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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1028

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1028

Ethereal Ghost And Ghost Blood Stone

A huge bright red mushroom cloud suddenly erupted, and a crimson fire beam rose into the sky. column suddenly rose into the sky in the explosion. For a while, the cultivator surnamed Min and the ghost captain in green armor could not be seen at all.

Near the battle between them, dozens of ghost pawns were instantly engulfed by the fire beam without even making a scream. The huge shock wave suddenly swept the surrounding area of 300 meters. The ghost lieutenant and ghost pawns quickly dodged. The cylindrical black light curtain also trembled instantly.

The red-haired ghost captain was startled greatly when it saw this. It had to ignore the pursuit of Liu Ming and the young woman and went to the explosion center.

At this moment, a gray sword light flew out of the fire beam and hit the black light curtain


A 6 meters hole was opened up by the gray sword light on the unstable black light curtain!

The gray sword light flickered again and flew toward the distance.

This change caused a hole in the cylindrical light curtain, and the formation was also chaotic after being swept by the explosion.

“Hold the formation! Don’t let the others run away!” Seeing this, the red-haired ghost captain yelled in exasperation.

Seeing this, Liu Ming made gestures, and the Bitter Wheel Sword turned into a 30 meters long purple sword shadow.


A thick purple sword light flashed toward the big hole. The ghost pawns were turned into dust under the sword light.

The red-haired ghost captain roared and waved both hands. Waves of ghost claws emerged, trying to block the sword light.

The next moment, a golden glow swept over. Bone Scorpion was released by Liu Ming at some point.

The red-haired ghost captain’s huge body made a sizzling sound after touching this golden light, then it dodged anxiously.

Without the obstruction, the purple sword light flashed and struck the big hole opened by the cultivator surnamed Min broke.


The big hole, which was originally 6 in size, suddenly expanded to 15 meters.

At this time, Liu Ming changed a gesture, then he carried Xie’er and turned into a purple sword light, escaping through the big hole.

At the same time, other members of the team also used their life-saving magical powers without holding back.

The young man was originally not far from the cultivator surnamed Min. He took out a green round bead and crushed it. A green wind dragon wrapped him and brought him out of the big hole immediately.

On the other side, the bald muscular man and the ugly skinny young man were standing back to back.

The bald muscular man suddenly turned to one side and threw the giant hammer in his hand toward the big hole, then he spat blood at the giant hammer.

With a deafening roar, a huge gray hammer shadow suddenly emerged and slammed it all the way forward.

The muscular man jumped up with a loud roar, covering himself with a pale silver shield. He followed the huge hammer out of the big hole while taking a few attacks of the ghost pawns.

The ugly and skinny young man was also unwilling to be left behind. The 2 blades in his hands had turned into 2 blade lights. A black-red fire beam charged toward the big hole and escaped from it.

The movement of young woman in a red dress was the slowest, but she also reacted immediately. She waved, and a white crystal talisman flew out of her hand.

A white light flashed, and countless slender ice crystals with the thickness of an arm shot at the ghost army in front.

Under the cover of ice crystals, she turned into a red escape light and rushed in the other direction.


At this moment, another figure flew out from the center of the explosion. It was the ghost captain in green armor that was fighting the cultivator surnamed Min.

It looked like it had gone through a bad fight. The green armor was cracked, and half of its body was emitting black smoke. Its left arm and leg were gone. A row of bloody rib bones could be seen on its chest.

However, although the injury was serious, it did not appear to be life-threatening. Its eyes were filled with anger.

The ghost captain in green armor’s blood-red eyes swept in all directions, then it stared at the young woman in a red dress who hadn’t flown too far.

With a beast-like roar, a 3 meters long black spear had appeared in its hand.

It threw the black long spear at the back of the young woman in a red dress.

The young woman in a red dress had already rushed out several dozen meters at this moment. When she was about to escape from the encirclement of the ghost army, a piercing screeching sound suddenly came from behind.

The young woman was startled. She launched a silver light. A diamond-shaped silver medal flew out and blocked behind her.

After doing this, she looked back and was slightly startled. There was nothing behind her.

The young woman in a red dress was startled for a moment. Before she could understand, the screeching sound was close. The black spear that was a dozen meters away hit the silver medal at a lightning speed.

The black light and silver light intertwined, but as the black spear trembled, the silver medal was pierced through like a paper.

Then the spear shot into the belly of a young woman in a red dress and burst open.

The young woman let out a scream, and her body turned into pieces of flesh and splattered in all directions. Before her soul could fly out, it was eliminated by the black light.

Hundreds of meters away, Liu Ming heard the screams and looked back with a hint of regret in his eyes. After that, the purple light flashed and disappeared in midair.

2 years later, somewhere in a dark underground cave.

Dozens of dark, phantom-like ghost creatures floated around in the cave space, surrounding a figure in the middle.

The man was Liu Ming.

Xie’er beside him. The golden cockscomb mark on her forehead radiated a faint golden light, keeping those floating phantoms away from Liu Ming even if they were tempted by Liu Ming’s blood.

Liu Ming didn’t look at the ghosts around him. After hesitating for a while, he strode forward and looked for something around the cave.

After walking along the cave for a quarter of an hour, there were more and more phantoms surrounding him, and several large phantoms had appeared.

Suddenly, Liu Ming saw something on the wall in a cave not far away. He waved and launched black light.


A large piece of the stone wall was smashed, and a fist-sized dark brown crystal stone fell from it. Blood vessel-like lines could be seen on it, exuding a special aura that smelled a bit like blood.

“Found another piece!” He looked happy.

The reason why he came to this underground cave this time was to take a collection mission from the sect to collect some ore, ghost blood stone, that could only be found in the Evil Ghost Way.

Although this ore was a yin-type ore, it contained a special kind of spiritual power that was harmful to the ghost army. Now that the war was about to happen, the Golden Light Army was collecting them in bulk.

This cave was a vein mine of ghost blood stone. Unfortunately, there were countless ethereal ghost creatures living in it. Although this kind of ghost creature was low in intelligence, it liked to suck the cultivator spirit, and its body was like a shadow, so normal attack could hardly do damage to it. Therefore, there were not many cultivators who dare to come here to collect ghost blood stones.

The smell of the ghost blood stone emanated seemed to have triggered the surrounding ethereal ghosts. The bigger ones finally couldn’t help themselves and pounced toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming frowned. He patted his shoulder, and a green bull phantasm of a dozen meters emerged with a green light.

“Go!” With a wave of his hand, the green bull phantasm flashed toward the biggest phantom, opened its mouth and engulfed the phantom with a green vortex. The phantom was devoured despite its desperate struggle.

The other ethereal ghosts were shocked by this, and they stopped hurriedly and turned away.

However, before these ethereal ghosts escaped far, they still stopped nearby, staring at Liu Ming with a look of unwillingness.

“Master, these ghosts are so pesky. Let me get rid of them all!” Xie’er pouted as she looked at the wandering ethereal ghosts in the distance.

“Let’s hurry up and collect ghost bloodstones, don’t bother them.” Liu Ming shook his head and said.

These ethereal ghosts were endless to kill, and it didn’t have any benefit to kill them. Even if Che Huan Totem could devour them, it would boost Che Huan because their strength was too low. So, he didn’t want to waste time on them.

As soon as he said, he launched a symbol, and Che Huan Phantasm returned and stopped above him.

Xie’er nodded and didn’t say anything. She just looked at the surrounding ethereal ghosts with a trace of killing intent, and the golden cockscomb mark on her forehead brightened a bit.

After Liu Ming put away the dark brown crystal stone, he continued walking toward the depths of the cave.

Seeing this, Xie’er made a grimace at the ethereal ghosts, and she immediately followed him away.

“Master, after we hand up these things, can we get a lot of contribution points again…” In the depths of the cave, there was a faint voice of a girl chattering.

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