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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1048

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1048

Chaotic Battles

“Damn, Lie Ghost and those of the Soul Devourer Tribe actually left without permission in the chaos just now.” The burly ghost general, who had been silent for a while, suddenly turned to the direction behind him and said in a deep voice.

The ghost general with red eyebrows and the ghost general with bone armor were astounded. When they looked back, their number was reduced by a lot. There were still some ghost creatures leaving the army in the back.

The ghost army of nearly 10,000 ghosts had decreased by 30% in the blink of an eye!

“These guys!” the ghost general with bone armor was furious. Crackling sounds came from its knuckles.

“Forget it, I didn’t plan to count on those guys. After this war is over, we can still settle the accounts with them. Just leave them be for now.” The ghost general with red eyebrows said with a wave of his hand.

The ghost general with bone armor exhaled bitterly, then it looked in the direction of the Taitian Fortress.

“Don’t worry, I just received the news that the 12 Rakshasas ghost kings of the Forbidden Temple have been successfully unsealed. Li Xuan is rushing here right now. He will be here soon.” The green-faced old man said. The light on the communication disk array was slowly dissipating.

“Really?” The ghost general with red eyebrows said with great joy.

“Having said that, we can’t retreat yet, otherwise we will only kill separately. As long as we hold on for a while, we can still make a comeback!” The green-faced old man nodded and said so.

The other 3 ghost generals also nodded.

Following that, orders were quickly passed on. The remaining thousands of ghost armies began to change their formations. They dispersed into 8 defensive formations.

There were nearly a thousand ghost creatures gathered in each of the formations. They lined up in a row which stretched for more than 10 miles.

Above the golden light colossus, the old man with a bottle nose and the middle-aged man surnamed Wei were discussing something in a low voice. The golden light colossus didn’t move. Another 3 Celestial State elders were hovering above the cultivators. They naturally saw the movement of the ghost army.

“Strange, they didn’t escape. Do they really think that they can resist the Golden Light Heavenly Soldier with a mere military formation?” The old man surnamed the Nature Work Sect said strangely.

After the Xuan Door Ghost Burial Array of Taitian Fortress was destroyed, the communication enchantment in the city had resumed operation. They all learned for the first time that the Puppet City’s Xuan Sacred Puppet and the Demon Subdue City’s Bloodthirst Demonic Lizard were also rushing here, so they weren’t worried about the ghost army in front.

“Don’t underestimate the enemy. The origin of the ghost army has always been a mystery. They must have some kind of plan.” The middle-aged man in a scholar robe of the Haoran Academy said solemnly.

Naturally, he had already contacted Haoqi City. The burly man who was sent back to the city not only did not return to Haoqi City, but he could not be contacted at the moment. He was most likely dead

Each of the 4 major sects sent 1 disciple, and only the disciple of Haoran Academy failed to complete his mission, which naturally made him very depressed.

After the Celestial State elders discussed for a while, the old man with a bottle nose of the Taiqing Sect said loudly.

“Attention, all disciples! Set off now! Sweep away these ghost army!” The old man’s words passed into the ears of everyone clearly. All disciples were spirited, and they looked at the ghost army phalanxes in the distance.

Except for the Golden Light Army disciples who came to support, the rest of the disciples have been tortured by the ghost army in the past few days. Now they really had the chance to fight back. They were full of fighting spirit now!

In the crowd, Liu Ming let out a sigh of relief. He released black air while speaking to Xiao Wu,

“It seems that a fierce battle is inevitable. Senior sister apprentice has to be careful!”

Xiao Wu nodded. She made a gesture, and 12 flags rolled out with black light.


As the elder surnamed Wei chanted, the golden light colossus suddenly turned sideways. The golden light cluster on its forehead shone brightly. It walked toward the ghost army in the distance with deafening heavy footsteps.

The old man with a bottle nose and the other Celestial State cultivators also turned into 4 lights on both sides of the golden light colossus. They charged toward the ghost army aggressively.

Nearly a thousand disciples, including Liu Ming, also followed behind the colossus.

There was a commotion in the ghost army in the distance!

Suddenly, the golden light colossus waved its arm, and the huge golden sword light shot at a phalanx with overwhelming momentum.

There was an earth-shattering noise.

In the flash of golden light, a ditch more than 3,000 meters long appeared out of thin air. Hundreds of ghost pawns were annihilated on the spot.

Just when many ghost pawns saw this, there was a chaos in the army. At this moment, 4 black escape lights flashed out from the back and greeted the golden giant. It was the 4 Celestial State ghost generals.

They each cast a black flag in their hands. The flags looked the same, and they were embroidered with a ferocious giant beast, which seemed to be a complete set of magic weapons.

As the low incantations came from the 4 ghost generals, the black flags in their hands turned into afterimages. Pieces of thick black clouds rolled out from the flags and instantly condensed into a huge black cloud of several acres in front of the ghost army. There was a constant rumbling inside. From time to time, ferocious beasts could be seen looming in it.

The golden light was launched again, clashing with the black cloud!

The huge black cloud persisted for a few seconds before shattering into rolling black air. However, the power of the sword lights was exhausted.

The ghost generals were pushed back for 30 meters, and their faces turned red for a moment.

The 4 ghost generals looked at each other in horror. The green-faced old man’s heart sank even more.

He originally planned to join forces with the set of black cloud ghost flags to drag the golden light colossus, then the phalanxes would delay the other human cultivators for a while.

However, the golden light colossus was far more powerful than he imagined. A casual blow could have such great power. He couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to take a few more of these attacks.

When the golden light colossus was stopped by 4 ghost generals, the battle below broke out.

The 4 Celestial State cultivators took the lead and flew out of the cultivator teams. Giant aspects emerged on their backs respectively. They all released their magic weapon.

Although it was overkilled against the ghost creatures of the Real Pellet State, Crystallization Period, and even Condensation Period, they still went all out in one attack.

At this moment, the space behind the Celestial State elders fluctuated. 2 black figures emerged suddenly.

One of the black figures waved, and countless black shadows shot out, hitting the back of the old man with a bottle nose and the middle-aged man in a scholar robe.

Behind the other figure, a triangular black flag with a height of 9 meters tall flashed with a black light. A black bone dragon flew out from the flag.

A black light flashed in the hollow eyes of this dragon, and a dark green demonic wind gushed out from its mouth, instantly covering a radius of dozens of meters. The old man surnamed Fang and the burly man of the Demon Mystic Sect were trapped inside.

The sudden change startled the elders. They hurriedly turned around, a protective barrier of different lights lit up around them.

Bang bang bang! There was a muffled sound that was mixed with angry shouts.

2 black figures showed themselves; one was wearing silver armor and the other was full of blonde hair. They were 2 Celestial State ghost generals who were besieging Golden Light City.

The Celestial State elders channeled their magic weapons furiously.

The ghost general in silver armor flickered and appeared dozens of meters away, dodging the attack of the old man with a bottle nose and the middle-aged man in a scholar robe. Simultaneously, it launched a bird-shaped black shuttle from its sleeve. It flicked, and countless shuttle shadows shot out.

The blond-haired ghost general was also very agile in movement. He left a series of afterimages when he moved. The 3 black flags behind him also blew waves of demonic winds. The radius of 300 meters around was blurred by the winds.

The 2 ghost generals didn’t fight head-on, but they dragged the 4 Celestial State elders with their agile movements and magic weapons, preventing them from attacking the ghost army.

The elders of course realized the purpose of the 2 ghost generals, but they couldn’t really break through from it as the 2 ghost generals used almost all their spiritual power.

Liu Ming and other cultivators from other sects had already bypassed the 2 battles and rushed toward the ghost army.

The Golden Light Army plus the cultivators stationed at the Taitian Fortress totaled about a thousand people, which was a huge disparity from the ghost army.

The thousands of ghost army were all elite troops. There were dozens of ghost captains in the Real Pellet State, and there were about 700 ghost lieutenants.

However, the ghost army seemed to be focused only on defending. They had no intention of fighting at all.

As the human cultivators chanted, various spells, spiritual weapons, and various mystic arts techniques shot out like a huge wave, constantly hitting the ghost army phalanxes.

Liu Ming didn’t use Bitter Wheel Sword. He only used the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison to symbolically make an attack. He put most of his thoughts on the other 2 battles.

This fierce battle outside Taitian Fortress had now been divided into 3 battles.

The green-faced old man and other 3 ghost generals joined forces to fight against the golden light colossus.

The 4 Celestial State elders fought with the ghost general in silver armor and the blonde-haired ghost general.

The remaining 8,000 ghost army fought with the 1,000 human cultivators consisted of Golden Light Army reinforcement and the garrison cultivators of the Taitian Fortress.

At this moment, a long whistle came from out of nowhere. It sounded like metallic friction. Although it was far, it pierced right into people’s minds, giving people an inexplicable feeling of anxiety.

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