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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1036

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1036


Just as Xie’er was holding the ghost captain, Liu Ming appeared under the city wall like a ghost.

4 evil ghosts that had just advanced to the Real Pellet State waved the black long blades and launched dense gray sword lights at the silver light curtain. They were making strange roars of excitement.

“Court death!”

Liu Ming dragged a series of afterimages and rushed toward one of the Real Pellet State ghosts.

The ghost seemed to feel a slight threat, and it could only stop attacking and crossed the long blade on its chest. Its another hand flashed, and a gray skull appeared and turned into a white bone shield.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help sneering. He appeared a few meters in front of the bone shield with a flash, then he shook both arms. Black air rolled out with deafening tiger roars. 2 30 meters tiger head phantasm bit at the bone shield with terrifying momentum.

The moment the bone shield touched the tiger head, it cracked and shattered apart in a piercing sound, turning into white light spots.

Immediately afterward, another black tiger head charged toward the Real Pellet State ghost and swallowed it together with the black long blade.

After a scream, the black air faded. The ghost captain fell from the air in several segments.

In just 1 second, a Real Pellet State ghost was killed so easily by Liu Ming, which made other nearby Real Pellet State ghost stunned for a while.

Of course, that was because these few ghosts had just advanced, so their strength couldn’t be compared with those of the real ghost powerhouse.

Before it could react, Liu Ming appeared behind the 2nd ghost captain with a flash. He threw a giant black fist at its head.


The ghost captain’s head shattered like a watermelon.

The remaining 2 ghosts wanted to flee after seeing the bad situation, but Xie’er who had killed her opponent came over with a golden flash.

A ghost couldn’t dodge in time and was turned into gray mist by the golden light, then it was sucked into Xie’er stomach.

The other one managed to escape the golden light attack and fled for hundreds of meters.

A purple light flashed in mid-air, then a purple sword light with lightning arcs swirled around the ghost captain’s neck. Its head was slashed off without even making a scream.

After Liu Ming killed the 4 Real Pellet State ghosts in one go, he breathed a sigh of relief. After looking around, he found that under the city wall not far away, Xiao Wu was surrounded by 2 phalanxes of ghost pawns. there seemed to be a real ghost captain among them.

When he was about to help Xiao Wu, a harsh noise and a strong spiritual pressure came from behind.

He was shocked after looking back.

Several waves of ghost pawns broke through the puppet defense line of the Nature Work Sect, and they were approaching the city wall quickly.

At the forefront of these waves of ghost pawns, there were also several human-shaped figures in the armor of the four major legions. Their armors were tattered, and their faces were expressionless and stiff like a zombie look. They were at the Real Pellet State later stage!

Whether it was a giant crossbow bolt or a demonic qi light beam that shot from the city walls, it could only stagnate these zombies a little. It didn’t seem to be able to cause the slightest damage to them.

“Xiao ghost!”

Liu Ming exclaimed in his mind.

When he and Xiao Wu saw this creature in the Spirit Vulture Slope, they had doubts in their mind. When he saw it again, he suddenly understood something. It was obvious that the ghost army had already planned something for this Taitian Fortress.

Immediately afterward, on the other side, another giant puppet was knocked down by the ghost army. A xiao ghost with several ghost pawns phalanxes poured in from the gap.

In the blink of an eye, at the city gate on the north side, there were 8 invulnerable Real Pellet State xiao ghosts and a few groups of ghost pawns.

“Be careful everyone, these zombie cultivators are the elite disciples of the four major legions who have disappeared in recent years. After being sacrificially refined by the ghost army in a special way, they have long lost their consciousness. Not only their cultivation has increased, but they are also invulnerable. Don’t let them get close to the city wall!” Liu Ming thought swiftly and quickly sent voice transmissions to everyone.

On the other hand, Xiao Wu was explaining the zombie cultivator to the surrounding disciples while defending against the attacks of the surrounding ghost pawns.

The next moment, more than a dozen elite disciples of the Pseudo Pellet State and the Real Pellet State went toward these zombie cultivators.

Liu Ming also rushed toward a xiao ghost in yellow armor that was leading a phalanx of ghost pawns.

In mid-air, mist dragons and tigers wandered around him, then his arms burst with green veins and his height became slightly taller.

Then he moved his arms. The dense black fist shadows rained down at the ghost pawn phalanx like a torrential rain.

A loud noise!

The giant black fists turned into bursts of demonic qi, which burst open in the ghost pawn phalanx. The dozen ghost pawns that surrounded him were turned into ghost qi instantly!

However, that xiao ghost, apart from the disappearance of the yellow armor of the Nature Work Sect, it didn’t seem to take any damage at all!

When it roared up to the sky angrily, it found that Liu Ming in mid-air had long since disappeared!

At this moment, the space behind it fluctuated. A figure flashed out together with dragon and tiger roars. 5 meters long black mist dragons and 5 black mist tigers rushed out, a word sounded ‘blast’.


The black mist dragons and mist tigers suddenly burst into a black light that shrouded the xiao ghost in it.

After the black air dissipated, Liu Ming was revealed again. He waved his sleeve, and a purple sword light shot out and turned into 30 meters long.

Lightning snakes could be seen on the surface of the purple sword light. The momentum was quite astonishing.

At this moment, a groan sounded from the black light, and a large gray ghost mist continued to flow out of it. The entire Hell Prison was about to collapse.

“Body and sword fusion!”

Without hesitation, Liu Ming made a sword gesture. The purple flying sword shot out with a powerful sword intent.


The sword light flashed directly through the Hell Prison, scattering the black light.

A long and clear sword mark could be seen on xiao ghost’s neck. It was slowly recovering. As it wanted to pouce at the sword light, 9 green figures appeared around xiao ghost. It was Fei’er who had cleaned up the low rank ghost pawns.

Immediately afterward, the 9 Fei’ers shot the corrosive ghost flames which stopped the xiao ghost.

At the same time, dense green hair burst out from the heads of the 9 boys, wrapping the arms, feet and waist of xiao ghost.

Not far away, under the restraint of the purple light, Liu Ming’s figure was revealed. When he saw this scene, he made a sword gesture, and the Bitter Wheel Sword rose up and turned into a purple light of 120 meters in size.

At this moment, Fei’er’s eager voice came from his ears.

“Master, hurry up. I… I’m about to lose control of him.”

At this moment, xiao ghost let out bursts of howls. Its arms kept shaking back and forth, and bursts of gray ghost flames appeared all over its body, burning the hair. It was about to break free from the restraint.

Liu Ming frowned. Just as he was about to make a move, Bone Scorpion broke out from below xiao ghost and clamped tis legs, then she flicked her golden tail hook.

A dozen goden lines shot out.

This xiao ghost didn’t expect the sudden attack at all. Its legs were riddled with tiny golden holes. After screaming, it swung both arms and knocked away Bone Scorpion.

Seeing this, Liu Ming flashed into the sword light.

The next moment, a purple sword light slashed the xiao ghost’s neck with a whistle.

Xiao ghost’s expressionless face looked horrified suddenly, then its head was separated from its body, falling to the ground in 2 sections.

The purple sword light returned to the small purple sword, and Liu Ming appeared. He recalled the Bitter Wheel Sword into his sleeve while looking around.

However, when he tried his best to kill a zombie cultivator, most of the people nearby were caught in a hard fight. General attacks had no effect on these xiao ghosts at all. As the puppet defense line gradually shrank, more and more xiao ghost swarmed with ghost pawns.

Judging from the color of the silver light curtain protecting the entire fortress becoming lighter and lighter, it was obvious that the situation of the other 3 city walls was not optimistic.

The situation on the battlefield once again took a turn for the worse and became precarious!

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