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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1077

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1077

Real Pellet Formed

In the gray space of “prison”, Liu Ming appeared with a flash.

“Senior Luo Hu, I have already found the opportunity to break through the Real Pellet State. Please show yourself now!” He looked around and said loudly.

The prison space was now dozens of miles in size. The sound echoes far away.

In the past 2 decades, Liu Ming had called Luo Hu several times, but there was no response. But this time, as soon as he finished speaking, a familiar figure flashed in front of Liu Ming.

“Senior Luo Hu!” Liu Ming smiled and bowed to him.

The person was Luo Hu!

Luo Hu looked at Liu Ming up and down, nodded slightly, and said,

“Not bad, during the time when I was sleeping, your cultivation improved very quickly!”

“I always keep Senior Luo Hu’s words in my mind and dare not to slack off.” Liu Ming said with a wry smile.

Luo Hu smiled and said nothing.

“Senior promised to use the power of prison to help me advance to the Real Pellet State. I am now ready.” Liu Ming said.

“Hmph, since I promised you, I will fulfill it naturally, but this opportunity is only one time. Are you really ready?” Luo Hu said.

“In the past few decades, I have also collected a lot of means to condense the real pellet. I’m quite certain to break through!” Liu Ming said decisively.

“Okay, you go to get ready first. I can mobilize the power of prison to help you at any time here.” Luo Hu nodded and said after hearing this.

“Thank you, senior!” Liu Ming bowed to Luo Hu again, then he left the prison space in a flash.

In the deep pit, Liu Ming suddenly opened his eyes. He flew to a flat open space.

“Xie’er, I will try to condense the real pellet now. This is the formation flags and disk arrays of the Purdue Sumeru Array. You help me arrange it around, then protect me. Don’t let anything disturb me.” As Liu Ming said, he took out a stack of yellow formation flags and disk arrays and handed them to Xie’er.

“Master, don’t worry. I will not let anyone disturb you!” Xie’er took the formation flags and disk arrays, nodded, and then began to set up the array.

Liu Ming retracted his glance from Xie’er, and his expression became serious.

This time, the opportunity to form a reall pellet came a bit suddenly, but it was also within his expectation. After all, he practiced ghost techniques, and the deepest underworld was more suitable for condensing the real pellet than in the the Evil Ghost Way.

It could even be said that the deepest underworld was one of the birthplaces of the ghost techniques.

As for the mysterious enchantment at the bottom of the hell river, it was an unexpected gain. It somehow slightly increased the chance of forming a real pellet.

Therefore, he must seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Thinking of this, he slowly closed his eyes and began to meditate and adjust his breath.

Half a day later, when he opened his eyes again, there was a gleam of black light in his eyes.

At this moment, Liu Ming, both physically, mentally and spiritual power had been adjusted to the optimum state.

He waved 1 hand, and a pile of green spirit stones were placed on the ground. There were about 50 of them, which were the spirit gathering stones he got in the upper realm ruins.

Liu Ming launched one after another runes onto the ground around him.

Soon, light green spirit patterns were engraved on the ground with him as the center. The patterns vaguely formed a circle.

After doing all this, Liu Ming looked around and checked again. Then, he waved both hands with black air, placing the spirit gathering stones in the array patterns.

Soon, a small gathering spirit formation was set up.

At the moment when the spirit gathering array was formed, an invisible suction force spread out in all directions. The surrounding yin qi rushed toward the spirit gathering array under the traction of this force.

The bottom of the hell river was originally thick with yin qi. After the spirit gathering array was set, the yin qi immediately became thicker several times. A layer of black misty yin qi appeared around Liu Ming, and a pitch-black yin qi vortex appeared faintly above him. The bone-piercing cold aura immediately intensified several times, almost piercing into his bone marrow.

Fortunately, Liu Ming had cultivated Hell Bone Secret to the 9th level over the years, and his resistance to the cold air had been greatly enhanced.

Although he also felt cold, he did not feel too much discomfort.

“Shit, I forgot that the spirit of the deepest underworld is extremely thin. Even if a spirit gathering array is set up, only the yin qi will gather around!” Suddenly, Liu Ming slapped his thigh and realized a big problem.

The Hell Bone Secret he cultivated could convert yin qi into spiritual power and store it in the sea of ​​consciousness, but he was still a human cultivator after all. Now that he wanted to condense the real pellet, without the abundant natural spirits, it was difficult to succeed.

The purpose of using this small spirit gathering array to condense the natural spirits to increase the density of spirits in the surrounding space, but at the moment the surrounding spirits were extremely thin. More biting yin qi were gathered by the spirit gathering array.

Speaking of which, in the more than 10 years since he entered the deepest underworld, he had relied on the elixirs and spirit stones to restore his spiritual power. He didn’t rely much on the natural spirits, so he only realized this problem now.

“Wait, spirit stone, there is a way!” Liu Ming’s heart moved, and he vaguely thought of something.

He waved 1 hand, and there were piles of spirit stones like hills in the spirit gathering array. Most of them were upper grade spirit stones; almost tens of thousands, but intermediate grade spirit stones and inferior grade spirit stones were much lesser.

These were all Liu Ming’s savings over the years, which were as many as hundreds of millions of spirit stones. Now he had no other option but to use them all.

Although Liu Ming felt distressed, he released black air to roll up the spirit stones.

Bang bang bang!

Tens of thousands of spirit stones were rolled up and shattered.

Immediately, a stream of pure spirits overflowed in all directions. Under the suction of the spirit gathering array, the spirits gathered in the middle and merged into the black yin qi vortex in the middle.

In the black mist, the milky white mist-like spirits were immediately mixed, covering Liu Ming in it. The vortex above his head gradually turned black and white.

Xie’er hurriedly chanted and waved the flags after seeing this scene.

The Purdue Sumeru Array needed 2 people to function normally, but there was no enemy now. It was only to conceal the spiritual power fluctuation when Liu Ming advanced lest attracting more troubles, so Xie’er alone was enough.

Under the support of Xie’er, a pale golden light curtain enveloped Liu Ming and the spirit gathering array inside. No movement was transmitted to the outside of the enchantment.

In the spirit gathering array in the middle, Liu Ming felt like he was in a hot spring with alternating hot and cold. An indescribable comfort spread from his limbs into his sea of consciousness.

He closed his eyes, and his mind gradually entered the realm of selflessness.

After a long time, he slowly opened his eyes. A pure spiritual power gradually ran in the sea of ​​consciousness.

“Senior Luo Hu, it’s time to start!” After saying in his mind, he took out 8 bottles of various auxiliary elixirs that he had prepared before and consumed all of them. They could more or less increase the chances of condensing the real pellet.

In the sea of ​​consciousness, there was a sudden sound of “poof“. A small bubble the size of a soybean suddenly flashed. As it shook, a torrent of warm spiritual power poured out of it frantically.

Liu Ming’s body was shaken. Above the sea of ​​consciousness, the “pseudo pellet”, which was originally composed of 153 spiritual power crystals began to flash wildly and trembled rhythmically after receiving the impact of this warm spiritual power.

The black and white airflow vortex was spinning getting faster and faster, gradually forming a funnel shape. A stream of extremely pure black and white spirit surged into Liu Ming’s head like a monstrous wave. After passing through his every meridians, the spirit converged in the sea of ​​consciousness and coiled the “pseudo pellet”.

Gradually, the sparkling “pseudo pellet” began to be surrounded by the black and white mist…

Time passed day by day; a year passed in a blink of an eye.

One day, in the gray sky above the Hell River, countless air vortexes suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Immediately afterward, a gust of wind suddenly blew up the airflow for hundreds of kilometers around it. The originally calm hell river below also set off huge waves.

Gradually, an incomparably huge dark cloud appeared in the sky.

The next moment, an earth-shattering crackling sound came from the dark cloud, and countless purple lightning arcs flashed like a tide!

Under the frantic dance, the dull rumbling sound spread in all directions.

Under the dark thundercloud, all the hell river yin beasts felt the astonishing momentum of this thundercloud. Driven by instinct, they all avoided far away.

At this moment, in the black hell river below, a huge vortex suddenly appeared, then it quickly expanded, turning into 90 meters in size instantly.


A black figure charged out from the center of the vortex and suspended under the dark thundercloud. As the black air dissipated, a man with an ordinary face.

It was Liu Ming.

At this moment, all his muscles were squirming and burst into blue veins like big snakes coiling around him.

As soon as Liu Ming appeared, the dark thundercloud in the sky seemed to have found a vent. A loud thunderclap came, and purple lightning arcs struck at the figure below.

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