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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1042

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1042

Break The Array

At this moment, in Taitian Fortress, 4 Celestial State cultivators also made a move.

They raised 1 hand and cast their own spiritual weapons!

The old man with a bottle nose of the Taiqing Sect released a green light mirror with the image of some kind of flying fish. As he made a gesture, flying fist phantasms shot out from the mirror. They wandered in the black mist like living things and devoured the black mist.

The old man surnamed Fang of the Nature Work Sect took out a white and bright mechanical wheel from his arms. He chanted, and the wheel turned into a round light disc. Bursts of snow white lights were shot from it at the black mist. A bone-piercing chill spread in the black mist, slowing the flow of the black mist.

In front of the middle-aged man in a scholar robe of the Haoran Academy, a purple mist-shrouded bead was suspended in front of him. It continuously shot purple winds at the Ghost Burial Array.

Demon Mystic Sect’s black burly man’s spiritual weapon was the black boulder on his back. It had grown to the size of 300 meters like a small mountain. 3 giant green runes were inscribed on it. Circles of green halos emerged in the air and shot out in all directions.

The 4 Celestial State cultivators joined forces to cast their spiritual weapons. The power was even stronger than the attacks of the thousand disciples. The stabilized black mist started to tumble again.

Outside the Taitian Fortress, the ghost generals quickly chanted and channeled ghost qi into the flags to stabilize the Ghost Burial Array.

The 8 Celestial State powerhouses were fighting against each other across a layer of Ghost Burial Array!

At this moment, everyone inside and outside the fortress focused their attention on the intense collision of spiritual power, but no one noticed that there was a slight cracking sound from the city wall in a corner close to the ground. A small crack was opened up. Inside was a small space, Liu Ming and the other 3 were all there.

Not far in front of the crack was the black light curtain of the Ghost Burial Array, but this place was close to the ground. Due to the intense collision of spiritual power above the city wall, all the ghost creatures were floating mid-air. No one paid attention to the situation on the ground.

They stood quietly in the space as if waiting for something.

At this moment, in the mid-air of the fortress city wall, huge aspect phantasms rose behind the 4 Celestial State elders. A violent spiritual power fluctuation spread out. The space was trembling because of it.

Their magic weapons also burst into lights as if they were buffed!


Above the city wall, the deputy elders saw that the 4 Celestial State elders released their aspect phantasms, and they commanded the disciples behind them to cooperate with the 4 elders and attacked with all their strength.

For a time, the whistles and rumbles resounded in the sky of the Taitian Fortress.

Countless colorful lights hit the Ghost Burial Array constantly like a storm. The black air of the array was gradually dissipated.

Outside the array, the ghost generals hurriedly channeled ghost qi into the array below.

In addition, the rest of the ghost captains also led the nearly ten thousand ghost army elites to channel ghost qi into the array.

In the space below the Taitian Fortress’s city wall, Liu Ming and the others got the hint.


The next moment, the crack on the city wall extended to the size of a person’s height, then 4 people went out through it.

Liu Ming released black air to cover them.

Under the cover of black air, the 4 of them shone with various lights.

Liu Ming cast a disc that shone with white light. It was engraved with some strange patterns and many profound runes. As he chanted, the disc shot a white light beam at the black mist in front.

The black mist slowly dissipated under the white light.

This disc was the secret weapon for breaking the enchantment given to him by the old man with a bottle nose. It was similar to the Break Army Basket he borrowed from Hao Yue Tongzi, but it was still a bit inferior to the real magic weapon.

The other 3 also took out the enchantment-breaking treasures that were given by their elders.

The veiled woman of the Demon Mystic Sect held a small bronze cauldron in her hand; the muscular man of the Haoran Academy released a short cone with cold glow; the honest-looking young man of the Nature Work Sect had a green-black fox puppet on his shoulder. Its eyes shot out 2 waves of green lights, looking similar to the white light beam launched by Liu Ming’s white disc.

Under the channeling of the enchantment-breaking treasures, the black mist became gradually thin.

Above the city wall above, the violent spiritual power fluctuations continued. The entire Ghost Burial Array flashed with various lights. Everyone inside and outside the array was enraged, almost falling into a madness state.

The small movements of Liu Ming and the others were inconspicuous.

In midair, the old man surnamed Fang of Nature Work Sect let out an angry shout. He changed gesture, and the white mechanical wheel turned into a 30 meters long snow white dragon that bumped fiercely into the black light curtain.

In addition, the aspect phantasm above the old man was a huge figure that was 300 meters tall. Its fists also condensed a dazzling yellow light, punching heavily on the black light curtain. After every punch, the black air would scatter a lot. However, no matter how many black air was scattered, there was endless black air filling it up.

Outside the Ghost Burial Array, the 4 ghost generals looked a little ugly at the moment.

Facing the frantic attacks of the human cultivators, they could only stabilize the array at their best.

The situation appeared to be in a stalemate.

At this moment, the black mist in front of Liu Ming and the other four had become much weaker due to the frenzied attacks from above and the continuous attacks of the enchantment-breaking treasures.

They glanced at each other with a hint of joy in their eyes. They continued to channel the treasures in their hands.

Liu Ming bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood on the white disc. As soon as the strange patterns on the disc shone, the enchantment-breaking white light became twice as large.

The small bronze cauldrons in the hand of the veiled female cultivator of Demon Mystic Sect grew several times larger. Fist-sized green runes and hit the black light curtain.

Every rune, that hit the black light curtain, made it tremble.

The short cones in the hands of the burly man of the Haoran Academy shone brightly. Cone shadows shot at a point of the black light curtain.

Nature Work Sect’s fox-shaped puppet emitted a crackling sound, then a fist-sized green eye popped out on its forehead. A thick green light beam was shot from it.

Under their joint attacks, the black light curtain fluctuated like water ripples. The black light curtain slowly became thin as circles of black air dissipated.

However, as time passed by, the place where Liu Ming and the others attacked together, although the black mist was getting thinner and thinner, it still took a lot of time to get through.

Above the city wall, although frenzied attacks were still continuing, its momentum had dropped compared to just now.

“This array is even more difficult to break than expected. It will be dangerous to delay it any longer. Since it has come to this point, we all should no longer hide our strength!” The young man in a yellow robe of the Nature Work Sect glanced at the others and said in a deep voice.

After speaking, he spat out a fist-sized pale yellow bead, which was his real pellet.

Liu Ming saw that the real pellet had 9 holes on it; it was a nine holes real pellet.

The honest-looking young man’s real pellet flashed and merged with the fox puppet’s heart.

The 3 eyes of the fox puppet suddenly enlarged a bit, and the 3 light beams merged into one and hit heavily at the black light curtain.

The burly man and the veiled female cultivator, after a little hesitation, also spat out their real pellets and channeled the enchantment-breaking treasures in their hands.

Liu Ming’s eyes moved slightly, and he patted the soul-recovering bag around his waist.

He didn’t have a real pellet to buff the disc in his hand, so he could only try the golden light of Xie’er.

A black air flew out from the soul-recovering bag, then a silver scorpion landed on his shoulder.

As Liu Ming was about to communicate with Divine Thought, he was shocked after looking at Xie’er’s appearance.

Xie’er’s shiny silver shell was now flowing with a silver liquid-like luster, and her body looked more slender than before. There were circles of spiral golden patterns on her 2 giant pincers. The golden cockscomb mark on her forehead also exuded brighter golden light.

Liu Ming was in disbelief after sensing Xie’er’s aura.

The 72 purple spiritual power crystals in Xie’er’s body had condensed together, forming a purple crystal ball that kept spinning slightly.

“Xie’er, how are you…” Liu Ming asked with Divine Thought in disbelief.

“Master, I don’t know either. After swallowing a lot of ghost creature flesh recently, I had been in a daze in the soul-recovering bag for the past few days. Somehow, I broke through the Pseudo Pellet State just like that.” Xie’er still seemed muddleheaded as she replied.

When Liu Ming heard this, he was a little surprised!

A long time ago, Xie’er reached the peak of the Crystallization Period. After devouring Sichen’s egg, she devoured numerous Real Pellet State ghost creatures. It wasn’t strange that she advanced to the Pseudo Pellet State.

He was obviously delighted by the news, but it was more important to break the array now.

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