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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1029

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1029

Taitian Fortress

Time flies. It had been 5 years since Liu Ming came to Evil Ghost Way.

In a plain area a hundred miles north of the Black Peak Valley, a majestic giant fortress was located here. The area was twice the size of the Golden Light City. The battle marks on the outer wall such as large and small pits, cracks, etc., seemed to be telling people the scenes of the past that this city had experienced.

On the fortress wall, there were giant crossbows, catapults and other large-scale equipment lined up. There were also dozens of cylindrical towers around the fortress. Each of which was dozens of feet high and inscribed with countless runes.

This was the Taitian Fortress, the largest fortress of the 4 major human sects in the Evil Ghost Way.

In the fortress at the moment, teams of cultivators wearing armors of different major legions could be seen walking by from time to time. They all looked solemn. The entire fortress was filled with a tense atmosphere.

Suddenly, there were a few whistles from the north, causing the cultivators stationed on the north fortress wall to look over.

“It’s fine. The patrol team is back!” The rest of the group breathed a sigh of relief as the voice of a middle-aged man dressed in a white captain costume sounded.

In the blink of an eye, the escape light in the distance came to the north fortress wall in a few flashes.

The captain of the team was a middle-aged man in a yellow robe. He looked only in his thirties. His face looked slightly vicissitudes. His cultivation had reached the Real Pellet State later stage.

There were more than a dozen cultivators behind him. They were dressed in the costumes of the four major legions of blue, yellow, white and black. All of them were at the Pseudo Pellet State, but their spiritual power fluctuation was no weaker than the Real Pellet State early stage cultivator

“Okay. It must be exhausting for you all. Go back and rest first, but don’t relax too much. We don’t know whether the ghost army will attack here.” The middle-aged man in a yellow robe said in a deep voice.

“Yes!” The dozen cultivators in the Pseudo Pellet State period nodded in agreement.

The middle-aged man in a yellow robe waved his hand, and the others left the fortress wall, leaving only a young man in green armor.

It was Liu Ming.

He looked toward the Taitian Fortress in the distance with a dignified expression. After a while, he also flew down the fortress wall and stopped at a round-arched stone house not far from the northern fortress wall.

After launching a symbol, he quickly walked into the stone house.

This was a simple temporary residence. Although the area was not large, the furnitures were available. There were several blocking enchantments. It was considered a decent small cave house.

Liu Ming let out a light breath, walked over to the bed, sat down cross-legged and fell into contemplation.

During these 5 years, the battle between the four major armies and the ghost army had become increasingly fierce. In the beginning, they only fought in the peripheral areas. The four major armies relied on the geographical advantages of the fortresses in various places, so they could still defend without breaking a sweat.

As time passed, the offense of the ghost army was getting more and more fierce. They started to siege the cities. The sphere of influence of the four major armies had been continuously reduced. Now, of the 19 fortresses of the Golden Light Army, 8 had fallen. This was the same as the other 3 legions.

Facing the aggressive offense of the ghost army, the Taiqing Sect had dispatched 2 reinforcements successively, which barely stop the invasion of the ghost army.

Recently, the battle situation had intensified. In addition to attacking various fortresses, the ghost army also gathered a large amount of troops around the Golden Light City, Haoqi City, Demon Subdue City and Puppet City, posing an aggressive momentum.

Although according to the usual point of view, every hundred years or so, the ghost army would launch a large offensive. Although it was about time now, the scale of the ghost army had greatly surpassed any previous invasion.

Speaking of which, the origin of these ghost army was a mystery. After so many years of contact, although the human cultivators had some rough understanding of the surface strength of the ghost army, they couldn’t tell how many hidden forces they had.

Faced with this situation, the four major armies had no choice but to unite again, thinking a plan to deal with the large scale attack of the ghost army.

This Taitian Fortress was the most important hub between the main cities of the four major legions of the human cultivators. It must not be lost. Although it was in a relatively backward area. The four major legions had recently selected a group of elite people, together with the defenders who originally stationed in the fortress, to prevent the sneak attack of the ghost army.

Liu Ming was dispatched to this place more than 10 days ago due to his excellent performance in many missions in the past few years.

Just as he was thinking, there was a knock on the door.

He got up and opened the door, only to see a short-haired woman in green armor standing outside the door. It was Xiao Wu.

The faint spiritual pressure coming from this woman had already broken through the Real Pellet State.

After going through that life-and-death ordeal 5 years ago, she finally seized the opportunity to break through. After a period of retreat, she finally succeeded in condensing a real pellet not long ago.

Originally, after she achieved this goal, she was going to return to Thousands Spirit Mountain Range, but Evil Ghost Way was in urgent need of manpower. In addition, Evil Ghost Way was rich in yin qi, which played a big role in stabilizing cultivation of the ghost cultivators like Xiao Wu. So, she thought about it again and again, and she decided to stay. She was also dispatched to Taitian Fortress as an elite disciple.

“Senior Sister Xiao Wu.” Liu Ming greeted with a smile.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, I thought it was time for your patrol team to return.” Xiao Wu smiled.

They were from the same peak. Plus the incident at the Spirit Vulture Slope, they had gotten a little closer to each other. They would usually discuss some cultivation experiences.

“The team that the senior sister apprentice is in is in charge of the northwest area of ​​the fortress, right?” Liu Ming let Xiao Wu into the room and got up to make spiritual tea.

“Yeah, I only returned yesterday. Fortunately, it’s still peaceful here. There is no sign of ghost army yet.” Xiao Wu glanced at Liu Ming who was making tea and said casually.

Although the ghost army had not yet appeared near the Taitian Fortress, several celestial cultivators were guarding here just in case. Liu Ming and other cultivators who were dispatched later were separated into several teams to patrol the area near the Taitian Fortress.

In the aroma of tea, they sat down face to face.

“I wonder what’s the situation of the four major cities now… I didn’t expect to encounter such a large-scale war just a few years after I came to Evil Ghost Way.” Liu Ming sighed helplessly.

Although he wanted to push his limit by fighting with the ghosts in the Evil Ghost Way to find the opportunity to break through, he never wanted to participate in such a large scale war.

After all, in such a large-scale legion war, even a single cultivator had a high level of cultivation. He might die without knowing what happened.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu doesn’t have to worry too much. Taitian Fortress is relatively safe here. Each of the four major legions has sent a Celestial State grand elder here, and there are dozens of Real Pellet State deputy elders, a few big arrays and endless defensive enchantments. Once all of them are used, I believe even if the mystic ghost comes, it will be difficult for it to break through in a short period of time. It is enough to buy enough time for the arrival of reinforcements.” Xiao Wu seemed to see Liu Ming ‘s concerns.

“En, I hope so.” Liu Ming knew that, but once the war started, no one was sure what would happen.

“Speaking of which, they mobilized us here, on the one hand, to strengthen the defense force of this Taitian Fortress. On the other hand, they probably want to put us in a relatively safe area as an important reserve force and surprise force.” Xiao Wu continued to say.

“If this is the case, at least our safety should be fine for the time being.” Liu Ming said with a smile.

In such a large-scale cultivator war, the first few waves of battle were the most brutal, and the cultivators died the most. Once the first few waves were over, the 2 sides fell into a stalemate, then the cultivators would die much lesser. When Liu Ming heard that he was sent here to defend the Taitian Fortress, he was slightly relieved.

Just as Liu Ming and Xiao Wu were drinking tea and chatting, the bell sounds kept coming from all directions.

“What is this noise?”

Liu Ming and Xiao Wu couldn’t help looking at each other, and they walked out.

This sound was exactly the sound of the “Soul Calming Bell” in the center of Taitian Fortress.

There were many people outside, like Liu Ming, who walked out of their residence after hearing the bell. They all looked shocked.

After the bell rang for a while, it slowly stopped.

“Disciples of all sects, gather at the conference hall in the central square!” A grand voice rang out, and it was clearly heard in everyone’s ears.

Liu Ming and Xiao Wu looked at each other without speaking, and they flew toward the central square in the Taitian Fortress.

Along the way, many cultivators wearing the armor of the four major legions flew in the same direction at this moment. Everyone looked very solemn.

Soon, Liu Ming and Xiao Wu landed on a large open-air square, where a huge green stone hall was located.

When Liu Ming first came here, he came here once. Soon, he walked into the hall with Xiao Wu. There were nearly a thousand cultivators gathered in it.

He glanced around and found that most of the disciples who were stationed here didn’t have high cultivation. They were mostly at the Condensation State, and only a few at the Crystallization Period. They were whispering something anxiously.

Once the war began, these people were likely to be used as cannon fodders.

This was also what these outer sects and punished disciples were most worried about.

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