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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1044

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1044

Battle Under The City

Liu Ming called back the Bitter Wheel Sword with one hand, then he glanced at the other ghost captain.

Not far away, the ghost captain with black armor was still stunned by the scene.

When Liu Ming looked over with a cold gaze, it regained its mind. The terror in its eyes changed into murderous intent. The black umbrella opened up with a flap, then it spun and released countless black silk to surround Liu Ming and Bone Scorpion.

When the black silk appeared, it wrapped itself with black air and escaped without thinking.

A cold light flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes. He flicked 10 fingers and launched purple spiral sword qi. The dozen lightning arcs condensed into a purple lightning net.

In the next moment, the black silk all over the sky hit the net one after another.


Under the purple lightning arc, the black silk suddenly turned into countless strands of black air.

Liu Ming’s body flickered, and he dashed through the black silk like a phantom, appearing 30 meters behind the ghost captain. He tapped with 1 hand, and the Bitter Wheel Sword transformed into a 60 meters long purple sword light and teleported above the ghost captain.


With a loud shout, the Bitter Wheel Sword wrapped in purple lightning arcs slashed down.

The ghost captain had lost its composure. It spat a dark brown shuttle-shaped spiritual weapon. Its surface was clear like a mirror.

With a clang sound, the light of the Bitter Wheel Sword collided with the shuttle-shaped spiritual weapon, knocking off the shuttle-shaped spiritual weapon.

The ghost captain was also slowed down after this moment of delay.

At this moment, Liu Ming faded out in front of him. He shook both arms and launched 2 black mist dragons.

The ghost captain was about to defend with the black umbrella, but another change occurred!

After a buzz sound, a dazzling golden light burst out, covering a radius of 30 meters around the ghost captain.

It was Xie’er who got over silently!

In an instant, the ghost captain’s body emitted black smoke being hit by the golden light, revealing a painful look.

At this moment, the 2 mist dragons that were approaching exploded together, swarming the ghost captain with a black light. A purple sword light shot into the black light with a flash…

After a few seconds, a black escape light came out from the low mountain and flew toward the Golden Light City.

In addition to Liu Ming, the other 3 disciples also encountered attacks on their way back to their respective cities.

However, they were overpowered among the Real Pellet State cultivators. The ghost generals misjudged their true strength. When they encountered life crisis, their means were even more unpredictable. The intercepting ghost army was either killed or lost track of their figures.

Half a day later, outside the Golden Light City.

The ghost army continued to attack Golden Light City, but the scale had weakened. Most of the ghost army only surrounded the city and did not launch an attack.

At this moment, 2 black escape lights came from the west at high speed.

In the ghost army west of Golden Light City, a one-horned ghost captain greeted the 2 escape lights.

The black escape lights faded slowly. The 2 ghost captains that Liu Ming had just killed appeared.

“Haha, you 2 come back so soon. Have you killed the human juniors that Elder She Tian wanted?” The one-horned ghost general glanced at them and said with a laugh.

“It’s just a mere Pseudo Pellet State cultivator. How can we both lose? This is our trophy.” A purple sword appeared with a flash in the burly ghost captain’s hand as it said proudly.

The ghost captain in black armor did not speak.

“Where are the generals? It’s better to report this matter to them.” The burly ghost captain glanced at the black cloud above the Golden Light City. His pupils shrank slightly.

“They are deploying tactics in the south of the city. I think you should report later.” The one-horned ghost captain waved his hand and said.

The burly ghost captain and the ghost captain in black armor nodded and moved toward the Golden Light City.

The one-horned ghost captain frowned slightly. They had ready flown out for 30 meters as if they were in a hurry…

“Wait, stop!” The one-horned ghost captain suddenly thought of something, and it shouted anxiously.

They didn’t stop, and their speed was faster.

The surrounding ghost army obviously hadn’t reacted yet. Most of them stared blankly at the burly ghost captain and the ghost captain in black armor.

“What are you all waiting for? These 2 are fake fakes, stop them!” The one-horned ghost captain shouted anxiously.

At the same time, it also chased hurriedly.

With the shout of the one-horned ghost captain, the surrounding ghost army immediately reacted. Since this was the camp of the ghost army, no one launched powerful attacks. They just pounced onto the 2 imposters.

The scene was a little chaotic for a while.

“Idiot, don’t go all in one swarm!” The one-horned ghost captain shouted in exasperation.

The burly ghost captain was naturally Liu Ming who disguised himself with Morph Cloak.

At this moment, a sly smile appeared on his face. He turned into 4 figures and disappeared into the surrounding ghost army with the ghost captain in black armor.

The disappearance of the target immediately dumbfounded the ghost army.

The one-horned ghost captain flew up and looked down in the air.

The ghost army below was still in a chaos. They could distinguish who were the imposters among the crowd.

However, the one-horned ghost captain no longer had to worry about this problem. At the edge of the chaos, a black figure dashed oout and went in the direction of Golden Light City.

The one-horned ghost captain spat a black light beam at the black figure.

At this moment, boom!

Dozens of lights of various spells, magic weapons, spiritual weapons, also blasted toward the black figure at the same time.

Many ghost lieutenants, who reacted quickly, also launched long-distance attacks. Anyway, the figure had left the ghost army, so there was no need to worry about accidentally hurting their allies.

Dozens of lights swarmed the black figure. A series of violent explosions sounded.

There was a commotion in the west of the ghost army, so the siege of the city naturally slowed down. Someone on the west wall quickly noticed the situation.

“What’s going on?” Above the Golden Light City wall, a Real Pellet State captain saw the situation with doubts.

“Someone seems to be causing trouble in the ghost army!” Another Real Pellet State cultivator said.

“The enemy of the ghost army must be a human race cultivator. Hurry up and inform the 2 Celestial State elders. Perhaps it is the messenger from other main cities!”

As soon as the command was made, someone flew toward the tower in the city.

At the same time, on the west side of Golden Light City, the series of explosions slowly subsided, revealing the pitted ground.

“Did he die?” A ghost lieutenant said uncertainly.

“Hmph, even a Real Pellet State cultivator can’t be unscathed under our joint-attack!!” Another ghost lieutenant shouted immediately.

While speaking, the smoke from the explosion dissipated, revealing a black figure lying on the ground, but it had broken into several pieces. Looking at the miserable state, it seemed to be dead.

“Phew…” Seeing this, the one-horned ghost captain let out a sigh of relief.

At this moment, a black wind appeared in the air. An unusually tall figure wearing silver armor and a red cloak appeared out of thin air. It was the Celestial State ghost general who presided over the siege on Golden Light City.

After the ghost general in silver armor appeared, its face turned grim. It glanced at an empty place far away.

It shouted and lifted 1 arm. An acre-sized giant black palm pressed down from the top.

Hum! The giant hand made the space filled with ripples.

The empty space suddenly fluctuated, and a black figure appeared. Facing the giant hand above his head, the black figure still continued running to the Golden Light City.

This figure was Liu Ming!

“Still trying to leave!”

A cold light flashed in the eyes of the Celestial State ghost general. A huge bright red rune appeared in the palm of the giant black hand, making the giant hand phantasm several times larger. The compressed air made a squeaking sound. Before it hit the ground, there were already ripples on the ground.

Liu Ming was startled. A silver armor appeared on his body, then he looked up and struck both fists at the falling giant palm.

A roar of dragons and tigers resounded through the space!

The black aura launched from Liu Ming’s arms transformed into 5 black mist dragons and tigers.

Each black mist dragon and tiger were 30 meters in size. The scales and hair looked clear and vivid. They condensed into a black fist of tens of meters and rushed up.


The black air giant hand and the black fist shadow collided together. The surrounding space trembled violently. The black fist was crushed; the black air giant hand still continued to fall with a huge pressure.

At the last moment, Liu Ming turned slightly to one side, and he flew out unstably like a kite with a broken string.

The Celestial State ghost general in mid-air also groaned and took a step back.

In the giant palm, a big hole was also open on it, then it collapsed with a bang.

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