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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1037

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1037

Taitian Array

At this critical juncture, over the entire Taitian Fortress, 4 light beams of green, yellow, black and white rose into the sky, then a monstrous spiritual pressure swept away in all directions with a loud sound.

Liu Ming was startled, and he hurriedly looked back.

In the 4 light beams, 4 figures in the costumes of the grand elders of the 4 major legions were clearly visible.

One was an old man in a yellow robe with a thick black beard. He was the elder of the Nature Work Sect who had appeared before.

In addition, an old man in a green robe and with a bottle nose should be the Celestial State elder of the Taiqing Sect.

The Celestial State elder of Haoran Academy was a middle-aged man with sword eyebrows and a stern look in a white scholar robe.

The Demon Mystic Sect’s elder was dressed a bit strangely. He was half naked. He carried a giant black boulder that was about the height of a man on his back.

Each of the Celestial State elders looked solemn. They held a disk array emitting four colors of light in their hands.

Suddenly, the 4 of them pushed the disk array horizontally in front of them at the same time while making a low incantation.

This incantation was obscure. Although it was low and inaudible, it was very clearly transmitted to the ears of everyone below, giving people a strange feeling.

The next moment, four-color lights came from the disk array in their hands. The lights gathered in the middle of the disk array and formed a spinning four-color light ball.

Immediately afterward, the 4 elders moved another finger and drew an odd symbol in the air.

4 odd symbols flashed and disappeared into the four-color light ball in the middle.

A rumble sounded!

The four-color light ball suddenly collapsed and emitted a series of dazzling lights with an earthshaking noise!

Such a huge movement, whether it was the human cultivators who were in a hard fight or the bloodlusted ghost army, they all stopped fighting and looked up in shock.

It was just that at this moment the entire Taitian Fortress had been obscured by the dazzling lights. It was impossible to see what was going on inside.

However, after just 1 second, the dazzling light faded, and a huge mountain phantasm appeared in the air. The Taitian Fortress and the sky within a radius of a few miles were covered in darkness. It was majestic and magnificent!

The giant mountain was lifelike. The edges of the mountain were clearly visible. At a glance, one could even see the lush plants on the mountain peak and the flying cranes.

“Taitian Array!”

With a move in Liu Ming’s heart, he quickly put Xie’er and Fei’er back into the leather pockets around his waist with one hand. At the same time, his mind quickly turned over.

Taitian Fortress was jointly established by the four major human armies, and this Taitian Array was the last resort of this fortress. According to the agreement, it could only be channeled by 4 Celestial State elders of the 4 major legions. It had devastating power against the ghost creatures. However, it had many limitations. Everytime it was cast, it could only be activate again after hundreds of years.

Suddenly, a loud noise interrupted his thoughts.

But the entire giant peak above the fortress trembled violently. Pieces of house-sized boulder phantasms rolled down from the mountain peak.

The huge boulder phantasms shot out in all directions like meteorites. They fell around the Taitian Fortress.

At the same time, a terrifying aura that almost destroyed everything came out!

When the ghost pawns who were a little closer to the city wall saw this situation, they all turned pale with shock. Many of the ghost captains shouted “retreat” without hesitation. Suddenly, a large number of ghost pawns turned around and fled.

However, since the 4 Celestial State elders joined hands to cast this giant array, how could they let them go so easily?

The next moment, the loud noises continued to sound all around!

The ghost pawn phalanxes were directly crushed into meat peaste by the boulder phantasms regardless of their cultivation level.

Even the ghost captains of the Real Pellet State or the ghost lieutenants of the Crystallization Period were nothing in front of the boulder phantasms. They were either wounded or dead under the boulder phantasms.

But these boulders just passed through the human cultivators like they were nothing, causing no damage to them at all.

This made the human cultivators who were a little panic-stricken all overjoyed!

For a time, bursts of ghost howls resounded one after another from the originally menacing ghost army!

At the same time, after these boulders landed, they would explode into white light clusters.

Those ghost creatures that were not hit by the boulder phantasm were scorched by the white ligh emitted by the boulder. Wisps of white smoke came from them.

Some of the low rank ghost creatures were directly burned into ashes by the white light. Even though the high rank ghost captains responded quickly, they were still burned by the raging white flames

For a while, there were endless roars of pain. In less than a moment, thousands of ghost pawns were turned into a thick gray ghost mist in the white light.

The few remaining xiao ghosts also looked painful when the boulder phantasms rolled down, but they could still resist for a while. When they were in contact with the white light, their green skins peeled off layer by layer.

After a few seconds, these invulnerable xiao ghosts also dissipated in place of gray mist.

The power of the Taitian Array was so great that everyone present including the ghost army and the human cultivators was a little dumbfounded!

Half of the tens of thousands of ghost army were turned into ghost mist in a blink of an eye!

The human cultivators burst into cheers!

After cheering, the ghost army had escaped from the range of the boulder phantasms.

However, these ghost creatures only retreated to a distance of dozens of miles away from the Taitian Fortress, then they regrouped with more reinforcement, started to set up camp and once again surrounded the entire fortress.

After the ghost army had withdrawn temporarily, the 4 Celestial State cultivators in mid-air stopped their gestures. The giant mountain phantasm shrouded the Taitian Fortress suddenly stopped the falling boulders.

The giant mountain phantasm just shrank for 2/3 of its original size. The lower half of the mountain phantasm was gone, leaving only the peak.

“If it wasn’t for the last resort, I wouldn’t use this Taitian Array.” In mid-air, the old man surnamed Fang of the Nature Work Sect pinched his dark beard and sighed softly.

“Now this array can still deter the ghost army for a while, but if there are no reinforcements, I’m afraid this Taitian Fortress…” The Demon Mystic Sect’s burly black man with a boulder on his bck looked solemly at the direction where the ghost army retreated.

As soon as these words came out, Taiqing Sect’s old man with bottle nose and Haoran Academy’s middle-aged man with sword eyebrows also looked a little somber.

“I think it’s better to notify the major cities of the news first. At the same time, let all the disciples rest as soon as possible. This time, the ghost army is prepared. I’m afraid that once the Taitian Array disappears, these ghosts will immediately come again.” The Taiqing Sect’s old man with a bottle nose thought for a while, then he suggested.

“Elder Peng is right. Now we can only take one step at a time.” Haoran Academy’s middle-aged man with sword eyebrows nodded and said.

After the war was temporarily over, Liu Ming greeted Xiao Wu and went straight back to his temporary residence.

Although this battle did not last long, it was full of dangers. He felt feel a little exhausted.

Liu Ming took the elixir in the secret room and sat cross-legged for half a day to recover his spiritual power to the peak again.

After opening his eyes, he recalled what happened after entering Evil Ghost Way and sighed secretly.

It seemed that his luck was not good. Not long after he entered the Evil Ghost Way, he encountered the once-in-a-century ghost army catastrophe.

Now that the opportunity to advance to the Real Pellet State had not yet been encountered, he had been involved in this catastrophe one after another.

Luo Hu, who promised to help him advance, had yet to hear from him. No matter how he called, he didn’t respond at all.

“I can’t only forget about advancement for now and survive the current war first!”

Liu Ming was also a decisive person. After thinking for a while, he immediately put this matter aside. He released Divine Thought and checked Xie’er and Fei’ in the soul-recovering bag around his waist after that.

Speaking of which, this battle was not without gain. His 2 spiritual pets absorbed a lot of yin qi from the ghost creatures and devoured some ghost creature corpses taking advantage of the massive invasion. Whether it was their cultivation or spiritual power, they were a lot more stronger than before.

If 2 spiritual pets continued to train in this Evil Ghost Way, their advancement would be just around the corner.

Now, after swallowing the dead egg of Si Chen, Xie’er could easily crush and kill all the ghost creatures below the Real Pellet State with the Crystallization Period later stage. Once she advanced, her power must be more terrifying.

For the following, he just reseted with his eyes closed.

The news that Taitian Fortress was besieged by the main force of the ghost army quickly reached the ears of the upper level of the four major cities.

The senior leaders of the 4 major legions were horrified. They only realized that the real purpose of the ghost army was the Taitian Fortress, which was an important hub of the 4 major cities. Attacking the four major cities and peripheral fortresses in the early stage was just a tactic to confuse them.

Once the Taitian Fortress was breached, the 4 major cities would be isolated immediately.

Knowing this, when the senior leaders of the 4 major legions were about to make a move, outside the Golden Light City and the other 3 cities, countless ghost army appeared again and surrounded them.

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