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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1026

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1026

Incoming Storm

When the two entered Golden Light City, it took them a lot of effort for them to get into the city because the identity token and other items on Xiao Wu had fallen into the hands of the ghost army.

The moment they stepped into Golden Light City, Xiao Wu bit her lip, and an inexplicable expression flashed in her eyes.

It had been nearly 10 years since the last time she left to perform a mission. Her companions had already become ghost creatures, and she almost became one of them too. It was the most dangerous experience in her life. Now that she returned to the city, she felt like she was in a different era.

“Senior Sister Xiao Wu, about Spirit Vulture Slope, you still need to report to the elders. Can you still do it?” Liu Ming glanced at Xiao Wu and asked.

“No problem.” Xiao Wu took a deep breath and said with a smile.

Liu Ming nodded. He waved and wrapped them in a black air, then they flew toward the main tower.

In the central main tower hall.

“Greetings to 2 elders!” Liu Ming bowed to Hao Yue Tongzi and Elder Gu, and Xiao Wu also bowed.

“You 2 don’t need to be polite. I have just received the report. Nephew Disciple Liu, you have made another contribution this time. Xiao Wu, I’m sorry for your suffering.” Hao Yue Tongzi said with a smile on his face.

Liu Ming smiled and said nothing.

“Thank you elder for your concern.” Xiao Wu replied gratefully.

She had already heard from Liu Ming that the reason he could successfully sneak into the Spirit Vulture Slope was because the Break Army Basket that Hao Yue Tongzi borrowed.

“Nephew Disciple Liu, why did you only rescue Nephew Disciple Xiao Wu? Are all the other disciples killed?” Elder Gu asked.

“I’m about to report this. The ghost army stronghold of the Spirit Vulture Slope seems to be similar to the ordinary ghost army stronghold. However, after I sneaked into it, I saw…” Liu Ming told everything that happened in the Spirit Vulture Slope.

“There is such a thing, turning disciples of various sects into zombie-like ghost creatures…” Elder Gu and Hao Yue Tongzi looked at each other with a surprised look.

From the analysis of the intelligence they received, they had already guessed that the Spirit Vulture Slope should be a ghost army’s array experimental base, but they didn’t expect the situation to be so sensational.

“I have fought against zombies who have lost their minds. According to Xiao Senior Sister Wu, most of them were only cultivators in the Crystallization Period before. After turning into zombies, their bodies are invulnerable and their strength has improved greatly. They are no worse than the ordinary Real Pellet State cultivator.” Liu Ming continued.

“When I was detained, I overheard the ghost pawns of the guards said that they called those zombie-like cultivators, xiao ghost.” Xiao Wu also explained.

“Xiao ghost?” Hao Yue Tongzi was startled when he heard the words, and he glanced at the elder surnamed Gu who also shook his head. He apparently had never heard of the name.

“What is the approximate number of cultivators detained there?” Elder Gu asked in a deep voice.

“I only took a brief look. There should be about a hundred people.” Liu Ming recalled the situation in the Spirit Vulture Slope and said.

“When I was captured a few years ago, the number wasn’t really that large. It has only gradually increased in recent years.” Xiao Wu added after thinking about it.

When Hao Yue Tongzi and the elder surnamed Gu heard the words, their faces looked solemn again.

“Nephew Disciple Liu has been working hard these days. You should go back to rest first. Nephew Disciple Xiao Wu, I see that your aura is unstable. Just rest in the city for a while.” Hao Yue Tongzi pondered for a while, then he commanded.

“Yes, disciple will retreat now.” Liu Ming bowed and walked out of the tower with Xiao Wu quickly.

Seeing Liu Ming walking out, Hao Yue Tongzi and the elder surnamed Gu looked completely gloomy.

“I didn’t expect a small Spirit Vulture Slope to hide so many secrets. If I knew it earlier, I should have dispatched several teams to act with Liu Ming. Maybe some disciples who have not been ghosted can still be rescued.” Hao Yue Tongzi said with some annoyance.

“Even if we send people over now, it will be heavily guarded now. The opportunity is no longer there.” Elder Gu also sighed.

“I wonder if there are similar situations in the other ghost army strongholds.” After thinking about it, Hao Yue Tongzi said again.

“It shouldn’t be. The number of elite disciples mentioned by Liu Ming is roughly the same as the number of elite disciples missing from our four major legions in recent years. The strong and abnormal yin qi whirlpool they found, according to my estimation, should be a big yin qi gathering array. Such a large-scale yin qi gathering array, these ghost armies should not be able to build a second one.” Elder Gu said with a hint of contemplation in his eyes.

“Anyway, let’s report this to Master’s Junior Yao first.” Hao Yue Tongzi said.

Elder Gu naturally nodded in agreement.

After leaving the tower, Liu Ming and Xiao Wu quickly returned to the residential area in the city.

“Senior sister apprentice, how are you feeling now?” Liu Ming asked with concern in midair.

“I’m fine now. Although I suffered a lot this time, it’s fortunate that I didn’t encounter any danger. Instead, staying in that environment for a long time, my spiritual power has been refined a lot. I can vaguely feel that I can touch the opportunity of breaking through.” Xiao Wu said with a long sigh of relief.

“Could it be… Hehe, then congratulations to the senior sister apprentice.” Liu Ming was startled, then he said with a smile.

After chatting for a while, they went on their own way.

Liu Ming soon returned to the cave house of the seventh squad and practiced behind closed doors.

In the secret room of the cave house, there was silence.

On a futon in the middle, Liu Ming sat cross-legged. His body was wrapped in black mist, forming a pitch-black black about 3 meters in size.

From time to time, there were strands of black silk coming from all directions, making the ball grow bigger and thicker.

After a long time, a soft sound broke the silence in the room.

The entire black ball collapsed and turned into billowing black air. In the black air, 5 black mist dragons and 5 black mist tigers circled around Liu Ming, making bursts of roars.

The next moment, all the mist dragons and mist tigers returned to his head.

He opened his eyes, and there was a flash of joy in his eyes. Although his cultivation didn’t have improvement, his spiritual power was much smoother than when he first entered the Evil Ghost Way. He could clearly sense that in the sea of ​​consciousness, his spiritual power had also become more refined.

“It seems that the peace of this Evil Ghost Way is coming to an end.” Suddenly, Liu Ming touched his chin and showed a thoughtful look.

He also briefly read the information jade slip that he retrieved from the giant mountain fortress last time. It was the distribution map of the ghost army’s strongholds in various places as well as the military strength of each stronghold.

He could roughly guess what the sect wanted to do with this information.

He keenly felt a storm was coming. Before that, he had to increase his strength as much as possible.

As Liu Ming predicted, the Golden Light Army and the armies of the other three major sects began to receive various instructions from the upper levels frequently. The elite teams were dispatched from time to time to attack some of the peripheral bases of the ghost army.

The 4 major legions were looking for the peripheral base with relatively weak defense. Each base had at most 1 or 2 Real Pellet State level ghost captains. Facing the targeted attacks of the elite teams of the four major legions, the ghost army suffered heavy casualties. In a short time, a dozen bases were being captured.

However, the ghost army also quickly responded to this. Instead of shrinking its defenses, it began to mobilize its troops on a large scale. Taking advantage of the fact that the main force of the four major armies was dispatched abroad, they began to desperately attack the peripheral fortresses of the four major armies.

This unexpected situation surprised the upper level of the four major armies, making them fall into an extremely passive situation. After some discussion, they had to temporarily abandon the intention of assaulting the ghost army bases and focus on defense instead.

Fortunately, the ghost army did not seem to intend to go too deep into the sphere of influence of the human cultivator. They immediately abandoned the captured fortresses, which made the upper level of the four major sects a little relieved.

Even so, the situation in Golden Light City gradually became tense, and the seventh squad naturally began to receive various tasks frequently, constantly running around in various places of Evil Ghost Way.

The slot that were vacated due to the disappearance of the burly man with a bow and the hunchbacked old man in the original team were naturally replaced by others.

In a rocky area tens of thousands of miles away from Golden Light City, a green stone tower more than 300 meters high stood here. A slowly rotating black sphere was suspended at the top of the tower, flashing with a faint black light.

This was an important information transfer base for the ghost army.

At this moment around the stone tower, a chaotic battle was going on like a raging fire.

Hundreds of ghost army soldiers had already surrounded the stone tower in the middle.

The legion was led by 2 Real Pellet State ghost captains. 8 ghost lieutenants at the Crystallization Period each led a phalanx to defend the 8 directions. Most of the phalanxes were low tier ghost pawns at the Condensation Period and Spirit Apostle Stage.

The seventh squad where Liu Ming was located, and the other 2 squads, there were 20 of them launching attacks from all directions.

For a time, the fighting sounds came one after another. Wherever the light passed, the dim sky was illuminated transparently and brightly.

In terms of combat power, the human side had 3 Real Pellet State cultivators and nearly 20 Crystallization Period later stage and Pseudo Pellet State cultivators, so they got the advantage, but the ghost army’s tight phalanx defense was also extraordinary. The human cultivators’ fierce attacks were all blocked.

To the southwest of the green stone tower, Liu Ming suddenly jumped into the air and made a sword gesture. The Bitter Wheel Sword shook, turned into a giant purple sword light and slashed forward.

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