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[Story] Deadly desire – S01 E11

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 11

Itohan pace round her sitting room with hands akimbo. She was worried. Occasionally she looks at the big wall clock and this time it was 12:25pm. Nosa has not returned from work. She opened the door and went to the security man.

“Erik please no sleep oh”

“Aaah madam, my eyes go shine until oga come”


Itohan walked back to the house and met her first child in the sitting room.

“Go sleep na”

“I can’t sleep. I am waiting for dad”

Mother and child sat together waiting for Nosa. It was not long Osadebamwen slept off that Itohan picked her phone and dialled Nosa’s line again. His phone rang severally but he didn’t answer the call. She dropped the phone, hugged herself and started sobbing.

“Where I go look for Nosa this night? God na only you l know. No let bad thing happen to my husband. No let bad people see am” She prayed and cried.


Nicole stood at the edge of the bed. A beautiful smile played on her lips. After sex, she had purposely drugged Nosa’s drink. Nosa drank and was knocked off. She put on her night gown and went to the kitchen downstairs. She was famished, she had several rounds of sex and her stomach was churning. Opening the pots, she dished herself the quantity of rice she needed, then returned to her bedroom.

By now Itohan will be worried, she thought. The ringing phone jolted her out of her thought. It was Nosa’s phone. Quickly, she put it on silence and watched it ring continuously. She knew it was Itohan calling for he saved Itohans number with “my own”.

Nicole laughed and dropped the phone on the table. She concentrated on the food. When she was through, she dropped the plate on the table and climbed the bed. She soon drifted to sleep. It was almost 5am before Nosa woke up. He looked everywhere and realized he was in Nicole’s bedroom. She was sleeping beside him. He jumped out of the bed and started dressing up. He picked his phone and saw all the missed calls from his wife.

Nosa was about opening the door to leave when Nicole stretched and opened her eyes.

“You want to leave without informing me” She queried.

“No, I need to get home and return for work”

Nicole stood up lazily from the bed and met him. She kissed him and then hugged him.

“Stay with me a little”

“But I still need to come back for work”

“You can take the day off Nosa. Stay a little please” She said and placed her head on his chest.

“Nicole, my wife is worried. Look at all the miss calls and…”

“Can you please stop mentioning her. She has spent enough time with you. It’s my turn Nosa”

“Relax. When I return we will have more fun”

“No! I want you now. I don’t want you to go home now. Stay with me” She said pretending to sob.


She helped him remove his clothes and Nosa went back to bed with her.

While Nicole slept off with arms wrapped round him, Nosa was far from sleep. His thought travelled towards Itohan. He started thinking of the lies he would tell his wife. This was not the first time he would not return home from work. Twice a week, he had stories to tell Itohan. He was enjoying the fun and the money was rolling in.


Eghosa stood beside the car. He was waiting for Nicole to come out. He was driving her somewhere. Just then she came out and he opened the door for her to enter the car.

“I don’t want this car” She said “I would prefer that one” She said pointing at another car.

“Alright Boss!”

Both of them walked to where the car was parked. He opened the door for her to enter. She did and sat comfortably at the back seat. Eghosa drove the car towards the direction they were headed to.

“There is something I want to tell you Boss” He told her.

“Enh enh! What is it?

“Jesus loves you!”

Nicole who wasn’t expecting such, burst into laughter.

“Of course I know Jesus loves me Eghosa”

“But you are taking his love for granted”


“You are not doing the right thing Boss”

“I don’t understand Eghosa, I go to church every Sundays, I pay tithe and assist those in need”

“Well that is good. I am not judging you Boss but there is something you are doing that is not right. The bible says that there is a coolvalstories way that seemeth right unto a man and the end there off is destruction”

“Park the car” She screamed.How dare you say such to me” She shouted.

Eghosa parked the car beside the road and looked at her

“I didn’t mean to offend you Boss. I just want you to trace your step back. You may be doing something that you think is right but at the end, it will backfire”

Visibly shaken, Nicole gave Eghosa a resounding slap.

“Tell that to the dogs. Don’t you ever spoil my day like this again. Take me home”

Eghosa too dazed by the slap, reverse the car and return to Nicole’s home. If she wants to relieve him of his job so be it. It didn’t escape his knowledge that his Boss was having sexual relationship with her P.A.

The security man first told him and he had witnessed it. In the car, he sees how his P.A kisses her. He sees how she touches him. They thought he doesn’t see them. He was not going to keep quiet when evil thrive. Isn’t the P.A a married man? Why is he messing himself up with Nicole, he wondered. He drove carefully when the gate opened. He parked the car, then came out and opened the door for her. Without a glance at the driver, she cat walked into the house. Nicole removed her shoes and dropped her purse on the chair. The maid who had seen her enter greeted and stood at a corner waiting for her to send her any errand.

“Call the driver”

“Yes ma”

She rushed outside and returned with Eghosa behind her. She told the maid to leave and watched her disappear, then turned her attention to Eghosa.

“Who are you in this place?” She asked.

“I am the driver Boss”

“Good! Please remain the driver and never you interfer in my life. The way I live my life is not your business. If what you did repeat itself again, please be ready to look for another job”

“Yes ma”

“Get out” She ordered.

Eghosa thanked her and left her presence. Nicole picked her purse, leaving her shoes, she marched to her bedroom.


“Where you dey go this night?” Itohan asked Nosa.

Both of them where chatting in the living room, when suddenly his phone rang. He went outside to answer the call. He entered and rushed to the room to change his clothes.

“I dey go work” Nosa responded

“You nor dey go anywhere today. Which kain work person dey go for 10:00pm?”

“Relax Itohan. I told you my work has changed. I can be called anytime to the office”

“No problem, na me and you go enter your work today, make I see the kain work wey you dey do”

She called Osadebamwen to bring clothes for her. The girl brought clothes for her and she started undressing before him. He brought out his phone from his pocket and started pressing. Then he returned the phone and told Itohan he was no longer going.

“I have sent my Boss message that I can’t make it to work. It’s too risky”

“Enh enh! Na now you come. How you go enter road to work this kain time of the night. If you jam armed robbers for road nkor?”

Itohan followed Nosa and they returned to the bedroom.

“Nosa you dey hardly sleep for house, I no like am. The children dey always wait for you. You nor dey show concern for them again. Look me! I don lean finish. I no understand your work again”

“As I no go work this night, them go remove money from my salary” he lied.

“Enh enh”

“Yes na! Any day wey I nor go work whether day time work or night work, dem go comot am for my salary”

“Na wa oo”

Itohan thought about it and became remorseful. She glanced at her husband and saw he was sad and uncomfortable. She moved closer to him and held his hand.

“I no wan make them remove your salary. Come dey go work.”

Nosa looked at her surprised.

“Make I go?”

“Yes! Na me say make you go”

Nosa smiled and kissed her.

“Thank you. I want make you understand the nature of my job”

Itohan smiled.

“No worry”

Nosa rushed to the door, but before he opened the door Itohan stopped him.

“Nosa I don dey go church. The other time pastor say prayer dey very important. Oya close your eyes make I pray for you”

Nosa looked at the time then frowned.

“No worry I no go tay”

Itohan prayed for him, asking God to go before him and protect him from all danger.


“Abeg drive carefully”

“I don hear”

She escorted him outside and waited until he drove out of the compound.