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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1031

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1031


On the city wall of Golden Light City, Hao Yue Tongzi and other elders were slightly relieved when they saw this scene.

“These spiritual guiding flags created by Elder Yao are really amazing. They can concentrate the spiritual power of the entire squad on the captain and increase the attack power by several times. This method is simply unprecedented.” Hao Yue Tongzi said with admiration.

In the Cultivation Realm, there were ways to connect spiritual power like this, but this required extremely complex enchantment and was possible only under very harsh conditions. For example, these cultivators must practice the same techniques, and they had to practice together for a long time.

It was truly amazing that this effect could be achieved immediately with just a mere set of flags.

Hao Yue Tongzi’s admiration really came from the bottom of his heart.

The eyes of the other elders looking at the old man surnamed Yao were also full of admiration.

“This set of spiritual guiding flags is quite successful, but it also has its weaknesses, that is its poor flexibility. It still needs to be improved.” The old man surnamed Yao shook his head and smiled smugly.

“Only the ghost army’s vanguard suffers some casualties. They will definitely fight back. Pay close attention to the battle situation!” The old man surnamed Yao quickly put away his smug expression and said in a different way.

“Yes.” Hao Yue Tongzi and others hurriedly agreed.

Not long after Elder Yao said that, the ghost army quickly made some movements as expected.

A low horn sound came from the back of the ghost army on the side of the cultivator surnamed Min. The ghosts and yin beasts stopped upon hearing the horn, and they arranged into a defensive formation.

Immediately afterward, a cry came from a circular army formation composed of hundreds of ghosts below. Black ghost qi burst out and condensed into a few large black tentacles.

The black tentacles slapped at a nearby human cultivator squad with a piercing wind.

This was the squad led by the cultivator surnamed Min.

The cultivator surnamed Min sneered and made a gesture. The gray sword light emerged and greeted the thick tentacle.

The gray sword light grew to the size of 300 meters and easily cut off 1 black tentacle.


The other tentacles made a strange turn, bypassing the cultivator surnamed Min from several directions and swept toward the squad members behind him.

A few sharp sounds!

The edge of the tentacles scattered into dense black silks and covered the 20 squad members.

A series of dreadful screams sounded.

Since the disciples in the rear concentrated on pouring spiritual power into the cultivator surnamed Min in front, under the penetration of several black silks, 8 cultivators were riddled with holes. Although they barely defended their vital spots, they still lost their combat power.

The cultivator surnamed Min was shocked. He made a gesture and launched a few symbols. The giant gray sword split into a few identical giant sword lights.

It was the technique of Sword Light Split!

Poof poof poof! A series of muffled noises came.

A few tentacles were cut off.

The cultivator surnamed Min snorted coldly and waved both hands. Immediately, countless gray sword shadows appeared, but they once again condensed into a 300 meters giant gray sword light.

The giant gray sword light blasted down with a muffled rumbling sound, slashing toward the circular ghost army formation below.


Blossoms of black gas emerged from the ghost army formation and condensed into a thick shield-shaped black light curtain.

A tearing sound came.

The shield light curtain only lasted for a few seconds before it was blasted apart by the giant sword light.

The gray sword light continued to slam on the ghost army formation with a pressing momentum.

With a loud noise, hundreds of ghosts were swallowed up by the gray sword light almost in the blink of an eye. They turned into pieces without even a single scream.

After defeating this ghost army formation, the white disk array on the cultivator surnamed Min’s arm suddenly flashed. A voice came from it,

“Min Rong, hurry up and support the team in the northeast behind you!”

The cultivator surnamed Min looked northeast after hearing that. There was a large formation formed by thousands of ghosts, battling with 2 squads of human cultivators. The human cultivators were even slightly disadvantaged.

With a wave of one hand, the cultivator surnamed Min immediately flew toward the place with the remaining dozen or so squad members.

On the entire battlefield, the human cultivators had the upper hand due to their favorable geographical location and their preparations to charge. The ghost army was able to resist by using formation, but the army formation couldn’t move, so the mobility was greatly reduced. They were defeated separately by the human cultivators.

As for those yin beasts, although each of them had extraordinary attack power, under the chain attacks of the Golden Light Army, they were killed one by one.

The war went on for several hours, and suddenly there was a sound of a horn from behind the ghost army. All the ghosts and yin beasts on the battlefield immediately retreated like a tide.

On the Golden Light City, several elders in charge of the battlefield command hurriedly sent out a message, preventing the squads from chasing.

The old man surnamed Yao looked toward the retreating direction of the ghost army with a contemplative look.

“In this battle, we have a great victory. Not only did our morale greatly increase, but we also greatly dampened the spirit of the ghost army!” Seeing this, the elders such as Hao Yue Tongzi breathed a sigh of relief and said with joy on their faces.

“This is only a small victory. Don’t get carried over by it. I’m afraid the real hard battle is still to come. This attack by the ghost army is a bit strange. They must be planning something.” The old man surnamed Yao said, then he flew back to the Golden Light City.

Hao Yue Tongzi, the elder surnamed Gu and others immediately shut up when they heard the words.

It didn’t take long for the cultivators from outside the city to fly back one after another.

In this battle, the number of casualties of the Golden Light Army was small, which could be said that it was a veritable victory. For a time, the morale of the cultivators rose sharply.

At the end of the Golden Light Army battle, outside the Puppet City of the Nature Work Sect, nearly a thousand Nature Work Sect disciples rode in hundreds of large flying boats, flying cars, and giant puppet beasts of various forms to fight with more than ten thousand evil spirits.

The large flying boats were shaped like huge crescent-shaped warships. Each warship was about 90 meters long. There were about 10 Nature Work Sect disciples on the boat, and there were a row of holes similar to gun muzzles on each side of the flying boat. From time to time, a thick light beam was launched from time to time.

Compared with the flying boat, the flying car was much smaller. Each car was only one-tenth the size of the flying boat, but the movement was more flexible. It could also shoot giant light beam.

Each light beam could cause a violent explosion and a burst of ghost screams. The severed limbs scattered in all directions.

The attacks of the ghost army were mostly defended by the light shields on the outer wall of the flying boat.

All the big flying boats, compared with 5 giant puppet beast, seemed a little insignificant.

These puppet beasts looked similar to giant apes. They were invulnerable. Their 2 arms were like giant pillars. Every swing seemed very slow, but it could knock away a dozen ghosts, then the flying cars behind would shoot light beams at them.

From the overall situation on the battlefield, Nature Work Sect’s cultivators had the absolute upper hand.


At this moment, there was a low-pitched horn sound from the rear of the ghost army, and all the ghosts quickly began to retreat. Many ghost pawns that were too late to escape were decimated by the countless light beams.

After a while, the ghost army disappeared in the distance.

Seeing this, all the Nature Work Sect’s cultivators burst into cheers.

On a 300 meters tall platform in the Puppet City, a middle-aged man with white hair watched from a distance in the direction the ghost army was evacuating and frowned.

Almost the same scene was repeated in the Haoqi City and the Demon Subdue City.

Although the main cities of the 4 major legions were all sieged by the ghost army, the result was that the human cultivators won a big victory and pushed back the ghost army.

The news of the victory of the 4 major human armies in the first battle was quickly passed on. The people of the Taitian Fortress naturally knew about it very quickly. Their morale was boasted for a while.

In the Taitian Fortress, in a temporary residence, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged on a futon. A golden mirror about a foot in size was suspended in front of him. He kept launching symbols into it, trying to sacrificial refine this item.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, what do you think of this news?

Xiao Wu was sitting on a wooden chair opposite, looking at Liu Ming’s refinement while holding a message jade slip.

“I didn’t witness the fierce battle, so I can’t make a judgment based on a mere message. However, in my opinion, these attacks of the ghost army aren’t simple. They attacked all 4 cities and all retreated? This is strange.” Liu Ming opened his eyes and said so.

“En, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu thought the same as I. The ghost army shouldn’t be so aimless. They should have some kind of unknown special plan…” Xiao Wu’s eyes showed a look of contemplation.

“Leave these things to others to think about. Let’s discuss the tactical cooperation that Senior Fang said.” Liu Ming didn’t think about it so much, and he changed the topic.

“En, that’s true. Even if the battle situation is unfavorable, only those Celestial elders can worry about that. We really can’t do anything about it.” Xiao Wu nodded relieved after being startled.

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