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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1023

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1023


“No! This woman can also perform earth burrow!”

The next moment, when the ghost captain wanted to burrow into the ground, the girl in black tulle appeared again in a flash. She smiled and pointed at her forehead.


On the girl in black tulle’s forehead, a golden cockscomb mark suddenly appeared and released a dazzling golden light.

Once the ghost captain and the short ghost pawns were shone by the golden light, they immediately froze.

At this moment, a purple sword light flashed with a clear whistle, slashing down the heads of the 2 ghosts.

At the same time, behind the other ghost pawns, a boy in green clothes appeared and shot gray flames from his mouth.

After a few sizzling sounds, these ghost pawns silently vanished into nothingness in the gray flames.

The girl in black tulle and boy in green clothes were naturally Liu Ming’s 2 spiritual pets, Xie’er and Fei’er.

On the top of a hill more than 300 meters high, Liu Ming was looking at a rolling valley in the distance.

The raging mountain wind, mixed with gravel, constantly hit his shirt, making a flapping sound.

It had been half a month since he left Golden Light City.

This journey had been much smoother than what he originally imagined. The Spirit Vulture Slope was located in a remote place that was far from the key fortress of the ghost army. He took a detour, so he only encountered a few ghost army partol squads. Under the combination of his spiritual pet, he got rid of them effortlessly.

The sky above the valley in the distance was now shrouded in black clouds, making the light even more dim and hazy. The entire valley was looming in the gray yin qi. It was hard to see the situation in there with eyes. The valley was only about 3000 meters tall. There was some snow on the mountain top. The vulture-like tall slope could still be seen.

Liu Ming’s eyes were fixed on this hillside. Without a doubt, the slope that could reach the cloud was the destination of this trip, Spirit Vulture Slope.

At this moment, on the ground beside him, a mass of black air rolled out, gradually condensing into a delicate figure. It was a pretty girl wrapped in black tulle, Xie’er.

“Reporting to master, it seems that the valley is not heavily guarded. There are only a few ghost pawns guarding the entrance directly in front. Those ghost pawns patrolling nearby have been cleared by me without my knowledge.” Xie ‘er pursed his lips and said with a smile.

“Well done! The other 2 teams should have arrived at the 2 nearby strongholds 2 days ago. The main force of the ghost army stationed here should have been attracted away.” Liu Ming turned sideways, glanced at Xie’er forehead and said.

Since Xie’er accidentally ate the egg of Si Chen by mistake, there was a golden cockscomb mark on her forehead, and her temperament had undergone some changes. Now when she had transformed into a human form, the forehead imprint was dull and her behavior was also the same as before.

If there was a ghost creature nearby, she would sometimes involuntarily transform back into the Bone Scorpion form, and she would release golden light to deter the ghost creatures. However, her temperament would also become a bit irritable, but fortunately, she could still follow Liu Ming’s orders.

“Master. Let’s go while the opponent’s defense is weak. But this Spirit Vulture Slope seems to be enchanted by some kind of enchantment, so I can’t sneak in from below the ground.” Xie’er seemed to see a little contemplation in Liu Ming’s eyes, and she stepped forward to remind him softly.

“It’s fine. Let’s go to the entrance behind Spirit Vulture Slope.” Liu Ming returned to his senses and instructed Xie’er.

Xie’er responded, then she turned into black air and disappeared into the leather bag.

Immediately afterward, Liu Ming made a gesture to channel the Che Huan Totem to hide his aura, then he dashed toward the Spirit Vulture Slope silently.

The back of Spirit Vulture Slope was a steep hill that sloped upward. The slope was almost barren. There was only an incomplete winding path that could reach the slope.

All the way up to 1800 meters tall, a platform with a size of several dozen meters appeared in front of Liu Ming. On the mountain wall at the end of the platform, there was a seemingly ordinary stone door. There was faint yin qi coming from the stone door.

According to the jade slip left by Xue Hu, there was a secret exit behind the Spirit Vulture Slope, but it was set up with some kind of complicated enchantment. One could only come out of it, and it couldn’t be entered from the outside.

Combined with the description in the jade slip, there was a chance that this was the stone door.

Liu Ming scanned the stone door with Divine Thought before walking slowly toward it. When he got closer, the yin qi became stronger.

After he stopped in front of the stone door, he released a layer of dense black purple scales on his palm before reaching out to touch the stone door. The stone door emitted a faint gray light instantly. Gray runes bounced out and surrounded Liu Ming’s palm without a sound.

The next moment, he only felt a numbness in his palms, and a buzz came in his Divine Thought, then his body twitched a few times as if he was shocked.

Liu Ming hurriedly channeled the mind imitation insect, and a cool feeling rushed straight into his head. At the same time, he hurriedly retreated 3 steps back.

The gray light on the stone gate also disappeared when his palm was removed from it.

Liu Ming raised his palm and saw that there were a few strands of life-like black silk remaining his palm, trying to invade into his body through his palm.

Fortunately, his physical body was different from ordinary people, and he had made preparations early, otherwise he would be affected.

This aws a special defense enchantment that combined spiritual power and yin qi erosion. If it was another Crystallization Period cultivator, even Real Pellet State early stage powerhouse would suffer badly for blatantly touching it with a bare palm.

After dispelling the yin qi on his palm, he took out an exquisite white flower basket. A white brilliance was released instantly

He channeled spiritual power into the flower basket.

An incredible scene appeared!

There was a faint floral fragrance around the flower basket. White water vapor condensed from the white flowers and turned into white clouds. It turned into a pale white rose with a bud about 3 meters in size, which was extremely dazzling.

The rose trembled slightly in the air, then it bloomed and flashed into the gray stone door.

After the rose flashed into the stone door, a faint gray light appeared on the surface again. It was calm like nothing had happened.

Liu Ming muttered words like he was chanting.

But after only 3 seconds, a blooming white rose appeared on the surface of the stone door, and it quickly began to wither and shrink.

As the flower withered, the gray light on the stone door also dimmed. The moment the white rose disappeared, the gray light had dissipated into gray light spots.

This enchantment-breaking magic weapon given by Hao Yue Tongzi is really mysterious!

After Liu Ming secretly exclaimed, he changed gesture and launched a green light at the flower basket. A refreshing floral fragrant instantly surrounded him.

He only felt that his body was surrounded by a faint white water vapor, other than that, there was nothing different.

But if other cultivators looked at him now, Liu Ming was completely hidden in the air now. His figure and aura couldn’t be sensed now.

After Liu Ming did all this, he gently pushed the gray stone door.

After the stone door opened a gap inward that only 1 person could pass through, he sneaked into the Spirit Vulture Slope.

As soon as he entered the mountainside, a biting yin qi rushed toward him, making him tremble.

The yin qi in the mountainside was more than a little thicker than at the stone door. Even a cultivator like him who had practiced ghost techniques for over a hundred years felt a little abnormal.

Without thinking much, he quickly released Divine Thought to scan the entire mountainside, but he found that the mountainside was empty. There were only circles of stone corridors from the bottom to the top. There were 10 layers. He was currently in the lower middle position.

To his gratification, in this huge space, there were only a few low rank ghost pawns that scattered on the stone corridors on every floor. The one with the highest cultivation was just the primary ghost lieutenant at the Crystallization Period early stage.

In addition, the stone corridors on each floor were connected to the stone rooms that were crookedly embedded in the stone walls. Below the door of each stone room, there was a half-moon-shaped black hole about a foot in size. Strands of yin qi were constantly flowing into the stone room through these half-moon black holes.

A horrific scream came from these stone rooms intermittently.

Those low rank ghost pawns seemed to be accustomed to this kind of scream. They were just patrolling back and forth in the tunnel of the mountainside, making dull footsteps.

The wailing screams and the echoes of these dry footsteps echoed in this empty and cold mountain, which was indescribably creepy.

“Is Senior Sister Wu detained here? But these voices don’t seem to be human…”

A hint of doubt flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes. Suddenly, a shivering cold aura rose from below, making him burst into a cold sweat.

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