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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1025

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1025

Escape From Danger

As the enchantment was broken, the stone door opened inward, and a strong yin qi rushed out.

Just when Xie’er was about to enter, “whoo“, a huge gray fist flashed out of the stone room.

Before hitting Xie’er, an invisible giant force came in a menacing momentum.

Xie’er was shocked. She turned into the Silver Bone Scorpion form, crossed her pincers and greeted the fist.

“Boom“, a silver and gray light collided in the air.

The stalemate only lasted for a while, then Silver Bone Scorpion was knocked back.

Immediately afterward, a gray ghost came out of the stone gate, along with the thick yin qi.

This ghost figure was about the same size as a human cultivator. The Golden Light Army uniform could still be recognized. However, his facial muscles looked stiff and green like a zombie. His cultivation was about the Real Pellet State early stage!

Just as the zombie cultivator stepped out of the stone chamber, he stopped and let out a piercing shout!

“This is the voice of the ghosted human cultivator. Intr… intruders!”

“See, no wonder so many of us are missing all of a sudden!”

“Quickly activated the enchantment and block all the tunnels! No one will get out of this place!”

Such a big movement, the ghost pawns patrolling nearby and the ghost lieutenant were naturally alerted. They came from different directions hurriedly.

Immediately afterward, rumbling sounds of stones moving resounded in the mountain!

“This is Captain Yin… It seems that the others have already…” When Xiao Wu glanced at the zombie, she exclaimed and said with a stern look.

“We have no time to care about him, run now!” Liu Ming heard the movement from above, then he launched a purple sword qi at the zombie.


Sword qi slid across the neck of the zombie, but it caused a spark as if hitting on steel. The neck was unharmed!

At this moment, the other stone rooms were opened one after another. Clouds of gray mist came out as zombie cultivators ranging from the Crystallization Period later stage to the Real Pellet State came out!

“Master takes Xiao Senior Sister Wu out of here first. I’ll stop them!” Xie’er sent a message to Liu Ming through the mental connection. She released a golden light from her forehead, then she transformed into the Silver Bone Scorpion and blocked before Liu Ming and Xiao Wu.

Several zombie cultivators who walked out of the nearby stone rooms were held back by the golden light.

At the same time, in the corridors above them. There was a sound of the stone door opening, and zombie cultivators dressed in the costumes of the four major legions were released!

“Shit, the path that I came in with was blocked. Even the exit right in front seems to be blocked! Let’s go down first.” Liu Ming’s Divine Thought quickly scanned the mountain as he said quickly, then he pulled Xiao Wu to fly the corridor below.

“By the way, I remembered that there is a secret path at the bottom, which can lead directly to somewhere in the back mountain of Spirit Vulture Slope.” Xiao Wu said suddenly so.

“How did the senior sister apprentice know that there is a tunnel at the bottom?” Liu Ming was a little skeptical after hearing this.

After all, he just saw it with his own eyes that the bottom was an incomparably huge yin qi vortex. Even if there was a path over there, most people would be turned into ghost by yin qi before passing through.

“Not long after I was caught, there was a fellow of the Real Pellet State later stage who had broken free from the enchantment and tried to rescue a few of us. As Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu said, the tunnel was located next to a yin qi vortex at the bottom. But when he brought us to the entrance, he was eroded by the yin qi, turned into a ghost captain and captured us back.” Xiao Wu explained.

While they were talking, they had reached the bottom of the Spirit Vulture Slope. A big yin qi vortex was in front of them.

Now that Liu Ming got close, he saw a gray light curtain above the vortex, which seemed to be some kind of enchantment that controlled the yin qi below.

At this moment, he was already wrapped in a black air shield, resisting the biting yin qi erosion, but he still felt chills all over his body.

As for Xiao Wu, a white jade pendant around her neck was emitting circles of light. When the yin qi was in contact with the light, they melted like snow.

This was the treasure that Xiao Wu hid in her body with special mystic art, so it was not taken away by ghost creatures.

When Liu Ming looked around, he could vaguely see a lot of sword marks on the mountain wall near the vortex.

These sword marks were 3 feet into the wall. It seemed that they had gone through nearly a thousand years of vicissitudes. For some reason, they give him a rather familiar feeling.

However, the current situation was urgent. After retracting his gaze, he looked at the yin qi vortex and muttered,

“Where does this vortex lead to? The yin qi emanating from it is so pure!”

“The secret path is over there! Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, let’s go!” Xiao Wu suddenly raised her arm and pointed to a seemingly ordinary stone corridor.

Liu Ming saw that the stone corridor was diagonally in front of the yin qi vortex. If he wanted to pass, he had to fly over the yin qi vortex.

He glanced back at the way he came, and his lips moved slightly.

After 3 breaths, a black light came from behind. It was Xie’er.

Behind him, there was a loud whistle.

“Master. Xie’er is useless. Those zombies have thick flesh, and there are more of them.” Xie’er said slightly ashamed.

Liu Ming nodded when he heard the words, then he let Xie’er return to the soul-recovering bag.

He made a gesture to wrap Xiao Wu with black air, then they flew over the yin qi vortex.

In mid-air, Liu Ming felt the yin qi which was several times stronger than before, making him tremble in fear. A pair of wings emerged with a silver light, then they flashed into the corridor through the yin qi vortex.

Unexpectedly, when they came to the end of the tunnel, they found that it was a dead end.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu…” Xiao Wu said with a hint of disappointment on her face.

Liu Ming scanned the dead end with Divine Thought, then he released a small yellow mountain. It was the half-finished Mountain River Pearl.

A loud impact!

The stone wall at the end of the tunnel was smashed, and beams of lights shone in clearly. The entire Spirit Vulture Slope shook violently.

“Let’s go!”

Liu Ming waved and retrieved the yellow bead back into his sleeve, then he stomped the ground and flew out in a green light.

Xiao Wu didn’t say anything, and she immediately followed behind Liu Ming.

When they just left the path, a noisy shout came. Zombie cultivators came out one after another.

“Your spiritual power hasn’t recovered yet. Let me help you!” Seeing this, Liu Ming suddenly carried Xiao Wu and dashed into the distance.

Even though these zombie cultivators were invulnerable, their speed was naturally not as fast as Liu Ming’s speed after casting his beast armor.

After just a dozen minutes, they were left far behind.

In the following time, they also encountered several waves of ghost army cultivators on the way. Fortunately, Liu Ming was well prepared in advance. He used several simple teleportation array along the way to avoid them without much effort.

A few days passed in a flash. After passing through 6 teleportation arrays in a row, Liu Ming and Xiao Wu finally came to the foot of a hillside thousands of miles away from Golden Light City, and they stopped to rest.

“This is the territory of our Golden Light Army. Even if the senior sister apprentice has treasures to protect yourself, your vitality is still greatly damaged. It’s better to meditate first to restore some vitality.” As Liu Ming said, he took out an elixir and handed it to Xiao Wu.

“Junior fellow apprentice, thank you. I’m really grateful that you can come to the rescue this time.” Xiao Wu thanked Liu Ming after taking the elixir.

“That’s what I should do. It’s a pity that I came late. Only senior sister apprentice is rescued this time. I didn’t expect these ghost army to capture so many cultivators for experiment.” Liu Ming waved his hand and sighed.

“I wonder where the yin qi vortex below the Spirit Vulture Slope leads to. Its purity is 10 times more intense than the rest of the Evil Ghost Way. The human cultivator who has been eroded by the pure yin qi, under the combination of enchantment, will lose his mind gradually and turn into the zombie-like monsters.” Xiao Wu smiled bitterly, and she looked a little sad.

“Speaking of which, master has been talking about you all these years.” Liu Ming heard the words without saying anything, but he changed the topic.

“Xiao Wu really let down master’s effort. If it weren’t for the treasure given by the master, and the help of Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, I’m afraid that I have already turned into the dead creature… I didn’t expect that in just a few decades, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu has now entered the Pseudo Pellet State. Since junior fellow apprentice is also in the Evil Ghost Way, you should be here looking for a chance to advance to the Real Pellet State right?” Xiao Wu sighed and said.

“As the saying goes, if you survive the disaster, you will be blessed! After this period of time, I’m afraid senior sister apprentice is not far from condensing the real pellet. Right, I just came to the Evil Ghost Way not for long, so why don’t you tell me about your experience in Evil Ghost Way.” Liu Ming comforted Xiao Wu, and he said suddenly with a smile.

“It’s a long story…”

Xiao Wu finally smiled and told Liu Ming her experience.

Liu Ming then told him about some of the things that happened in the sect in the past few decades, including the Tianmen Convention and the previous trip to the ruins.

After resting for several hours, they left the resting place and headed toward the Golden Light City.

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