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[Story] Deadly desire – S01 E26

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 26

One cold night, Nosa suddenly jumped out of the bed. He looked round the house and began to cry. Nicole too was awake. She wondered why Nosa screamed out of sleep.

“What is it Nosa?”

“What am I doing here?” He asked “where is my wife?”

“Will you shut up and come to bed”

He picked his phone and dialled Itohan’s number. From behind, Nicole grabbed the phone and smashed it on the wall. Nosa was shocked. He turned round and slapped her so hard. She screamed. The angry Nosa gathered the broken pieces of the phone. He couldn’t find his sim cards.

He opened the door and went to the living room to sit. The clock on the wall says 2:43am.

“I need to see Itohan” He told himself.

He stretched himself on the chair and began to think of his family. Suddenly, the teary Nicole came down and stood before Nosa.

“I am sorry” She said “I am sorry I smashed your phone. I didn’t want you to go back to Itohan”

“Why shouldn’t I go back to my wife”

“But you are the one that came to me. You said you love me”

“I did?. I can’t seem to remember anything” He said holding his head.

Nicole stood there crying. Nosa started pacing round the sitting room. He was worried, them his eyes rested on Nicole’s stomach.

“I gave birth to two boys” She said when she noticed he was glancing at her stomach “But Itohan your wife killed them through diabolical means. Are you saying you don’t know I lost the children” She sobbed

Nosa softened by Nicole’s tears, embraced her.

“I am sorry Nicole. Forgive my attitude”

He told her to go to bed that in the morning they have more to talk about. He kissed her then encouraged her to go to bed. The moment she did, Nosa let out a deep sigh. He sat on the chair.

“What happened to me?. It’s like I am just waking up from sleep”

The urgency to see his family was great. He couldn’t sleep. As early as 5:30am, he went upstairs and met her sleeping soundly. He picked one of the car keys and drove out of the compound. So many thoughts ran through his heart as he drove. The distance from Nicole’s to the other house was not that much. It was already bright when he drove into the compound.

“Long time Oga! The security man greeted.

“Where my wife?”

“Aaah! She no dey here now. Na you pursue am comot for here. If no be for me, you for use cutlass cut her”

Nosa placed his two hands on his head confused

“Since they left, them never come her again except your daughter who come look for you about three weeks ago”

“Aaah!” Nosa screamed.

The security man could see the tears dropping from his eyes. Nosa sat with the security man. He began to think of his next line of action. He had no phone to call his wife. He remembered that his wife went to a particular church with him, but he does not know the pastors house. He thanked the gateman and drove to the church. It was a Tuesday and church will not open till Thursday evening for prayers or Sunday service.

Nosa left the church to the former house. The security man was surprised to see him again.

“Make I stay here small before I go” He told him.

The security man brought out a long bench and Nosa sat on it.


When Nicole woke up, she could not find Nosa. She asked the security man who told her Nosa drove out very early. She rushed inside, took her bath, dressed and rushed into one of her cars. She rushed to pastor smart second office but was directed to go to his Church. She rushed there, walked in with a deep frown on her face. She met the pastor when it was her turn.

“Is that all” He asked after she narrated everything to him

“Yes!. He even slapped me because I smashed his phone”

Pastor Smart laughed gently

“The money you paid had expired. I need one million naira to renew the covenant”

“I will send it”

By the time Nicole got home, Nosa was already in the kitchen washing all the plates.


Itohan and her children broke the wooden safe she had been saving money. It was almost midnight, she wanted to know how much she was able to save.

In less than a week time Osas would be returning to school. Efosa had successfully broken the box and started counting the money

“21k” Efosa announced.

“The money nor go anywhere oo. Wetin I go do now?” She asked.

Itohan placed the money on the bed and folded her hands on her chest

“I no wan meet Iya Folake again. That woman don too try for us. God na wetin I go do”

Itohan and her children could not sleep.

“Na you I fit call when I need help. God help me. Send person wey go help me”

That night, she cried and unburdened her heart to God. The next day, she was up and ready to start her business for the day, leaving her problem behind.


They were in the dinning room eating lunch when suddenly her phone rang. It was her mother. They exchanged pleasantries, Nicole asked after her father. Then she promised to send them money.

“I dey go somewhere next week. My friend go carry me there. One powerful baba dey there. I hear sey e sabi work”

“Enh enh!”

“Yes. Abeg wetin be the name of Itohan children?”

Nicole dropped her spoon and began to walk towards the stairs to her bedroom. As soon as she entered, she locked the door.

“She has three children and I know the names of two, Osadebamwen and Efosa”

“Okay! Try to find out the name of the other one”

“I no fit oo. Na long story Iye”

“I hear. Like I tell you the other time, that woman go see pepper”

Nicole smiled and hung up the phone. She returned to the dinning room where Nosa was waiting for her to return before eating his food.


Osadebamwen opened the gate that early morning to start arranging the things that will be used for cooking. It was not dawn yet. She carried the big pot out when suddenly her touch light reflected on a girl on the ground. The torch fell from her. It was not what she was expecting that morning. She rushed back to inform her mother and sibling. Efosa leading the way, opened the gate. A girl of about nineteen or twenty was on the floor. Her body was stained with blood. There were bruises on her face. Itohan unafraid touched the girl.

“Her body dey warm. Wetin we go do?”

“Let’s inform Iya Folake”

They went in and Iya Folake with her son came out. The girl was breathing. Taiye and Itohan carried the girl into the car and she was taken to the hospital. Iya Folake didn’t go to the hospital. It was Taiye who reported about the girl at the police station.


The girl regained consciousness but could not remember anything. She couldn’t remember her name. This frustrated her and she began to cry.

“You have to be patient” The doctor told her “Your memory will return gradually”

She was discharged from the hospital and started living with Itohan. Itohan feeds her with what she feeds her children. Everyday, Itohan would pray for the girl to regain her memory. So far, the girl wasn’t troublesome.

From the money Itohan saved, she took out of it and bought few second hand clothes for the girl.