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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1034

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1034

Ghost Army Approaching

The next morning, Taitian Fortress.

When the gray sky just emerged a ray of light, the originally quiet surrounding fortress walls suddenly heard bursts of urgent shouts.

“The ghost army is found on the east side!”

“Massive ghost pawns gather at the north! Northwest too!”

“No, there is a ghost army in the south…”

At this moment, the huge bell ringing reverberated throughout the fortress.

Immediately afterward, a long and loud man’s voice came from the air. It entered everyone’s ears with incomparable clarity,

“Be careful, there is a large ghost army around the fortress, everyone return to your position immediately!”

At this time, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged in the temporary residence. The first time he heard the sound of the bell, he quickly rushed to the central square of the fortress.

At this moment, in the central square of Taitian Fortress, 7 giant tower-shaped buildings that were much higher than the surrounding fortress walls had already been erected.

These buildings were distributed in a ring shape, each of which was 900 meters high, but the one in the middle was obviously a bit higher than the 6 surrounding buildings. The building was in a hexagon shape. Each side was smooth and was inscribed with special runes.

At the top of the giant tower in the middle, a golden ball was suspended. It was slowly spinning and emitting a faint golden glow. Below the ball, the silver-haired young man Cao Changhe was sitting cross-legged.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, come to the giant tower in front of me on the left.” When Liu Ming rushed to the bottom of the tower, Cao Changhe’s voice transmission came to his ears.

Hearing this, Liu Ming immediately jumped up and landed on the tower that Cao Changhe was referring to.

A hexagonal enchantment formation that almost filled the entire top platform appeared. 5 Golden Light Army cultivators in green armor were already sitting on the other 5 corners. Xiao Wu was sitting at 1 of the corner. On the left corner, there was no one there.

In front of everyone, there was a foot-sized golden light mirror suspended in front of them. On the other 5 towers, people came one after another. Under the arrangement of Cao Changhe, they jumped up to the rest of the towers.

After Xiao Wu saw Liu Ming appeared, she nodded slightly toward him and glanced at the empty corner beside her.

Liu Ming walked to the empty corner and sat down cross-legged. He took out the golden mirror like the others and punched a symbol into it. The golden mirror immediately suspended in front of him.

In just a while, the 6 towers already had 6 Golden Light Army cultivators. 36 golden mirrors exuded a strong golden light, which could be seen from a distance. The tops of the six giant towers were dazzling.

“Everyone in the Golden Light Array gets ready. Please follow my command to channel the array. No mistake is allowed!” Cao Changhe stood up and looked around. After seeing that everyone was ready, he immediately said in a deep voice.

Immediately after, 2 golden flags appeared in both his hands, then he closed his eyes and sat motionlessly.

Hearing this, Liu Ming looked at the fortress walls. The cultivators of the others legions were all prepared for the war.

The 4 corners of the fortress were exactly where the Taitian Fortress’s enchantment was located. There were more than 10 Haiqi Army’s disciples in white armor. At the feet of these people, there was a circle with a faint silver light. It was very eye-catching.

These people held the disk array and flag while chanting, continuously channeling spiritual power into the circular array below them.

At the same time, on the 4 fortress walls, Nature Work Sect’s disciples in yellow robes were constantly releasing various puppets. With a flash of colorful light, puppets appeared one after another at the foot of the fortress walls. There were also several giant puppets with the shape of a small mountain.

All the puppets stood in a row to form the first line of defense of the 4 fortress walls.

Beside the Nature Work Sect’s disciples, black shadows in black air were waiting in full force. They were disciples of the Demon Mystic Sect.

In addition to these elite disciples of various sects, the original garrison disciples were also ready in the giant crossbows and cylindrical towers. All of them looked somber.

Seeing this, Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief. After withdrawing his gaze, he released Divine Thought to check the situation around the fortress.

Around the Taitian Fortress, there was a rolling gray mist at this moment. In the mist, densely packed black dots formed a neat and uniform phalanx. At first glance, there were tens of thousands of ghost creatures!

Although it was impossible to find out the specific situation in the opponent’s formation, judging from the sense of oppression brought by the entire ghost army, it was never like the those he felt.

This made Liu Ming frown with a solemn face.

At this moment, a roar came from the corners of the surrounding fortress walls.

Under the circular array at the feet of the disciples of the Haoqi Army, silver lights rolled up and formed a silver light curtain, covering the entire Taitain Fortress.

The next moment, the rolling gray mist in all directions suddenly tumbled violently, and it approached the fortress overwhelmingly, followed by the roars of ghost creatures. It gave people a shocking and terrifying feeling.

The ghost army obviously discovered the actions of the human. They wanted to attack while the defensive array of the fortress wasn’t completed.

“Golden Light Array, up!” At this moment, Cao Changhe’s voice sounded.

The flags in his hands waved quickly. A strange and mysterious incantation sounded from his mouth. The golden fortune bowl suspended above his head burst into golden light.

Liu Ming chanted while launching symbols into the golden light mirror.

On the high platform, six golden light mirrors shone the golden light in the distance, and they started to vibrate. 6 golden lights from the mirrors rose into the air and converged in the air, turning into a golden light cluster that enveloped the 6 people.

At this moment, the gray mist in all directions crossed the mountains in the distance and appeared on the plains outside the Taitian Fortress. They were only a few miles away from the Taitian Fortress.

Suddenly, a shrill ghost scream sounded from the ghost army.

All the ghosts seemed to have received an order. The scream resounded throughout the space. The dense ghost lieutenant led groups of ghost pawns and charged toward the fortress walls like black waves.

“Hmph, just in time!”

A stern look flashed across Cao Changhe’s face. He waved both hands. From the fortune bowl above him, 6 golden lights shot at the 6 tall towers.

Liu Ming only felt a golden light flash in front of his eyes, and a golden light beam hit the light mirror in front of him, then it reflected into 6 golden light beams.

36 light beams were launched from each other. The 216 golden lights from the 6 tall towers intertwined into a golden net above the fortress.

Hundreds of meters outside the northern fortress wall, with a “pop“, several golden light beams instantly decimated a dozen ghost pawns and a ghost lieutenant in a phalanx.

Everyone who saw the effect immediately channeled all their spiritual power into the golden mirror in front of them. The golden net continued to cover the ghost army.

The ghost howls kept coming. Wherever the golden lights reached, countless ghost creatures were turned into ashes.

These golden light beams, like golden dragons in the sky, went rampant in the gray mist of the ghost army phalanx.

With a large number of ghost creatures being killed and wounded, even the ghost captains of the Real Pellet State didn’t dare to resist head-on. They just kept dodging the golden lights.

And the power of the Golden Light Array was so great that all the cultivators in the fortress couldn’t help but rejoice.

But Cao Changhe, who was in the middle tower, frowned slightly, with a solemn face.

Although the Golden Light Array was extremely effective against ghost creatures, there were too many ghost creatures around. They didn’t intend to retreat.

Gradually, the ghost army discovered that there was a gap in the launch of the golden light beams. Taking advantage of the gap, countless ghost creatures continued to charge desperately toward the silver defense enchantment protecting the Taitian Fortress.

At this time, the giant puppets that were standing in front of the fortress walls also started to move.

Rumbling sounds came. The giant puppet in mechanical battle armor lifted its heavy legs and walked slowly away from the fortress walls.

These giant puppets were not good at attacking, but all of them had amazing defenses. They were not afraid of the swarming ghost army attack.

Next to the giant puppets, the puppet warriors in yellow armor and the strange-looking beast puppets also jumped up one after another. They went directly into the gray mist and fought with the ghost army to stop the momentum of the ghost army.

Demonic qi flickered on the fortress walls. The Demon Vanquish Army also charged into the ghost army with spiritual weapons while the ghost army was stopped by the puppets.

For a time, golden light beams were flying around the entire Taitian Fortress. In the gray mist, the fighting sound came one after another. The scene was extremely chaotic.

Just as the battle was in a stalemate, outside the northern fortress wall of the Taitian Fortress, on the plain between the puppet defense line, there was a sudden and violent shaking.

The entire ground seemed to be torn apart. 8 fissures of several meters in diameter appeared.

Immediately afterward, there were loud noises in the fissures. Clusters of ghost mists rose into the air.

“This aura… Shit, it’s a ghost worm. They still have reinforcements!” Above the middle tower, Cao Changhe glanced and said in surprise.

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