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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1040

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1040

Mystic Ghost Wu Kui

Somewhere in the rolling Black Peak Valley, deep in a very secret cave, there was a figure sitting quietly on a boulder. There were faint red streams flowing on his body.

Suddenly, the person’s body moved slightly, and he let out a confused sigh, then a white jade appeared in his hand with a dazzling white light.

The white light suddenly illuminated the entire cave space. This was a rather crude natural cave. There was nothing else except the green boulder on which the person was sitting.

This person was an old man in a fiery red robe. The robe exuded a faint red light. His face was slightly wrinkled. The hair on his temples was a little white. He looked about 60 years old. There was nothing surprising about his body, but the golden cylinders on both his arms were a bit eye-catching.

The white jade emitted a light beam. From which, a line of tiny words appeared.

He glanced at these words with an uncertain face.

He showed a trace of contemplation, then he took out a green stone disk array. It flashed with green light a few times, then the light immediately dissipated.

The old man in a red robe stood up. With a red flash, he already appeared above the giant peak outside the cave.

This place was already windy, but when the raging mountain wind blew past the old man, it went through his body as if nothing was there.

Red light flowed in his eyes. There was a deep meaning flashing in his eyes, giving people a feeling that he could see through everything.

The old man was the biggest reliance of the 4 ancient sects of the human in Evil Ghost Way, the Mystic Comprehending State cultivator of the Taiqing Sect, Immortal Huo Ye!

“Something really happens to the Taitian Fortress…”

After looking toward the north for a while, the old man muttered to himself, then he glanced at the black mountain below with a hint of hesitation appeared on his face.

As the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse who guarded this Evil Ghost Way, he had spent many years in retreat in the Black Peak Valley. He usually wouldn’t pay much attention to the trivial matters of the 4 major legions. After all, this place connected the human world and the Evil Ghost Way connect, so nothing should go wrong.

The old man in a red robe pondered for a while, then he released a green cloth. It flashed and turned into an endless green mist that shrouded the black mountain below together with the surrounding small mountains.

Then he launched a few symbols into it. The tumbling green mist disappeared without a trace, then the mountains looked normal as if nothing happened.

After doing this, the old man in a red robe nodded and moved toward the Taitian Fortress in a red cloud.

Before flying far, the space in front suddenly trembled. A black silk emerged without a hint, and it suddenly shot toward the red cloud.

The black silk stirred a wave of fluctuation in the air. Waves of black space fissures surged out with astounding suction.

The old man in a red robe was shocked. He released a rolling flame sea to surround himself, turning him into a dazzling flame ball like a sun.

Under the burning of the light, the black silk dissipated a little with a sizzling sound, but a large half of it still pierced into the flame ball.

The flame ball swayed slightly, but it soon returned to normal.

The next moment, the entire huge flame ball was split into 2 and dissipated into the air, revealing the figure of the old man in a red robe. He glanced at the direction where the black silk was shot, but there was nothing there already.


Immortal Huo Ye snorted coldly. His body burst into flame light, then he crossed his arms. The golden cylinders shot blazing flames which condensed into a white flame ball of 3 meters in size.


The old man in a red robe tapped with 1 hand, then the flame ball shrank inward, turning into a mini white flame bird. It flapped its wings and disappeared without a trace.

The next moment, the white flame bird appeared 30 meters away. It made a high-pitched cry, then its flames were covered with a layer of black light. It flapped and pecked forward.


The space in front distorted violently like the surface of the water. The flame bird disappeared into it, followed by a blast. Countless white flames rolled out in all directions. The area within a radius of a few miles was in high temperature.

At this moment, at the center of the explosion, a black figure flashed out. After a few blurs, it appeared dozens of meters away from the old man in a red robe, facing each other from a distance.

“Mystic Ghost Gu Kui?” After the dazzling white light around him disappeared, the old man in a white robe said without moving.

“Hehe, I have long known that your heavenly immortal fire is powerful. Now that I tested it myself, it’s really amazing!”

The black figure did not answer the question of the old man in a red robe. After a laughing, the black air slowly dissipated, revealing a tall and thin ghost figure, which looked about the size of a normal human race.

The old man in a red robe’s brows moved slightly. He looked at this ghost creature that appeared all of a sudden.

It was tall and thin. It had an unusually pale complexion, a high nose bridge and facial features that looked no different from an ordinary human middle-aged man. It was holding a black bone flute casually in his hand. At one end of the bone flute was a white skull. It just waved the flute casually, then a vague flute sound drifted out, bewitching people’s minds.

“Are you trying to stop me here?” The old man in a red robe said with a deep voice after looking at the bone flute in the hand of Mystic Ghost Gu Kui.

“Yes, if Immortal Huo Ye is confident that your enchantments can stop me, then you can leave.” Gu Kui admitted it and said gloomily.

Immortal Huo Ye frowned slightly when he heard this. Mystic ghost suddenly appeared here to intercept him, so they obviously had plans for the Taitian Fortress. If he left like this, the teleportation tunnel here in Black Peak Valley would be in danger.

He was naturally very clear about what it meant to let a Mystic Comprehending State ghost enter the Middle Sky Continent.

Thinking so, Immortal Huo Ye’s eyes became cold. He moved, and a red light shot out from the top of his head. A tumbling red flame sea slowly rolled out to both sides with him as the center.

“I advise you to not act rashly.” Gu Kui sneered. It waved its right hand, and the bone flute emitted black notes.

There was a low flute sound around, and the gray yin qi from all directions rushed toward Gu Kui. Waves of looming ghost figures danced around and eerie laughters resounded in the space.

“Hundred Ghosts Nocturne!” The old man in a red robe said in shock, then his face turned somber, looking indescribably ugly

At the moment, the Taitian Fortress was still surrounded by a huge black mist ball. It was impossible to see anything outside.

Above the mist ball, the 4 ghost generals gathered in midair with excitement.

Around the black mist ball, there was an overwhelming ghost army.

Although tens of thousands of ghost creatures had been sacrificed, it was only a small portion of the ghost army. The overall strength of the ghost army had not been damaged too much.

“Venerable Gu’s strategy really worked!” The green-haired ghost general wearing bone armor said with a hint of excitement.

“It’s also thanks to Brother Chi Mei (red brows) and Elder Qing’s effort in persuading these indigenous tribes to join forces, otherwise we would not be able to divide our troops into 5 at the same time, let alone deploy this Xuan Door Ghost Burial Array.” Another ghost general with a strong and unusual stature glanced at the ghost general with red eyebrows and the green-faced old man, and it said in a loud voice.

“Hmph! In order to convince those stubborn indigenous ghosts, it really cost a lot, but it’s worth it.” The ghost general with red eyebrows snorted and continued.

“Now that the Taitian Fortress has been sealed, the other cities of the human race are isolated. Sooner or later, they will be conquered by our clan! Hehe, when the Venerable invites the 12 Rakshasas from the Forbidden Temple, how can a Mystic Comprehending State stop us from entering the human realm!”

Speaking of this, the ghost general with red eyebrows smiled with a hint of greed. The other 2 ghost generals also looked eager.

“At present, we can’t detect the movement of the human race in the fortress. After all, the human race has been staying here for many years, so we shouldn’t underestimate them. In addition, they still have 4 Celestial State, so we must not take it lightly.” The green-faced old man suddenly said.

“Elder Qing doesn’t have to worry. Even if the 4 cultivators in the fortress join forces, they can’t break the array in an instant. With the 4 of us guarding here, this is failproof.” The ghost general with red eyebrows nodded and said.

The green-faced old man nodded and said nothing.

“Hehe, under this array, the yin qi in the fortress will get thicker and thicker. It won’t take long for the human race cultivators inside to lose a lot of strength. Their bodies will be eroded by the yin qi!” The ghost general with bone armor sneered.

“However, we have to be on guard against the Mystic Comprehending State human cultivator. If he knows about the situation here, I’m afraid he will come to rescue.” The burly ghost general frowned and said worriedly.

“Don’t worry about this matter, Venerable Gu has already considered this matter and has already acted. That Mystic Comprehending State cultivator will never appear here.” The green-faced old man said slowly.

“I’m relieved to hear that.” The burly ghost general breathed a sigh of relief.

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