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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1050

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1050

Racshasas Immortal Execution Array

A violent shaking suddenly came from the ground!

The 12 Rakshasas Giant Ghost’s eyes glowed with strange red light, and gray air was billowing out of them. With heavy steps, they encircled the human cultivators and moved closer.

The Rakshasas Giant Ghosts with a height of 200 meters were like a row of 12 mountains. The monstrous spiritual pressure tumbled all the yin qi in the vicinity, shocking the human race cultivators including Liu Ming!

In the midair behind the Rakshasas Giant Ghosts, a purple light flashed on the wheel disc in the middle-aged man in black clothes’ hand. Strange black patterns began to appear on his body.

Immediately afterward, 12 dark purple light beams soared into the sky.


All the light beams burst open one after another. 12 gigantic giant beast phantasms emerged!

The appearance of each giant beast phantasms was the same as the Rakshasas Giant Ghosts below. The Rakshasas Ghost suddenly released an astonishing momentum to the sky.

A deafening beast roar sounded!

One after another purple light beams wrapped around giant beast phantasm and flashed out. They echoed each other in the gray space and instantly transformed into a round dark purple compass phantasm. A huge purple arrow in the middle was spinning slowly.

12 giant beast phantasms divided the compass phantasm surface into 12 parts!

“Be careful, this… this is the rumored Twelve Rakshasas Immortal Execution Array!”

The middle-aged man surnamed Wei shouted in shock. He launched a symbol at the golden light colossus, then his both hands grabbed forward. The giant sword light grew to a size similar to the golden light colossus.


Xuan Sacred Puppet also jumped and landed beside the golden light colossus, and the Bloodthirst Demonic Lizard also stood with the golden giant after a flash.

“We will deal with the 12 Rakshasas, then you all deal with the rest.” The white-haired middle-aged man’s voice came from the Xuan Sacred Puppet.

After that, the 12 Rakshasas had already rushed to the vicinity. The huge arrow in the middle of the dark purple compass pointed to the giant monkey phantasm.

The giant monkey phantasm suddenly shot a thick dark golden light beam at the 3 behemoths of the human side.

Before the dark golden light beam hit them, it burst into countless dark golden light awls and rushed toward the 3 behemoths like a manic storm.

For a time, the sharp whistles resounded the entire space. Countless dark golden light awls tore apart the space. The great power contained in the light awl was obvious.

Xuan Sacred Puppet’s yellow armor shone brightly, then it bent its body and rushed toward the 12 Rakshasas, ignoring the incoming dark golden light awls.

Clang clang!

The dark golden light awls exploded when hitting the armor of Xuan Sacred Puppet. Except for leaving some white marks, the attacks didn’t affect the puppet at all.

The 2 giant blades in Xuan Sacred Puppet’s hands made a cross-shaped slash and launched 2 300 meters yellow blade lights.


2 cross-shaped blade lights slashed on the Horse-faced Rakshasas Giant Ghost, making a clanging sound.

The surface of the Horse-faced Rakshasas Giant Ghost lit up with a dark purple crystal. The light beams rising from the 12 Rakshasas were connected to each other through the compass phantasm above. The damage of the blade lights was dispersed to all the Rakshasas Giant Ghosts.

Horse-faced Rakshasas took a few steps back and quickly stabilized its body.

Seeing this scene, the middle-aged Wei surnamed on the golden light colossus and the beautiful woman surnamed Qi surnamed on the Bloodthirst Demonic Lizard were both startled. They also attacked at the same time at the next moment.

The golden light colossus raised the giant light sword and slashed forward with a giant golden arc.

A crescent sword light surged out like a raging wave.

Bloodthirst Demonic Lizard’s black scales stood up, and the red horn on its head was charging a huge spiritual power, then a dark red lightning was launched at the 12 Rakshasas.

Behind the 12 Rakshasas, the ghost general in black clothes had a solemn face. The compass in his hand was spinning rapidly. On the purple compass phantasm above the 12 Rakshasas, the pointer was spinning rapidly, shooting five-color light beams at the golden sword lights and the dark red lightning.


The deafening loud noise spread far away. The space where the spiritual powers from both sides collided had large space fissure. The space of a few hundred miles in a radius was shrouded by a huge storm. The giant figures were gradually covered up.

Looking from a distance, various lights were flashing in the sky. Rumbling explosions were endless. From time to time, 1 or 2 light beams would shoot at the ground or disappear into the sky, causing a violent shake. The mountains were turned into dust after being hit. One after another pit with a 30 meters radius appeared.

On the other side.

Whether it was the ghost army or the human race cultivators, they all fled towards the northern plains long before the war began, lest they were involved in the Mystic Comprehending State level battle.

When they were more than a hundred miles away from the battle group, they all stopped. Under the command of the Celestial State powerhouses, the war began.

Nearly 10,000 cultivators of the humans and ghost creatures were mixed together. All kinds of lights shot around unscrupulously.

In mid-air, the old man with a bottle nose and the other 3 celestial cultivators were fighting with the 6 ghost generals.

The nearby space was filled with black mist immediately.

The reinforcement of the 3 legions was only about 1,000 people, and the cultivators from the Taitian Fortress were only a little bit more than 1,000.

According to the number of people, the human cultivators were at a disadvantage, but the ghost army was much weaker in terms of equipment. Once they were in the chaotic battle, the ghost army could no longer form the formation that they were best at. So in general, the situation on both sides was in a subtle state of evenly matched.

During the chaotic battle, Liu Ming was enveloped in layers of black air. Several dragon and tiger phantasms roamed around him together with the Bitter Wheel Sword.

Enemies were everywhere around him.


A red-haired ghost captain appeared out of nowhere. Judging from his aura, he was at the Real Pellet State early stage.

The large red flag flashed in his hand, and a large blood-red python flew and bit at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s face turned grim. A 30 meters black mist tiger resisted the bloody python in midair.

Immediately, his figure swayed and disappeared.

The red-haired ghost captain was stunned. A black figure faded out elusively behind him.

“Shosh“, an arm wrapped in black air penetrated through the red-haired ghost captain’s lower abdomen.

The red-haired ghost captain had an unbelievable look. His body was slashed into several segments by a purple sword light.

Liu Ming released black air and collected the red-haired ghost captain’s storage equipment.

He killed a ghost captain in an instant, but he didn’t look happy at all.

3 more ferocious green ghost pawns rushed toward him again.


Liu Ming patted the soul-recovering bag around his waist. The foot-sized Bone Scorpion shot out and landed on his shoulder in a flash.

“Boom“, Xie’er emitted a dazzling golden light body at the ghost pawns, making them scream dreadfully.

Liu Ming waved the sword in his hand and launched several purple sword lights.

With 3 consecutive screams, the 3 ghost pawns were slashed in half.

“Xie’er, continue to support with golden light.” Liu Ming quickly instructed with Divine Thought.

“Yes, Master.” Xie’er replied without hesitation.

Liu Ming glanced around, then he moved toward the space with lesser ghost creatures, purposely avoiding some high rank ghost captains and big groups of ghost creatures.

With the assist of Xie’er’s golden light, Bitter Wheel Sword and Che Huan Totem, he forcibly killed all the ghost creatures in his way and rushed to an inconspicuous corner of the battlefield.

Along the way, at least 6 ghost captains died in his hands; the ghost lieutenants and ordinary ghost creatures were even more numerous.

At this point, Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. The Bitter Wheel Sword shone and turned into countless sword shadows that shot out.

A series of screams sounded. More than 20 ghost creatures within a range of dozens of meters in front were almost swept away by him. Their corpses fell from the air like raindrops.

At this moment, a green shadow flashed out from somewhere. It sho green light from its mouth and devoured the remaining souls of the corpses.

Seeing this, Liu Ming released the Bitter Wheel Sword, and countless sword lights struck at the green shadow.

Unexpectedly, the sword lights passed through the green shadow as if they had hit the air.

“Soul type ghost!”

Liu Ming was moved. He stopped Xie’er from releasing golden light, then Che Huan Totem phantasm appeared and shot green light to wrap the green shadow.

The shadow made a terrified cry, but it was still swallowed by the Che Huan Totem.

“How dare you slaughter my clan and destroy my sub-soul!”

An angry shout came from above. An invisible wave swept in, pushing the surrounding ghost creatures and cultivators away.

Liu Ming hurriedly looked up, only to see a green-haired ghost in bone armor glaring at him from above.

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