind?” The half-insect cultivator turned to look at Bi Yan and asked in a deep voice.

“According to the original plan, we will take the lead and use Brother Qi Shan’s enchantment to deal with Void Spirit’s transformation and possessing technique, but now…” Bi Yan said slowly and thoughtfully.

When the half-insect cultivator and others heard this, their faces turned gloomy.

“Don’t worry, everyone. We now have the absolute upper hand in terms of numbers and strength. Void Spirit’s transformation technique must have its weaknesses. As long as we are careful and don’t get destroy one by one, it isn’t hard to kill him.” Bi Yan sneered, then he rubbed his hands together. A dozen blue beads shot out of his hands at Void Spirit.

Void Spirit smiled, swayed, and swept to the side.

Seeing this, Bi Yan made a gesture. The dozen blue bead changed direction and accelerated. In a blink of an eye, he caught up with Void Spirit.

Before waiting for Void Spirit to react, Bi Yan changed gesture and uttered a word “explode”.

“Bang bang bang!“

More than a dozen blue beads burst open at the same time, turning into a blue mist, drowning Void Spirit in it.

“This is Blue Geng Cold Air…”

Not far away, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed, this blue mist was extremely cold. It was actually the Blue Geng Cold Air that Lan Xu used before!

So many Blue Geng Cold Air burst out at once, The turbulent blue mist surged and shrouded the surrounding area of ​​hundreds of meters with Void Spirit as the middle.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Liu Ming and the other 4 retreated out of the mist range.

When Liu Ming stabilized his body and looked forward again, he was startled by the scene in front.

In the midair where the Void Spirit was, there were more than a dozen ice-blue and human-shaped ice sculptures. In each of the ice sculptures, a figure similar to the Void Spirit was trapped in it. It was lifelike.

The basin where the Red Ghost Clan was located had turned into a ice and snow world. Thousands of red ghosts and oval buildings were frozen by a layer of blue ice crystals. All the red ghosts’ faces still had the expressions before they were frozen; fear, surprise, and despair…

“Brother Yin Han, hurry up and use Dragon Tiger Hell Prison. My Blue Geng Cold Air can’t trap him for much time.” At this moment, Bi Yan’s urging voice could be heard in Liu Ming’s ears.

Hearing this, Liu Ming immediately shook his arms without hesitation. Black air rolled out from his body and turned into 6 black mist dragons and tigers in the blink of an eye.

He shook 2 fists. The 12 giant mist dragons and tigers rushed toward the dozen ice blue sculptures.

“Hell Prison!”

“Boom boom boom!“

The 6 black mist dragons exploded and turned into a large black light that covered the dozen ice sculptures.

In the blink of an eye, a black light ball of about 300 meters in size suddenly appeared!

As soon as the black light ball formed, there was a burst of crackling sounds inside!

“Blue Geng Cold Air really can’t trap him. Fortunately, this Hell Prison has a trapping effect on ghost creatures with spiritual bodies!” Seeing this, Bi Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and a hint of joy flashed in his eyes.

At this moment, Liu Ming’s face was solemn. He didn’t dare to relax at all. He launched waves of black mist into the black light ball.

“Perfect state Hell Prison! Hehe, you really put so much effort into catching me. If it was a dozen years ago, I would really be caught by this. Now that my spiritual body is perfect, how can this mere Hell Prison hold me?”

In Hell Prison, Void Spirit looked at the black and dull world in all directions. The black ghost creatures constantly jumped out, but he just muttered to himself in a calm manner.

Immediately afterward, ghost howls came one after another!

The densely packed one horn ghost creatures rushed toward Void Spirit!

At this moment, Void Spirit sneered. He swayed, turned into wisps of smokes and disappeared among the one horn ghost creatures.

“What’s going on!” Outside of Hell Prison, Liu Ming frowned and was speechless.

At this moment, the hundreds of hell river small ghosts summoned in Hell Prison seemed to be covered with a part of the smoke of Void Spirit.

That meant, every hell river small ghost might be possessed with Void Spirit’s real body, but he couldn’t sense the slightest difference among them.

He couldn’t control these hundred hell river small ghosts to kill each other. Even so, he just lost his spiritual power in vain. He couldn’t do any real damage to Void Spirit at all.

As soon as he thought of this, he frowned and canceled Hell Prison without hesitation.


The Hell Prison, which was nearly 300 meters in size, collapsed and turned into a black mist!

Hundreds of gray lights shot out from the black mist. In a flash, they disappeared into the blue ice sculptures of the red ghosts below.

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