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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1062

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1062


Only then did Liu Ming look toward the front of the carriage.

Leng Meng had appeared there at some point in time.

The four ghost bat carriages on both sides also began to turn and continued to maintain the formation.

“Brother Bi is really smart. You can guess Captain Leng Meng’s mind in one sentence.” Liu Ming said with a slight smile.

“Hehe, it’s nothing. No one will be stupid enough to go through this Hell Extinct Valley.” Bi Yan smiled. After chatting a few words casually with Liu Ming, he turned around and walked back.

Liu Ming stood where he was. He did not go back immediately. He just gleaned at Bi Yan with a thoughtful look.

Bi Yan came to talk to him from time to time along the way. Although he didn’t think he had any malicious intentions, he asked about Dragon Tiger Hell Prison from time to time. He seemed to know a little about this technique.

This made Liu Ming even more confused about the other party’s intentions.

But no matter what the other party’s plans were, he didn’t plan to pay attention to it. As soon as the time came, he would immediately flee far away. Even if the other party was really malicious, he couldn’t do anything to him at all.

The carriages turned around and went to the west.

After half a day, there was a situation!

Behind a mountain peak on the left, there was a sudden noise, and hundreds of gray lights flew out.

These gray lights dashed with long tails in the air like a meteor. They shot toward the Cold Moon City’s people.

“Enemy attack!”

A stern warning sound resounded instantly, alerting the entire team.

The 5 ghost bat carriages stopped immediately. The 20 soldiers flew out from the frontmost ghost bat carriage. Their bodies were lit with white light as they connected into a 30 meters white light curtain that covered the front.

Liu Ming was meditating in the secret room. When he heard the noise, he walked out immediately and looked into the distance with a solemn expression.

Some other selected guards also came out.

The ghost bat carriage where Liu Ming was located is in the middle. He could see that in the gray lights were round boulders with burning flames. It seemed similar to the high level spell fire meteorite of the Middle Sky Continent, but it seemed to be more powerful.

Boom! These meteorites hit the white light curtain like a rain.

The white light curtain trembled violently, and it dimmed extremely quickly. The dozen or so soldiers who formed the light curtain were only in the early stage of the Crystallization Period. They spewed out a mouthful of blood.

The light curtain only lasted for a few seconds, then cracks appeared on it.

At this time, there were a few whistles. More than 20 Crystallization Period soldiers flew over and shot several white lights into the gray light curtain.

With the assist of more than 40 guards, the white light curtain finally stabilized. The remaining burning boulders were blocked.

With this buffer, the Cold Moon City’s soldiers had already come out from the ghost bat carriages. They formed 5 phalanxes at the back of the ghost bat carriage. 5 Real Pellet State captains stood at the front with grim faces.

Seeing this, Liu Ming and the other guards flew over immediately.

The next moment, they appeared behind Leng Meng. They stood on 2 sides with stern faces.

After the overwhelming fire boulders were completely blocked by the white light curtain. the mountain on the left also calmed down.

“Who dares to attack the Cold Moon City! Show yourself!” Leng Meng still looked tense. He looked at the mountain on the left and shouted.

What responded to him was a strange and harsh voice!

When Liu Ming looked toward the direction of the sound, he saw a giant tiger-shaped yin beast with 2 wings flying out from the left mountain. There were about 700 people on its back. The number was even greater than the Cold Moon City’s team.

These cultivators were all wearing blue robes, and the dozen or so cultivators standing at the front were looking at everyone of the Cold Moon City with malicious intent.

Standing in front of the giant tiger was a nine-foot burly man. He was dressed in a blue robe. He had a huge scar on his face from his forehead to the corner of his mouth, making the muscular man look very fierce.

“Lan Xu, are you under the command of the Cold Water City Lord to ambush us?” Leng Meng stared at the burly man and shouted fiercely.

“Shit, these are people from Cold Water City. Cold Water City and Cold Moon City have always been hostile because of territorial issues. I’m afraid this fight is inevitable.” Bi Yan stood beside Liu Ming and whispered.

Liu Ming nodded slightly expressionlessly, but he was overjoyed.

This group of people came just in time. With his strength, he could absolutely protect himself. If the fierce battle begins, he could just take the opportunity to leave the team.

“Leng Meng, hand over the tributes, then I can spare your life.” The burly man in a blue robe looked at Leng Meng and smiled wickedly.

“Hmph, in your dream!” Leng Meng said coldly with a calm face. When speaking, he looked around.

Speaking of which, Leng Meng was not surprised when he was intercepted by people from other cities.

Although the people of the Cold Water City were stronger than them, if they were to flee, they would not be able to stop them. They must have set something up.

Just as Leng Meng was thinking about the next move, in the other side of the mountain, several gigantic goshawks suddenly flew out.

These ghost goshawks were more than 180 meters in size. They were similar to the size of the ghost bat carriage. Hundreds of Serene Clan cultivators were standing on the back of the ghost goshawks. The leader was a young woman in a long silver robe. Although she had a hot body, her face looked cold.

These cultivators wear silver light armor that was embroidered with the word “Flame” in Serene Clan’s language.

“Yin Tang! We Cold Moon City and you Flame City don’t have any grudges. Why do you want to collude with the people of the Cold Water City!” Leng Meng was finally shocked by this. He shouted loudly.

The young woman in silver clothes smiled coldly. She didn’t bother to answer, and she just waved her arm.


Hundreds of cultivators from Flame City flew out, and the people of the Cold Water City also flew up from the tiger-shaped ghost beast. More than a thousand cultivators from both sides surrounded the Cold Moon City’s people in the middle.

The people of the Cold Moon City were startled. All of them looked at Leng Meng.

Liu Ming and the other 9 people also looked uneasy. They secretly channeled spiritual power.

Leng Meng’s face was ashen. Thousands of thoughts flashed in his heart.

However, the cultivators in Cold Water City and Flame City would not give him much time to think about it.

Their Serene Clan powerhouses immediately launched various attacks impatiently. More than a thousand lights shot out with terrifying momentum.

The 5 teams of the Cold Moon City were weak. Some were even at the Condensation Period. Under such momentum, they succumbed to chaos.

“Don’t panic. On my command, form a crescent protective shield!” A cold light flashed in Leng Meng’s eyes. He shouted loudly, and the sound spread out in a wave.

All the Cold Moon City people reacted immediately and formed a formation on top of the 5 giant beasts. They formed a star formation. Under the command of the 5 captains, they released gray lights and condensed into an inverted bowl-shaped light shield.

As the light shield had just been formed, the raindrop-like attack had already hit it. Immediately, bursts of gray lights could be seen and rumbling noises were endless.

The gray light shield trembled violently.

The five Real Pellet State captains grunted at the same time, and they raised a white compass magic weapon. 5 light beams shot into the light shield, stabilizing in an instant.

Seeing this scene, Leng Meng was slightly relieved.

“The tortoise’s hood is indeed sturdy.” The burly man in a blue robe sneered and wave 1 hand.

Several Real Pellet State cultivators standing beside him flew out immediately. They released a dozen black pearls around the white light shield.

The black pearls flashed and turned into a dozen giant ghost creature puppets. Each of them was more than 30 meters in size. They had dark skin like black rock, and their bodies looked extremely sturdy.

Inside the light shield, Leng Meng’s pupils shrank when he saw this.

The dozen giant puppets raised their huge fists and bombarded the light shield heavily.

The light shield trembled amidst the loud noise. Waves of intangible force penetrated through the light shield and hit the people inside. The weaker ones were knocked back and suffered heavy injuries.

On the other side, the young woman in silver clothes waved her jade arm. More than a dozen silver-armored people behind her flew out. With a flash of white light, each of them held a white flag that was engraved with a fireball pattern.

More than a dozen silver armor cultivators chanted, then the white flags shot bone white fire beams at the light shield.

The silver armored cultivators waved their hands and launched a symbol. With a soft “poof“, more than a dozen fire beams turned into hundreds of fist-sized pale flames that fell, but the light shield did not shake at all.

“What’s going on!” The Cold Moon City cultivators looked at each other in confusion. The Flame City people only cast such a small flame after making such a big scene?.

However, someone soon noticed the abnormality. The white flames were firmly attached to the light shield no matter how it trembled.

“No, these flames are devouring the spiritual power of the light shield!” Someone soon discovered another abnormality and shouted.

The white flame is like a sponge, constantly absorbing the spiritual power on the light shield and becoming larger. The light shield gradually turned dim instead.

“Bone Spirit Devouring Flame!” Leng Meng was initially attracted by the giant puppets of the Cold Water City, but when he heard the shout, he turned to look and said with an ashen face.

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