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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1047

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1047

Golden Light Heavenly Soldier

The trump cards of the 3 major legions were infinitely powerful. After breaking through the siege like a destructive force, they directly went in the direction of the Taitian Fortress.

Thousands of miles to the west of the Golden Light City, the ghost general in silver armor and another ghost general with blond hair were suspended here with extremely ugly faces. There were several dejected Real Pellet State ghost captains. The remaining army was eliminated by the golden light just now.

The golden light giant spread its huge wings and flew away in the distance, accompanied by hundreds of Golden Light Army disciples.

It didn’t take long for them to gradually disappear from sight. Their direction was the Taitian Fortress.

“I didn’t expect the human to have such a trump card. Really abominable!” The ghost general in silver armor said hatefully.

“The humans have been stalemate with us in our Rakshasas World for tens of thousands of years. It is normal for them to have such an ultimate mean.” The ghost general with blonde hair seemed much calmer.

“Hmph, this is not the time to talk about this. Our legions have been wiped out, what should we do now?” The ghost general in silver armor glared at its companion in annoyance and said.

“Although the power of this golden colossus is comparable to that of the Mystic Comprehending State, I can see that its movements are inflexible. If several ghost generals join forces, we may be able to resist it. Now just wait if Elder Li Xuan can bring back the 12 Rakshasas in time. As long as we can set up the Rakshasas Immortal Execution Formation, the victory still belongs to us.” The blonde-haired ghost general said thoughtfully.

“You are right. Then, let’s set off to the Taitian Fortress immediately.” The ghost general in silver armor nodded slowly, then he released a black cloud and headed toward the Taitian Fortress with the remaining subordinates.

With the golden light colossus opening the path, the ghost creatures along the way naturally avoided far away.

Liu Ming and other disciples of the Golden Light Army went to the Taitian Fortress without any hindrance.

2 days later.

“What is that!”

Outside Taitian Fortress, the ghost army saw a dazzling golden light in the east, followed by a huge golden colossus with wings.

The next moment, a heavy spiritual pressure swept over!

The senior level of the ghost army were panicked. The 4 Celestial State ghost generals above the Ghost Burial Array looked even more unsightly.

“No, the reinforcements of the humans are coming here, and it’s very fast. It’s coming soon!” A ghost general who was as strong as a bull said.

“That direction should be the Golden Light Army of the Golden Light City,!” The ghost general with red eyebrows said gloomily.

“This matter is most likely related to those few human race juniors who escaped, damn it!” The green-haired ghost general in white bone armor said hatefully.

In Taitian Fortress, the human cultivators were still resisting the erosion of the Ghost Burial Array under the command of the 4 Celestial State elders, but the ghost generals couldn’t care about that as they were all attracted by the incoming golden colossus.

After a few seconds, the golden light colossus was already less than 3,000 meters from the fortress. It was approaching with a destructive aura.

With a height of 300 meters, the clearly visible spirit patterns of gold and silver emitted dazzling light like it was a bright daytime!

All the ghost pawns, that were besieging the city, were all dumbfounded in shock!


The golden light colossus grabbed in mid-air. Countless golden lights gathered and formed a gigantic golden light sword. It struck at the Ghost Burial Array with endless might from a distance.

An extremely bright golden sword light was launched toward the Ghost Burial Array!

It was about 90 meters long at first, but after flying for some distance, it would grow larger. When it was about 1,500 meters from the Ghost Burial Array, it had turned into a 300 meters golden crescent!

“Retreat! Immediately retreat!”

The green-faced old man ghost general’s expression changed from doubt to shock to unwillingness in a second, but it shouted while retreating.

When the other 3 ghost generals heard the green-faced old man’s words, they also dodged without any hesitation.


The quick-responding ghost creatures in the ghost army tried their best to escape, and the rest also reacted after hearing the green-faced old man’s loud shout, fleeing to the side hurriedly!

The scene was a real mess!

The golden crescent was too fast. Before everyone could evacuate to a safe position, it had already come with a terrifying spiritual pressure. The ghost creatures near the Ghost Burial Array were all pressured to the ground, unable to move.

A dazzling golden light swept over, reaping almost 1,000 ghost army that hadn’t been able to escape in time!

The next moment, the golden crescent silently slashed at the Ghost Burial Array. The semicircular light curtain sank deeply. The black air surged out of the black light curtain like boiling water. A muffled-thunderous noise came at the same time.

“What happened!”

When the golden crescent struck, the people in Taitian Fortress naturally noticed the abnormality. There was a clamor.

“Calm down! This aura, the Golden Light Heavenly Soldier must have arrived!” The old man with a bottle nose muttered to himself with a happy face.

As soon as he spoke, there was a cracking sound in the air. The huge Ghost Burial Array was slashed in half with a flash of golden light, turning into rolling black air.

In the distance, the ghost generals looked awfully bad!

They abandoned tens of thousands of ghost creatures to set up a great array, but it was canceled with just a slash.

The billowing black air quickly dissipated, revealing the Taitian Fortress inside. The golden colossus immediately strode over.

Immediately afterward, 4 bright escape lights flew out from the inside. It was the old man with a bottle nose and the other 3 Celestial State elders. The human cultivators also flew out one after another from the fortress.

Seeing the huge golden figure standing a few hundred meters away, the old man with a bottle nose and others showed a hint of joy. The other disciples obviously didn’t know the current situation, so they were a little dumbstruck by the appearance of the golden colossus.

The middle-aged man surnamed Wei was hovering on the top of the golden colossus while chanting. The 3 silver discs were suspended behind them. Each disc shot a silver light beam of the thickness of an arm into the golden colossus’s head.

“Brother Wei, you are finally here!”

The old man with a bottle nose moved and appeared in front of the golden colossus. He cupped his fist at the middle-aged man surnamed Wei.

“Elder Peng, I’m sorry for coming late.” The middle-aged surname Wei turned his head to look at the old man with a bottle nose and said with a smile.

“Not at all, Elder Wei came at the right time.” The old man with a bottle nose said with a laugh.

The more than 200 Golden Light Army’s cultivators who followed the Golden Light Giant flew at a much slower speed, so they barely caught up now. They stopped in the air above the Taitian Fortress and stood with the garrison disciples of the fortress.

Liu Ming was among the people of the Golden Light Army. He glanced at the Taitian Fortress below.

Although the Ghost Burial Array had been dispelled, there were still a lot of remaining gloomy ghost qi around the fortress. All the buildings in the fortress were covered with a layer of gray-black ice crystals.

The gray ice crystals exuded biting yin qi. In the past 5 years of staying in the Evil Ghost Way, he had seen the ice crystals in the underground with thick yin qi. Every single ice crystal exuded a biting chill. They could severely erode the human cultivator.

In the past few days shrouded by Ghost Burial Array, the yin qi of Taitian Fortress had become so thick!

Liu Ming was secretly shocked, then he looked at the garrison cultivators again. Most of the low rank disciples had dark green faces. Their skins had patches of black dots. Their aura was a little sluggish.

If the rescue came 2 days later, these low rank cultivators in the Taitian Fortress would have died more than half.

At this moment, a graceful short-haired female cultivator flew over from not far away. After a flash, she landed gently beside Liu Ming.

“Xiao Senior Sister Wu!” Liu Ming nodded at her.

Xiao Wu didn’t seem to have the slightest problem. Her face was still rosy like she didn’t get eroded by the yin qi at all.

But this was also normal. She had been kept in the yin qi cave under the Spirit Vulture Slope for several years without dying. Now, her body naturally had a certain power to resolve the yin qi in this Ghost Burial Array.

“I was wondering where were you in the past few days. It turned out that you were sent out to call for reinforcement.” Xiao Wu said with a smile.

“I just acted according to the command.” Liu Ming replied calmly.

“Tsk tsk, this reinforcement that junior fellow apprentice brought is really amazing!” Xiao Wu glanced at the golden colossus and said in amazement.

At this time, the golden colossus stood beside Taitian Fortress. With the addition of the 200 elite reinforcements, the morale of the human cultivators had increased.

In the distance, the ghost army besieging the Taitian Fortress regrouped. Although their number was still far greater than the human cultivators, they could no longer keep calm. Their morale obviously seemed unstable.

“This golden colossus should be the trump card of the humans. They actually still have such a powerful mean. The humans are really cunning.” The ghost general with red eyebrows said hatefully.

“What do we do now? There are less than 10,000 soldiers left. Just the Mystic Comprehending State Golden Man alone can crush all of us, let alone they still have 4 Celestial State cultivators?” The ghost general in bone armor also restrained his usual arrogance and said solemnly.

TL: Just 1 colossus is enough to break the array? How will the war turn out when the 12 Rakshasas is released?

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